Mix'D Up Burgers ( East Lake)

2371 Hosea L Williams Dr NE, Atlanta
(404) 343-0394

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Habeebah Yasin

I really enjoyed this place, they cooked the food how I asked. I ordered a lamb burger (medium) and tried the Buffalo fries and the Cajun fries. The Buffalo fries were better (in my opinion). The reason why I’m giving this place 4 stars is because even though the flavor of the Buffalo fries were good, I did not like how thin the fries were. I just prefer a thicker cut fry. My burger was excellent though. This would be a great place for an outing with friends or family. There is parking available as well, which I feel like people should mention in their reviews because there are establishments without their own parking. This place had plenty of parking and the restaurant itself had a cute ambiance.

Nafis Zahir

I was going to give this place 1 star but because my server was so nice I gave it another star. Bottom line, the burger was COLD! Not hot and not even luke warm. The bun wasn’t even warm. This happens often in Atlanta where the food is not hot and this place is no exception.

Bridget Jackson

The service was impeccable, especially our server Precious. The burgers were fresh and delicious. The craft beers like the pear cider was on point. I also tried one their mixed drinks called Pineapple Upside Down cake, and it was a delight to the senses. The fries and choice of various toppings were awesome. I will definitely plan to visit again.

B. Heru

i don't eat meat very often, but i was in the mood for a burger. i saw a photo of the lamb burger, and it looked too good not to try. the burger was a bit disappointing; the patty was thin, and lost between the stale bun and lettuce. the fries were very good, and if i returned, it'd definitely be to relive the fry moment.Food: 2/5

Kammyia Barnes

The food was very basic! No real seasoning, taste like they literally only used salt and pepper. They did not have anymore Santa fe bugers (2 hour wait) so I went with another meatless option recommended by the waiter (I don't remember what it was called), parm cheese fries, 2 mixed up burgers and a order of pulled pork fries (really good) and I don't remember the other fries ordered.I have passed by this location so many times and thought today will be the day as I really wanted a delicious meatless burger. I was extremely disappointed with the food and drinks after spending a little over $100.

Zachary Linville

One of the best burgers joints in Atlanta. Try this rocking hero lamb burger! Was delicious an have a few draft beers on tap. Have ate at this establishment several times. Would recommend you try this out.

Flower B On IG

Easy ordering and fast service... made to order so it was Fresh and Hot!!!! The shoe string Parmigiano fries were LOVELY!!!!!!!!! The mushroom burger was Clutch!!!!!Vegetarian options: Several vegan and vegetarian options very nice selection!

Elaine Lambros

This cute and casual burger joint offers a variety of burgers. In addition to various beef burgers, they offer vegetarian, lamb, turkey, and chicken burgers. They have a good variety of beers and ciders too. The burgers are absolutely yummy and cooked to your liking. The entire staff is super friendly and welcoming. Our server, Precious, is awesome! She is personable and kind. We will definitely return.

Cori Miller

One of the most driest Turkey burgers I have ever tasted. Absolutely disgusting, and the fries were overly salty. Maybe it’s this location but I highly DO NOT recommend. 0/10

Anthony S.

Ep. 121 of AntlantaEats 3.5 stars Paid a visit to the East Lake location, I ordered the Cajun Crawfish Burger to be honest it was not much flavored, just heavy...The highlight for me was the Philly Cheesesteak . Their fries are so amazing I highly recommend if you haven't been yet. My friend Monique wanted to stay clean & cute so she ordered the "Impossible" Burger . She gave it a 7 outta 10. Overall, I would come back to try a different Burger. Bonus + Free in lot parking, Outdoor seating, Great customer service, full bar

Moriah H.

I have always loved all the Mix'd up burgers locations! This one, they were super nice & the food was perfect!

Greg Russell

Love this places..Service is always awesome, and my buddy Gram always take care of me ...!

Son Y.

I have ordered four times from the East Lake location... and it will be my last. The quality has been going down each time I order. This time I ordered The Pile burger and the Mix'd Up salad. The burger was super tough, even though it was cooked medium, and tasted like jalapenos. They probably got other ingredients mix'd up from someone else order with mine. I ate half and gave the rest to my dog. The most disappointing part of the order was the salad aka the box of old lettuce with feta cheese crumbles and tiny onion pieces. Tomatoes...where? Cucumbers...where? Salad dressing...who? $22 was a little pricey for that order for me so I'll use this as push to try another restaurant nearby.

Ron C.

Always a great burger. Good atmosphere with a nice rotating list of beers and such. A great place for a quick bite!

Tonya Willis

First time going to this Place, so upset I didn't take any pictures, I definitely will when I return, they had the coolest artwork on the walls the pieces were so well put together, now let me tell Y'ALL SOMETHING THOSE TURKEY BURGERS ARE THE ISH......SO FREAKING AMAZING, love their French fries as well, the service was so sweet and polite so refreshing to walk into a business and everyone be so kind.....My favorite new Turkey burger joint!!! you gotta check em out ☑️ and now I have pictures☺️05/30/22

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