Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

231 Bobby Jones Expy, Augusta
(706) 447-3718

Recent Reviews

alex howard

Enjoyed a variety of breakfast items hot, fresh, and plentiful on a rainy Sunday morning without having to worry about going home after Church and pull out pots and pans that could take almost an hour to prepare. This by far meets my expectations when it comes to a great breakfast, lunch or dinner meal any day of the week.

Jerome Johnson II

This location was a first for me and it actually was not bad at all. The service was good and the budget was plenty stocked. My only complaint is there best and some if the items in the budget were not fresh it's like they were there for some hours with no one touching them but it was only a few a the rest of the food was great so that's why I gave it four Stars

Matt Martin

Food was terrific! Steak was cut thick and juicy, vegetables was not too salty/had great flavors, desserts tasted great/not too sweet, and our waitress (Sharon I believe) was great as well.. only drawbacks were the prices ($15 after taxes per adult) one of the salmons and fried chicken were dry (prolly a fluke thing; it was an hour before closing time).. Rating: A-

J Smith

Oh my goodness, did I enjoy the dinner that was provided here! Cotton candy, great meat, good collards fried okra, good dessert, I would love to come here weekly if it was cheaper. Thank you. As well the server was a nice Christian young man.

Chauson Harmon

Did not have my drink refilled. Server said that they were getting it. 15 minutes later nothing. She was talking to her boss apparently. Makes sense since she didn’t leave a card for herself to be identified. Saved me the tip and I wont be back. Sausage patties were also cold as ice. This place used to be decent not anymore.

Paula Nash

This was our first time at the location on Bobby Jones Highway in Augusta. They had a wide selection to chose from. Everything was clean and organized. Staff was friendly and supportive. A nice large restaurant. I live in Aiken and will not have a problem driving the 45 minutes to get there.

Nakia Floyd

They had more selective options to pick from. I want to start by stating I'm from Virginia. There was two things that was different that we had to fix your own drinks. Silverware was placed when seated not had to get your own. There is more customer service in VA. But overall it was nice, clean n different.

Nicholas Houston

Great food both dine in and takeout. The only complaint I've ever had is when getting takeout you have to double check your order because they will sometimes miss and item. Other than that awesome Job

Mesha Taylor

Haven't been in a while, but we went last night, and it was everything I remembered. Always enjoy the food and the service! Had an amazing steak! In addition, I caught a glimpse of a young lady training a new employee, and she was patient, kind, thorough, and kept a smile on her face. That was awesome! Overall terrific experience!

Laura Pavao

Great place for dinner! Each dish I tasted(and I certainly tasted many) was well cooked, delicious, and this location was very clean. Our table server, Silvia, was a joy as she supplied our needs.


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Clara Johnson

Family and I enjoyed ourselves at the Golden Corral restaurant last Sunday. The establishment was very clean and inviting. The food was very good and well stocked. Highly recommended.

nathan zook

This is the cleanest Golden Corral i have ever been to. The food tastes home made. The owner we do anything he can to help out the community.

George Champlin

Our family group of 12 went there for Thanksgiving dinner. Although there was a long line waiting upon our arrival, we kept moving. After paying, we were seated together without delay. It wasn't a home cooked meal, but it was adequate and tasty. The best part was there wasn't any cleaning up or dishes after the meal. Staff were very pleasant and they looked after everyone well. A good experience at a reasonable price!

Francisco Diaz

Best Golden Corral I've been to. Place was super clean. Great food selection. Would have gave 5 stars but the guy cooking the steaks was kinda rude to my little brother.

James Stanley

Absolutely great buffet! They have everything a person could want available on their buffet as well. The Birthday Club is really nice and gives a free buffet to the birthday person! Great service and awesome food.

Edith Noble

I and a friend visited on a Friday morning. The restaurant was clean and inviting. The variety of foods was wonderful. Whatever you like for breakfast was there from grits to quiche and there was a selection of fresh fruits. The staff was friendly and helpful. I will going again. My only criticism was that the coffee was weak.

Barbara Miner

It’s Veterans Day and they are offering Meals in honor of it only from 5pm to 9pm. Gave Golden Corral it’s last chance. Lots of serving food were empty and soft serve was like soup.

LeAnna Herring

Best prices at a golden corral ever! Food is ABSOLUTELY GREAT, FRESH AND HOT! They have several buffets to choose from and staff is so friendly. Drinks stay filled and always take empty plates off the table. They are always busy. Restrooms and dining tables are clean. I always make sure my server gets cash money for a tip because they do work their butts off! Best Golden Corral I've been to so far. Will definitely go the distance because this restaurant is worth it!!!


You'd think I'd be sick of coming here because I always end up eating at this place. But maybe that's because they are pretty consistent in quality. I know for a fact that I'm not going to leave feeling like I just wasted my money. These guys are pretty much my "go to" when I'm in town.

James M.

The food just isn't good at all. I understand it's a buffet and not a gourmet restaurant, but I've been to plenty of other buffets where the food actually tastes good. The food here is either super bland or really salty, why is there no in between? Every once in a while they'll roll out something good like New York Steak and Butterfly Shrimp, which is what was going on today, but the steak was way over cooked and unseasoned. I'm pretty sure they just boil all their meats because it's the blandest meat I've ever had in my life. The shrimp was good but the tray was always empty. Honestly the best part of the buffet was the salad bar and that's probably because there was no cooking involved. I've been nauseated ever since I left. I actually feel sick from having eaten there. And my wife also feels sick. We will not be returning.

Philip III Joyner

I love the Golden Corral because of an all-you-can-eat buffet. The restaurant has a clean, casual atmosphere. I love the large barbecue sauce squeeze bottles. I love the waitresses. I love to squeeze barbecue sauce on my rice. I love a bigger variety of foods besides rice. I love little desserts. I'm obsessed with the squeeze bottles. I spend a moment playing with 'em.


Placed an order online and had a bunch of problems when it was delivered. Items were missing from the order or I was sent incorrect items (missing rolls, sent the wrong drinks, etc...) Nothing that I ordered was correct, but I simply reported it to the delivery service and got a partial refund. No harm no foul. Definitely didn’t plan to order online again as I was disappointed that I didn’t get what I requested, but wasn’t too upset as I was issued a refund by the delivery service. Then I found a hair baked into my dessert. Made sure to let the manager know about the hair and they said they would address it, but I don’t think I will be going back to dine either in restaurant or ordering delivery from this location again.

Jeanie Burrell

I'll tell you a secret. The best mashed potatoes in Augusta are served in this humble buffet. Get a big scoop, use the chicken gravy, nudge in the crust crumbles from the fried chicken. The rice may sometimes be crunchy, the Brussels sprouts boiled to mush, but those mashed potatoes...all is forgiven. Can't get everyone to agree on a cuisine? Come here. Those potatoes go just fine with everything.

PollardBoi T.v.

Its was pricey. But I believe they all have gone up in the price. But waiters where nice. Food was hot. Plates where clean. We went about 8pm. It was good.

Darryl Wise

I come here frequently throughout the year with family for our birthday breakfast/lunch. Everything is usually fine but on this latest visit for my brother's birthday, we had a couple of issues. The first issue was it took a considerable amount of time before our waitress came to our table. She may have been busier than normal so I won't dwell on that. The second issue is I first got a lemonade as my drink but it was more water than lemonade. The waitress informed me that the lemonade option was out. So I asked for pink lemonade instead. While the color was fine, the drink tasted like water with a hint of bitter pink lemonade. The waitress never returned so I ate without drinking much the entire time. Hopefully there will be improvements before my birthday in December.

Tami Davis

Clean and customer friendly. Our server made us feel welcome. I haven't visited a Golden Corral in years prior to this visit.

J B.

made me give 1 star, if i could i wouldnt have given that one. they dont deserve any stars. worst food imaginable, and over priced on friday morning . look at the breakfast price on fridays verses the brunch and lunch price.fried chicken seems to always be undercooked, and sausage and sausage patties need work. more choices would be nice, there are only so many ways you can cook chicken, and it seems this place knows them all.we have determined, that this place isnt worth the price, and we are both senior citizens, cheaper and better food can be cooked at home, and not have to deal with the bad food and slow help at this place. no taste,and very overpriced for the food you get

kids Kids

We love this place! Bring back the bacon after 11a! The staff are pretty nice. The food is usually hot, fresh and lightly seasoned for taste.

Kimberly Johnson

Great food . Great prices

Victoria Rodriguez

Tonight though, things were just not up to par with what I have experienced in the past. It wasn't terrible, it just didn't knock my socks off. I had to fish through 4 different plates to find a clean one, the dessert staff was rude when asking for spoons, and the chicken was dry and old. But other things were good.

Ihsan Muhammad

Our attendant/server was very nice and attentive--seemed like my drink stayed magically full, lol. All the stations were clean, and the food was flavorful, and the servers kept it flowing. I liked the layout of this particular location, too. I think we arrived around 5:ish pm, on a Wednesday, and found it pleasantly sparse, but the regular dinner crowd began rolling in shortly after. We didn't let the cashier's lackluster demeanor color our visit--everything was great on the other side!

Patty Henderson

Waiter and waitress are friendly. Great choice of food and quality is average. Only drawback is the women’s bathroom is horrible. I’ve never seen a bathroom so filthy. I understand that when you have a large customer base it’s difficult to keep clean but it is just disgustingly dirty.


What can I say about this place but great food food and more food. Each time my friend and I and her 9 year old grandson ( he is 9 now-ha). have lunch here it seens the food. gets better. How can any place have just about anything you want to eat. I guess. that is the reason so many people come here. The food is great the price is reasonable, the service is great. What else do you want.

Latty Rob

Best Golden Corral buffet ever. Close to I-20 so it is often crowded but their extra large buffet, spacious dining area and friendly staff make this a welcome Oasis for weary travelers.

Gina Hartley

I drive from Edgefield. They have a very good breakfast. I am a senior so I ask for senior discount. One Friday I paid 7.and some change and this Friday I had to pay over 9 dollars and change. I don't understand why it's different each time I go. Please check into this. Thank you.

Deana Keefer

Food was great. Roast beef so tender.

John Lucero

To go with five stars for me would be along with senior discount perhaps a military discount as well. I'm pretty sure that won't happen. Thanks anyway.

drknlovly lady

Great place. Just needs to let rolls cook little more

Kevin A.

I'm a big Golden Corral fan, or at least I was in the past. Today was my first visit in awhile though as it costs us $60 to come as a family. The kids have been begging so we decided to give it a shot. This place is hit or miss depending on the time and day you come. To be fair, I knew that before we got in the car to make the drive here. Tonight though, things were just not up to par with what I have experienced in the past. It wasn't terrible, it just didn't knock my socks off. I had to fish through 4 different plates to find a clean one, the dessert staff was rude when asking for spoons, and the chicken was dry and old. But other things were good. You can never go wrong with the mashed potatoes and gravy, the bourbon chicken, and ham were great. But I just kind of felt so-so with everything after it was all over. Kids always love it! But they didn't pay the $60