Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

12850 Highway 9 N, Ste 700, Alpharetta
(678) 297-0107

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Kevin Cole

I celebrated my birthday earlier this evening in this great restaurant. Well we passed a sensational evening and the restaurant was definitely one of the reasons for the happy gathering. The waiters cooperated in a splendid style, the food was delicious and my buddies were extremely thrilled. We shall surely return for more celebrations. Thank you very much.

Sky C.

This doesn't deserve any stars in my opinion. I just watched some girl and her boyfriend sit there and sample the frozen yogurts and they kept refilling their bowls and licking them while laughing about it. During this pandemic, I find this disgusting and I am disappointed that this place doesn't even require masks, because it brings in people like them who do not care about the safety of the public. I will not be coming back. I told the teenager working what I saw and he just stood there and did nothing about it. Disgusting and this chain needs better customer service that can handle keeping an eye on the stupidity that I saw today. Sad that even during a pandemic, these places cannot seem to handle cleanliness.

juan carrillo

The worst costumer service that I have ever had. The manager was so rude to me. The ice cream was good though.

Jense Jamale

The service is regularly prompt, lovely character, nice staff. I will come back again when I get in the area.

Babara Floyd

Just your usual yogurt shop but clean and good

Heather Maciel

Owner was not friendly and would only allow one sample/person. Also, was told to only get a small amount to sample. After ordering I found a code violation in his cake freezer, where he is/was trying to sell already open ice cream sandwiches. It made me nervous on the whole stores cleanliness.

Nicholas W

Tons of options and toppings. The variety of flavors is always changing.

Lew M

The staff was very friendly but the toppings station and the seating area were absolutely filthy. We couldn’t even enjoy the fresh fruit because it wasn’t fresh! And the place wasn’t even busy. The frozen yogurt was good but you can’t screw that up

Katie T.

It's been for-literal-ever since I've had frozen yogurt, but I had it at this Menchie's location the other day and it was really good! I have no complaints about the shop. It was clean and there were plenty of sample cups and yogurt options available. I had cookies and cream froyo with Butterfinger, Reese's, cheesecake pieces, and one brownie piece. It was fun to put all my favorite candies and sweets into one dessert. Definitely enjoyed it!

Matthew Newbold

Half the flavors didn't work, a whole machine was completely out of order, the workers were just sitting in the back talking. The place is a mess. Next time we'll go to the one on PIB as this one clearly needs some better management.

Jorge Roca

A lot of choices. Hidden location, small place, but comfy, clean, I would definitely recommend it

Monique Spellman

Yogurt was great, ,but the original tart flavor was past it's due date and tasted rotten. Employees did not want to give back my friends money, even though she did not eat the yogurt.

Kerry T.

We get catering brought in every Monday to the office and we usually order dessert from the same place we get our lunch; however, this time we decided to look outside the box and order some frozen yogurt. The office LOVED it. The owner of the Alpharetta location was easy to work with and very accommodating, especially for a relatively small order. My staff said I should order Menchie's every week! Thank you!!

Lena Ovalle

Great spot. Love the frozen yogurt and selection of flavors. Tried the peanut butter flavor today and surprisingly, it was really delicious. I like the toppings they have too. They have way more variety on the flavor spectrum than I have seen at other frozen yogurt places. It also changes periodically so you can always try something new.

Prima P.

Aboustely ridiculous place. An Indian man in his late 50-60s was very rude. Our group of friends went a week ago and he was starring us down. He was watching everything we were doing as if we came to steal. He asked where we were from in india and said I answered him. He replied "your forehead says you're from there." Later when he figured we didn't like the service and the way he treated us, he was trying to be so nice and asked us to seat inside. Never going to this place or recommending it to anyone. Please be careful. To other ethnicity he might be extra nice so you spend money. Just be careful. Go elsewhere but not here!

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