Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

99 Krog St NE, Atlanta
(470) 891-8105

Recent Reviews

Sarah B.

Loooonggg lines. Devious ice cream and innovative flavors. Worth the hella long lines for sure.

Tina J.

Overall:Such amazing flavor choices, cool staff who seem to love what they do, good price points. I got a 2 Scoop bowl with Wildberry Lavender and Brandied brûlée flavors, and of course with a waffle cone wedge. Both flavors were super delicious at each bite. Loved the crunch of the waffle cone to supplement the creaminess too! Recommend? Yes, not your typical store-brought boring flavors Return? Yes

Bahar Mirzai

I like that this place is open late and the ice cream is pretty good, I wouldn’t say that it’s that much better than other ice cream places but they do have some interesting places. The best thing was was the waffle cone. Honestly one of the best cones I’ve ever had.

Frederick D.

Only are taking delivery orders. Can't even process a transaction if you visit in person. Do not waste your time parking in the parking lot and waiting for the delivery either. Really outrageous.

Ashley R.

Ice cream was delicious! I recommend the gooey butter cake and if you are a peanut butter lover definitely get the salted butter with chocolate flakes. I really like how they do half scoops so if you can't decide between two you can get the best of both worlds lol. Also, they definitely are not skimp on their scoops! And reasonable for their pricing, about $6 for one scoop. The only thing is the cones are a little salty, so if you don't like salty waffle cones, go for the cup !

Sheena S.

Located inside Krog street Market Hall. IMO it's the one location you don't have to wait long to get Jeni's ice cream! Service: Patient and happy Flavors: Yummy as always. Cones: waffle , sugar, or regular cake

Avinash Salgam

Try the cinnamon or darkest chocolate flavors! They also go well in a split cup.

Amber E.

To top my wonderful day at Krog Street Market, I had Jeni's for dessert ! It was great! I tried new flavors I would've never eaten before and I loved it! Today was a day for new things and I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone and into something sweet and delicious! Thanks Jeni!

Nam Nguyen

Very yummy. Salty caramel, gooey butter cake ? Goat cheese something and the coffee. All very tasty !

Maleah Edwards

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams is absolutely AMAZING. You can tell that work and effort was put into their icecream. The flavor depth and profile is ASTONISHING. All of their flavors are incredible and even if you have previously known yourself not like a certain flavor, Jeni's icecream makes it so that when you taste that flavor you may not really LOVE it, but it is DEFINITELY not bad. I love their pints and how they give you information on the best way to preserve the icecream.

Yoaila Kopelowitz

Vegan flavors are amazing and the team members were very friendly

Ryan H.

Must try: Brown Butter Almond Brittle! Why: Honestly, there are so many unique flavors that are truly all amazing! My favorite so far is the Brown Butter Almond Brittle because the buttercream ice cream with crushed brown butter almond candy is perfection! I love the crunch of the brittle with the melt-in-your-mouth rich ice cream. Notes: It's part of Krog Street Market and was perfect for a post-lunch dessert. I also like doing two half scoops. The workers are also very helpful and friendly.

Cheng-Li Ma

The staff is friendly and patient. Despite the long line, they allowed customers to sample ice creams without making faces. They had interesting holiday/seasonal flavours which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Robin Stroup

Great flavors, generous portions and delicious waffle cones!

Angus Bennion

This is my new favorite ice cream place in Atlanta! They have lots of creative flavors and most are amazing! A couple of my favorites are Atlantic City and Goat Cheese & Cherries.

Victoria W.

BRAMBLEBERRY CRISP. It's a must try seriously. I went twice on my four day trip to Atlanta. First time there was no line, second time I waited maybe five minutes. I love that they use little silver spoons (I never realized how much plastic you waste from all those sample spoons). Other than that I had a scoop of the peppermint white chocolate, a bit too sweet for my taste, and I sampled the sweet potato flavor which literally just tastes like sweet potato pie in ice cream form. But seriously, just get the brambleberry crisp. Period.


Great ice cream. Service a bit slow but not bad. Lots of great fun flavors. Cone is great and almost a meal in its self. My favorite was salted Carmel

Jacob D.

Brambleberry crisp. Y U M. Had the goat cheese cherry as well but the crisp takes the cake. Definitely recommend trying. You'll probably have to wait in line but they're relatively quick. They make their waffles in front of you on the counter and the bowls come with crunchy waffle as well so you're not missing out if you don't go for the waffle cone.

Brooke P.

I finally got to visit Jeni's Ice Cream while I was in Georgia this past weekend. I had tried the pints from the grocery store, but wasn't super impressed. I sampled quite a few flavors: goat cheese with sweet cherries, white chocolate peppermint, salted peanut butter, butter cake and a few others I can't remember. I ended up getting a waffle bowl with the butter cake and the salted peanut butter flavors. The waffle cone was delicious, very different from other places. I would highly recommend. This place reminded me a lot of Salt N Straw....maybe even better. It's hard to compare without being side by side. I loved the butter cake flavor.

Ethan Mathess

Always great ice cream. Try the goat cheese. Friendly staff.

Grace B.

Listen I don't like to wait for anything which is why I'm subtracting one star. Anyone whose ever been to Jennis know how long the line & the wait times are. On the contrary, I look forward to a long line because the ice is cream is really that good (vegan options). However all the tasting that people do is what drives me crazy. So instead of complaining I go to the other location and place my order ahead of time so I don't have to deal with the nonsense. Thank you Jeni's for providing solutions for your customers. If you don't like to wait then don't go to Krog street market! Life is full of choices so choose wisely ‍ Anywho... I typically order the Texas Sheet cake it's rich, creamy and full of flavor. If you love chocolate this is your ultimate obsession and did I forget to mention it's VEGAN! The Cold Brew with coconut cream is my absolute favorite. I practically drive to Jeni's at 10:30 pm just to get a taste of this stuff! I love it! If your a coffee fan this ice cream won't disappoint you.

Catrina F.

Love the waffle cones! Also enjoyed the flavors I sampled. Will be back some and also love finding itnin my local grocery store

Lia R.

This little place has soooo many ice cream options. I had some samples and only liked one which is strange. The ice cream itself was delicious. The staff however was not the nicest and although we were the only ones in line, it took a while to get serviced.

Alice Nope

Great ice cream and amazing flavor choices! Very unique and would love to go back if not for the driver. The guy working behind he counter hand pink hair and was very nice and patient with me. They have uncommon flavors like nectar and black currant but they also have more take things as well. The ice cream was great especially on a hot day after eating some spicy food. They also make their waffle comes fresh so I definitely recommend that. They also have special waffle cone bowls but I didn't get the chance to try them out. Perhaps next time as I would love it return.

John Whitehill Jr.

Great location. Always busy. Lots of samples always. This is definitely a must stop if you are in KSM. I just wish they would bring back their best flavor, Seven Bar! Still a quality ice cream joint!

Felicia Paul

This is the best ice cream, hands down! And for an added bonus, you get to sample the flavors before you buy them.

Sabrina S.

Popular ice cream joint in Krog Market. They offer many unique flavors and free taste samples. But most of all I was super happy they had dairy free options. Yes!!! I sampled all of them and decided on the three half sample trio: Frose' sorbet- light w/literally a hint of sangria flavor Texas sheet cake- decadent rich chocolate w/chocolate cake pieces PB and Jam- just like it sounds All dairy free!! But do try their real ice cream, there are some interesting flavors

Brittney Love

Line always long but moved quickly- never anymore than 10 minutes - samples galore - pictured is the TRÍO : wild berry lavender, almond brittle , frosè

Britt. O.

I'm a fan of Jeni's and it's clear because I make the visit any chance I can whenever I'm near one of their stores :) This location is located inside Krog Street market so it's a little bit compact in comparison to the Howell Mill location they I usually frequent . However , same quality and same taste . I would suggest trying to beat the crowd to gain the best experience ! I'm a fan of the almond butter and it may be my forever favorite . P.S same excellent customer service !!!!

Lindsey Q.

As a big sweet fan, I've been dying to try Jeni's for years and was very excited to come across several shops during my trip to Atlanta. Before even seeing the shop the amazing smell of the waffle cones draws you in. After sampling several flavors, I settled on gooey butter cake and salted peanut butter - both of which did not disappoint. Please expand to Arizona soon!

Cheyenne Pope

I'm normally very picky but i enjoy this rich and creamy American style ice cream.

Ameera Stafford

I never heard of a place who serves "half scoops" but I wasn't paying so I didn't complain. Good ice cram

Adam W.

I'm such a basic bitch. I'm in love with Jeni's icecream. Pro tip: The shop overcharges for pints. Costs 25% less in the Publix freezer, but only in limited flavors. Regrets: they used to offer icecream sandwiches that were superior to any icecream sandwich ever made, but sadly, none of the shops seem to carry them anymore. Bummer. Also, I put on about 20lbs with the Brown Butter Almond Brittle flavor alone, and would have withdrawals when the freezer would run out. Ugh. So I'm a gym member now and have cut back on Jeni's icecream crack. However, if those sandwiches appeared at the grocery my waistline would be in big trouble.

Gabriela G.

My boyfriend and I visited Atlanta and we found out about Krog Street Market and we decided to go. We were in the mood for dessert and walked by Jeni's.... We fell in LOVE with the ice cream from here. Best ice cream we've ever had. We loved it so much, we decided to go back AGAIN the following night. We had to pay for rideshare service to get there, but we didn't care.. totally worth it! I would recommend the frosé sorbet (I got it both times I went!). The prices are completely reasonable.. $5 for two half scoops (they are decent sized) and $1.25 for a waffle cone.

Phil B

Best Dairy free options in town.

Phil B

Best Dairy free options in town.

George William

Best ice cream - hands down. Krog Street Market is a victim of its own success, so expect a long line and shoulder to shoulder crowds. Jeni’s people are efficient and the line moves fast. It’s worth the wait.

n0takungfufr0g !

Has a wide array of flavors based on season. You must try gooey butter cake you wont be disappointed.

Nafis Zahir

The long line is no deterrent to waiting for some of the best ice cream I've had in a long time. I got the gooey buttercake! It was so good, makes you want to holler and throw up both your hands!

George W.

Splendid indeed! If it was any creamier they'd have to call it gelato. There's no wonder why the line is so long here. But they have people taking your order while you're in line, and it moves quickly. Their salty caramel is the best anywhere.