CMX CinéBistro Halcyon

6215 Town Square, Alpharetta
(470) 394-1996

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Lisa Pritchard

I went to a Noon showing with my sister. Tickets were about $10 each. AT NOON... ON A WEEKDAY.I did not get an itemized receipt from the server. I gave her my card and she ran it. She didn't say all of the expensive foods and candy have an AUTOMATIC 18% gratuity, then they let you tip on top of that.So... 1 candy is $6, then automatic gratuity and tax comes to $1.53. You spend $7.53 on one small box of candy. I tipped another $1.70... So basically, I tipped 50% of my entire tab without knowing it.When the Assistant Manager learned about all of this, he nervously explained the procedure and handed back my copy of the credit receipt. He did nothing.Their 3.9 rating is beginning to make some sense. I should have read the reviews.I guess they really, REALLY like your money more than they want your loyalty. I will never.. EVER.. return, and neither will my sister... or our families. Goodbye Halcyon.

David Moon

Although this movie theater is supposed to be a dine-in movie theater, I was less than impressed, although the staff was nice, the food took longer than expected, the popcorn tasted like it had been made the day before and was stale, I had the wagyu beef sliders and the meat was completely dried out, the french fries tasted dry and stale and the tater tots were not seasoned at all, I understand that it wasn't very crowded because of covid-19, but cinebistro, you have to do better because this was a less than stellar experience for my daughter's birthday, they didn't offer any type of anything for birthday parties at all when we asked, This place gets two stars and a slap on the hand because they need to do better, their menu is subpar and the service was not great. I can think of a few different theaters that also offer the same type of thing that have much better accommodations and food.

Mike Weiner

A perfect night out. Great food, amazing service, and just a perfect much needed night alone with my wife. I highly recommend.

Christine A.

Staff was polite and attentive, but $50 for 3 tickets ($17.67 convenience fee? What?) and then $85 for 2 popcorns, 2 milkshakes, 2 fries, and 2 sliders, seriously over priced. The popcorn was old. No napkins, and the waitstaff disappeared after they brought us our food. We could have gotten a fabulous full meal for $100, and skipped the convenience fee. Which is what we will do from now on. Not worth it.

Ken Scheder

I know they are probably still hurting from Covid-19, but with only a few groups in the theater, the service was horrible... Silverware and some drinks never arrived, and I had to go and find them myself. This is after we already paid upfront for everything (at theater prices) with an 18.5% tip built in, which I rounded up to 20%. The food is decent, but inconsistent in quality. The theater facility itself is very nice, with a well-stocked bar attached. I am going to blame management for lack of training, rather than the staff.

Dr. Wendy Sokol

Super duper clean! Staff very friendly! Social distancing easy. Go support them.

tyler wallace

Any issue we had was addressed and they made sure we had a great experience. The food and theater were top notch.

Brant Nyman

Felt completely safe watching a movie here right after they re-opened Thanksgiving week 2020. There weren't many people there but even at capacity this theater has such high ceilings and air volume that I still would have felt fine. The theater is swank, the food very good and service speedy.

David Han

I had a wonderful time here. The staff was bomb! They really went the extra mile in helping you out and in customer satisfaction. I really appreciate all they did. The theatre itself is really clean and new. They coolest thing is that they have incline seats and for the price that's hard to beat! Honestly probably one of my new favorite theatres!

Amethyst Shrum

Not open. Shows movie times, drove all the way here. And it is not open.

Carlos Castro

Always treat me like a king and the food is delish

Hugh R.

We typically go to the closer CineBistro at Peachtree Corners. It hasn't opened back up quite yet so we went to this one. The place was perfectly clean without a speck of dust. I ordered my usual, the salmon, not expecting much but boy was I wrong. Absolutely perfect! Can't wait for the Peachtree location to open very soon!

Tim S.

The seats are very comfortable and the theatre experience is super impressive! The food prices are pretty pricey but you're paying for the experience, so while it's not your usual theatre outing, it's a nice treat for a date night. Great place to bring the kids for a special movie premier!


Good theater! Food service and food quality is great... really enjoyed it! They should do more marketing so people will know about this place...

aziza hogan

This new theater was extremely inviting. The staff members were amazing, starting with Monica who greeted me. The seats are quite plush, my drink was divine and my overall experience was outstanding. I'd recommend this theater for an awesome date night or a few friends to just hang out. I hope to return soon!

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