Smoothie King

3680 Cascade Rd Suite A1, Atlanta
(678) 705-2213

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Shanae F.

Came to this Smoothie King yesterday since I live in the neighborhood and talk about disappointed. First, they had the door locked to discourage customers from entering and when I walked in I realized why. The inside was dirty, the lights were off, and all of the staff were dressed like they just woke up. One staff member even had her hood on. My online order also wasn't ready by the guaranteed time. I wasn't greeted upon entering and was immediately asked if I had an online order. After asking that, the staff member proceeded to lock the door behind me and stated "we not trying to kidnap you or nothing". Excuse me! I suffer from anxiety and to be put in this situation was quite frightening. Needless to say, I will never go back to this location and I will be sending a letter to corporate.

Bee Chills

Oh wow where do I begin? So, I just moved to this area and have been frequenting the cascade rd location. This team is amazing! Throughout August I saw new faces popping up to replace certain "bad eggs" because my first visit was less than welcoming on a busy friday. Understandable. But about week after my first visit, I see new faces and was pleasantly satisfied with the warm greetings from the gentleman (I've heard the name Mo?) who works early mornings.I also commend Ms Shandra(?) the young lady who gives 100% professional service, even in the midst of harsh, profane customers who make this job complicated for good workers. She might be the manager, or should be. My smoothie is always delicious, esp with her suggestions She's awesome.Having experience from food service as well, greetings and the overall atmosphere are huge points for me. Hope cascade keeps the upward trend.

dee longino

The worst experience today with the young gentleman with dreads. I have never been disrespected the way I was disrespected today. A restaurant or place of business of only as good as their employees. HORRIBLE!

Kenny Ortega

Service was actually 100 times better this morning. I saw a few new faces which was a breath of fresh air!!

Ms Me

Okay This Smoothie King is my Ga Favorite ? Blend to Perfection my new Go To Smoothie King number 1 so far in Georgia and I go to many my son and myself.

Taryn theWriter

I’ve been staying near Cascade this week and have attempted to use this Smoothie King four times. They were only open and taking orders ONE of the four times and all were during regular business hours. *smh*


Horrible service. Getting your order wrong is par for the course here. To make matters worse I actually had an employee argue with me once about my order being for an item that he claimed didn't exist. Well after he was finished I told him to turn around. There was a huge promotional sign behind him advertising the product. I was almost embarrassed for him. Also they essentially don't take cash. Most recently I waited 8 minutes at the drive through, only for them to come to the window to say they were closed at 9AM. Their sign says they open at 6AM. Apparently they were out of product. No signs were up to explain. Awful service all around .

Alexia Barnes

I’ve been going here for about a year & it’s always something with them. They are very unprofessional & always either closed for “cleaning” or not taking orders like I can’t get a break with them. I’m usually always patient with them bc I understand no place is perfect but I’m beyond tired of the unprofessional attitudes from even the manager so that’s allowing the employees to be the same way without thinking twice about it.

kelli pinkston

I have been to this location three times within the past few weeks at various times. Each time I was told, “our system is down and we aren’t taking orders.” Really? Three different occasions? I will not give this location another chance. I will take the 12 minute commute to the Camp Creek location for now on.

momo Love

When the location opened, it was great customer service and smoothies. However recently I have noticed a major shift so much so that I do not want to continue to patronize. Service is slow and smoothies have a weird aftertaste and I’ve noticed strings or something in the smoothie. I recently ordered smoothie via app and get to the location and there is a line wrapped around the building. I go to the door to go inside but it is locked and from inside workers are saying drive thru only. I waited for a few moments but could not continue to wait because I had other obligations and did not intend on spending over 35min waiting for a smoothie that I’ve already purchased well in advance. Most employees have been rude and unprofessional. I’ll bypass this location less than 5 min from my home to a location with fresh smoothies and friendly service.

Ken D.

Wow.... I came here in drive through before work and the employees were physically fighting. I had to wait 50 minutes to receive me and my coworkers smoothies (after I paid for all three). I obviously ended up late for work and definitely did not feel comfortable in an environment where employees were physically fighting. Very disappointing to see and experience.

Veronica Jones Brown

Terrible customer service.

Shanteria Harper

Yummy! Not a long wait in the drive through.

Tonia Lamb

No stars is my true rating. It's really shameful that often times in this area code and those close to this one how consistently you can expect EXTREMELY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. I walked in for service and it took over 5 minutes just for someone to acknowledge me. I WAS THE ONLY CUSTOMER AT THE REGISTER. I waited another 10 minutes for assistance...meanwhile an employee washed dishes, another walked off the line to wait and enjoy a smoothie in the lobby, another held a personal conversation on the line with another seemingly off duty employee....I decided not to spend my money here. I am an African American consumer who has decided to ALWAYS skip this Smoothie King to patronize establishments in more northern area codes who value their customers and are grateful for their business. If I owned this business, I would start over with a new customer service-oriented team. Shameful.

Nick Brumwell

Went to this store for aPromo I found from Facebook. Well the promo was for a different store. I didn’t realize at first the promo wasn’t for all the Atlanta stores. One of the employees kept making the claim that my coupon was fraud and I made it up. After I showed him the coupon via Facebook page and messager in my phone he made the assumption that I created that page and generated the coupon. I lightly scolded him that faking a coupon for a 5 dollar free smoothie is not worth my time. I will add that his coworkers whereDispleased with his comments and one young lady even tried to hush him. I could tell he thought about his comments afterwards and seemed to regret it. This whole thing was minimal and non aggressive. I will probably come back. Definitely if there is a promo or coupon.

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