Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

231 Bobby Jones Expy, Augusta
(706) 447-3718

Recent Reviews

Tami Davis

Clean and customer friendly. Our server made us feel welcome. I haven't visited a Golden Corral in years prior to this visit.

kids Kids

We love this place! Bring back the bacon after 11a! The staff are pretty nice. The food is usually hot, fresh and lightly seasoned for taste.

Victoria Rodriguez

Tonight though, things were just not up to par with what I have experienced in the past. It wasn't terrible, it just didn't knock my socks off. I had to fish through 4 different plates to find a clean one, the dessert staff was rude when asking for spoons, and the chicken was dry and old. But other things were good.

Ihsan Muhammad

Our attendant/server was very nice and attentive--seemed like my drink stayed magically full, lol. All the stations were clean, and the food was flavorful, and the servers kept it flowing. I liked the layout of this particular location, too. I think we arrived around 5:ish pm, on a Wednesday, and found it pleasantly sparse, but the regular dinner crowd began rolling in shortly after. We didn't let the cashier's lackluster demeanor color our visit--everything was great on the other side!


What can I say about this place but great food food and more food. Each time my friend and I and her 9 year old grandson ( he is 9 now-ha). have lunch here it seens the food. gets better. How can any place have just about anything you want to eat. I guess. that is the reason so many people come here. The food is great the price is reasonable, the service is great. What else do you want.

Latty Rob

Best Golden Corral buffet ever. Close to I-20 so it is often crowded but their extra large buffet, spacious dining area and friendly staff make this a welcome Oasis for weary travelers.

Gina Hartley

I drive from Edgefield. They have a very good breakfast. I am a senior so I ask for senior discount. One Friday I paid 7.and some change and this Friday I had to pay over 9 dollars and change. I don't understand why it's different each time I go. Please check into this. Thank you.

Deana Keefer

Food was great. Roast beef so tender.

John Lucero

To go with five stars for me would be along with senior discount perhaps a military discount as well. I'm pretty sure that won't happen. Thanks anyway.

Kevin A.

I'm a big Golden Corral fan, or at least I was in the past. Today was my first visit in awhile though as it costs us $60 to come as a family. The kids have been begging so we decided to give it a shot. This place is hit or miss depending on the time and day you come. To be fair, I knew that before we got in the car to make the drive here. Tonight though, things were just not up to par with what I have experienced in the past. It wasn't terrible, it just didn't knock my socks off. I had to fish through 4 different plates to find a clean one, the dessert staff was rude when asking for spoons, and the chicken was dry and old. But other things were good. You can never go wrong with the mashed potatoes and gravy, the bourbon chicken, and ham were great. But I just kind of felt so-so with everything after it was all over. Kids always love it! But they didn't pay the $60

Les Hinton

Nice place, use to be better. Food gets old sometimes. They have been trying new line ups. Love they always have some breakfast options in the evening. Maybe a little more staffing on the tables side to keep cups full. Overall always a nice experience.

Reed Bennett

Party of 9

Jimmy Bennett

This place is overpriced with average food and terrible management. Guy named Joe (no last name given) chose to refund our $92 tonight rather than pull two tables together to allow nine of us to sit at one table. He was rude, unprofessional and should find another line of work.

Frederica Crumbley

Customer service was great, cooks were awesome, & my waitresses was outstanding.

Laura Carter

This place is VERY busy. It is a good place, but I did feel the waitresses are stretched thin. One pet peeve of mine is the tea. Two times I have been there it was very weak. May as well ordered sugar water. Every other Golden Corral I have been in has excellent tea. The waitress seemed bothered that I said anything. She was not very pleasant, but I would like to think she was just having a bad day. Everyone and everything else is good about this Golden Corral though.

Kathy Meadows

So much good, good food! Met with our local family on our 3 sisters trip. From, VA, CA + WA. Great atmosphere for chatting. Awesome service too. Thanks Shawn! 😁👍

Francisco Flores

Service is very good. Cleanliness excellent. Food arrangement and selection could not be better. Hot foods are HOT and cold foods are COLD. Selection is amazing.

April Francois

I had the most delicious steak, just the way I like it!

Melody Duke

The soup was COLD. Yes this was reported. But nothing was done in regards to making the soup hot. The waitress would come by the table but the service we received was awful. I waited 45 minutes for my coffee and it finally came to me stone cold. I have never had food that was suppose to be hot, that turned out to be cold and the service was down right lousy. I have never had lousy service and cold food from Golden Corral until this afternoon. Are they getting ready to close the doors??

Perry Burton

At least one of the Managers is not very nice to customers. He does not know how to communicate effectively. All else was pretty good.

Angel Churn

Enjoyable more then enough food

Brian Dale

The food sucks, the prices have gone up, and the food gets worse, my kids like to go there(they are young) kids menu. So I am gonna figure out a way to let them order adult food without going to this dump, a prisoner on death row last meal has to be better than this, a prisoner in general pops food is probably better than this, the garbage at a good restaurant is better than this

Arleen Hankerson

Golden Corral is one of my top 10 restaurants of all times. The food at this one was definitely on point. If you are in the areas I would say go get your belly full on some tasty morsels. It's worth it!!!

Roy G. Ward

Golden Coral has a reputation for great food and great service in a family friendly relax atmosphere at a great price...The Golden Corral on Bobby Jones Express in Augusta is living up to that reputation. The menu choices were many, presentation was inviting, and the taste was great. It is very to indulge yourself on what is offered, but we found that restraint was necessary. Not every patron's experience will be the same, but for us, we have no complaints.

LaToya Williams

Good atmosphere and great customer service


The variety of food available at this Golden Corral is always great. I paid, got a table, and went to get my meal. When I returned; I still had no silverware. So I took a set from a table not being used that had 4.A lady named Yvette wrote her name on my receipt. However I NEVER saw her again. A lady who looked to be Asian was taking care of all the other people eating in the area. I drink a lot of water/tea with my meals; so my glass (thankfully, I bought a large to go cup) was almost completely empty. I was looking into my glass when a very nice lady (I could not really see her name; but I think it was Kathy(?) ) saw me and came over and quickly filled it. She was very attentive the rest of my meal... Before she came; I was thinking of writing on my receipt, ' No service for me; no tip for you'..... I believe in tipping well for good service; I also am offended about being ignored. The food tasted good as usual-- something for everyone. I allowed myself to have a slice of delicious chocolate pie.I was thankful to have someone finally checking on me. So, I handed 'Kathy' her tip to make sure it did not go to the elusive Yvette. The service rating below is for Yvette-- Kathy' would get a 5.

Isis G

Just average. Was crowded when I got there but we were seated quickly. Was very overcrowded and the seating was pretty tight. Wasn't much of a variety of foods and the foods that they did have wasn't all that good. Food was wasn't fresh and lacked flavor. The waiter took forever refilling drinkers. I seen her sitting in the reserved seating area talking to other co workers. Other waiters apologized on her behalf and would help by refilling our drinks. We used a second table to place our dirty place on. Not a place that I recommend.


I like this chain especially for families as everyone can get what they want. You go to any restaurant and the menu is limited but not at Golden Corral. Not cheap but with a 6 person family with kids the service is good and the place is pretty clean. Restrooms fairly clean and easy to get into. Parking good. Friendly staff. Like the food here in Augusta Georgia. I would definitely recommend.

Aaron Crawford

I feel like it's really hit or miss. I've been here on nights where everything is on point and the food is awesome, and I've been here nights where it was just ok, one thing I will say is that I honestly feel like my girlfriend always gets a better cut of steak than I do, to the point where I send her up to get my's that noticeably different. Overall though it's the best place in Augusta for us to go because kids eat for 99 cents (you can't feed a kid a decent dinner for 99 cents from the grocery store) Monday through Friday, so for me, my girlfriend, and our 3 kids it's like $38 and the food is consistent for the most part other than the steak, and that's really all you can ask for.


The food was good and the people were nice but the building is run down. The seats were tore up and my youngest had to use the restroom and it was DISGUSTING. The floors were sticky and I didn't want to touch the toilet to flush. There was what looked like black mold on the backs of the toilets. I was visiting with family so not like I will be back. Just make sure to use bathroom elsewhere before going here. Food wise there was pretty much everything, lots of variety.

Joe Plantamura

All you can eat American comfort food at a low price. The quality is good. Staff is helpful and friendly. Seafood on weekends. Sometimes steaks, oriental, ethnic, and Tex-Mex.

Cole Allen

I like Golden Corral. The quality has went down a good bit, at least the one in Augusta has. The employees don't seem like they want to be there at all and that creates a no so friendly environment. The food is still good, not as great as it once was but once again I'm only taking about the one in Augusta. I write several reviews and it would be really neat to actually see a change, but I'm sure it won't.

Linda Williford

Most of the food was hot. Couple things barely warm and hard. Rest of buffet was fine. Service was good.

Rosa Thames

Wonderful. A great selection of all kinds of foods. There is such a great variety of many many good foods, there is no way anyone could leave without eating something they love. Food for all ages. The salad bar, fruit, and desserts are great to. If you love good food fit for a king, then go for it.

Nicole Jones

Best Golden Corral I've ever been to!! Big awesome buffet. Only let down was no strawberries but it is winter time. Bathrooms were very clean and smelled great! Every other one I've ever been to was disgusting. I absolutely hate going to the one in Columbia SC. I can't wait to go again to the one here in Augusta.

Art S.

Always crowded. Rude people let their kids run wild, getting their own food. Making a mess

M Fagan

Has a good variety of great food. Can be busy on weekends. A great place to come with a few people with different likes because they have something for everyone.


This visit was just like the last one, it was EXCELLENTMy friend an I with her 8 year old grandson went here for lunch. Everything was freshand great as usual. Place as clean, service was great.

Robert N.

I gave praise to this international buffet but I must recant my review,. I think the other reviewer is correct, it's not that good any more. Our last two visits we're bland and slightly warm. I'm so disappointed, and to charge the amount they are charging these days is crazy.

Lucy Lopez

Ya no hay nada que comer en golden corral, y todo esta feo, para comer pan y mac and cheese, lo hago en mi casa y sale mas barato y lo hago con amor, muy racistas yo soy colombiana, pero me encanta la comida mexicana y la quitaron sabiendo que la mayoria de los que comen ahi son hispanos, no volvere ahi ni lo recomiendo�