CT Cantina & Taqueria

6220 Town Sq, Alpharetta
(770) 674-7170

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Jason Niziol

Our new favorite mexican restaurant in the area! Food was awesome, drinks were incredible. I had the soft tacos and the sauce they put on them was amazing. The inside was decorated festive and the owner/manager was super friendly. He showed us how they make their homemade tortilla shells. We will definitely be going back soon. Awesome!!

Private Consumer

Not super happy today with my to go drink order. They had this in nyc when I lived there during the start of covid and when I moved here and saw you all had it too I jumped on it. Unfortunately the product presentation is terrible. I feel like I am a bit jipped from the size comparison. I was having a few friends over tonight and expected the look of your product to be like the top because thats why I wanted them but surprised when I got this.Not the same effect. Feels like I am serving my guests a cheaper dumbdown version of something.Even with me adding the alcohol and ice its still a good price but unsure if I will try again. Sucks. I live across the street and this was my first experience with you all

Liz Holland

Fantastic food and service! The general manager spoke to us and the hostess was so kind. I got the shrimp tacos and my husband got the steak - both were INCREDIBLE.

Veronica A.

Tacos were great! Rice and salsa were authentic. Wished the pinto beans were better and taste is more refried. They reminded me of canned beans. I am originally from San Diego so it's very hard to impress me with Mexican food. However this is by far the best Mexican that I found so far in Georgia!

Atul K. Verma

While food is good, extremely poor service. If you order curbside pickup, be prepared to wait 30-60 beyond the timeIndicated while ordering. While you wait, they don’t check on you or update you on the ETA. Not sure why they can not fix it.

Bob L.

Really like this place, nice outside eating area with fireplace! The chips and 4 different salsas that come with the meal are great. I now have had the mini tacos and just had the Impossible burrito with verde sauce, highly recommend that! Margs are good and pineapple margarita is the way to go here, good quality beers as well on the menu.

Atlantaatlanta A.

Came here with a girlfriend for lunch. We sat on the patio and it was a beautiful space. Service was great and the manager made sure we were taken care of. I ordered a carne street taco and it was delicious. Very well seasoned! The cauliflower bowl was great too but I felt the bowl was on the slim side. They could put it in a bigger bowl. Overall, we enjoyed dining here!

S L.

Love the food and the service! Fernando is just amazing and takes care of every customer - his attention to detail, positive presence and humility makes this place a joy to visit! Must try!!!

Rana S.

Pros: the place is very clean, cool outdoor seatings, yummy complimentary chips &salsa, pretty good tacos, service is fast, and staff are friendly Cons: soft tacos weren't the freshest they were ok, tacos came out a bit cold, and the tables were kinda close to each other Overall it was a decent experience

Rob Schryver

Excellent food and service. Their house Texas Margarita is outstanding. Flour tortillas are fresh made on site. Chips come with salsa trio. Guacamole is nice and chunky. Nothing negative to say about this place. 3rd time we've been there.

Kimberly Palmieri

Great atmosphere - excellent food and service. AND they have mastered the eco -friendly STRAW ? they have made what seemed to be one of the most difficult task for our environment seem easy. No bad plastic - no soggy paper - they have chosen a straw made with agave ? that maintains its form and texture while remaining safe for the environment and sea life ??????

Chris M.

Fantastic food, nice patio. I had the Fundido Burrito with vegetable and it did not disappoint. The outdoor atmosphere is great, especially with the couches and fireplace. They are doing a good job with Covid restrictions and patron protection using gloves and masks on all staff. Takeout has been pretty good ,too.

Jinnie Rivera

First I’ll say that we have dinner at CT at least twice a week. Last week we celebrated our granddaughters birthday there with a large group. My husband and I go regularly. The food is fresh and tasty. Tonight we ordered take out. I ordered Loco Taco with cauliflower. The order came out late. No forks, no napkins, etc. NO CAULIFLOWER and no bacon! We have dinner there last night! But I think you lost us after tonight!

Daron Davis

My first time here.. Good food but the service was a little lacking today. Had fish and shrimp tacos on corn tortillas along with the ceviche appetizer. Could only eat a few of the tacos, but it was really good food.

Ashley P.

The food was ok but I'm relatively picky about my food and am used to authentic Mexican food. The tacos seemed homemade. The tortilla has a different texture than what I am used to. It's more like a dough and is thicker than usual. I got the shrimp tacos and they were pretty good. But I should have asked for the chipotle sauce on the side because there was a bit too much lol. But that's my fault. The horchata tasted like watered down coconut milk? There wasn't any hint of cinnamon . The chips came out as soon as we sat down which was AMAZING! And it was really good! They give you four salsas for dipping. Also, a pet peeve of mine is people not changing gloves. I didn't see the workers change gloves after they clean up a table. In all honesty it's better to not have gloves and wash your hands thoroughly every time you touch dirty things. (But that's just me nitpicking) The service was..... not that good. I'm a server myself and so I'm usually very forgiving and understanding if it's slammed because we're all human. But it wasn't busy and our server wasn't necessarily friendly. It seemed like he was already done with the shift and didn't want to be there. It was slightly intimidating which lead to me not wanting to ask him for anything. Even if I did, I couldn't because I didn't see him until the end of the meal. He only checked up on us during our apps and then again when we were done. We had to ask other people to get what we needed. He kept walking away without saying anything. Maybe he had a bad day or something but I don't think I'll be coming back anytime soon. Overall:Food-6/10Service-3/10Atmosphere-10/10Sanitation-7/10Authenticity-5/10

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