New Moon Cafe

JB White's Building storefront, 936 Broad St, Augusta
(706) 823-2008

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Julia J

Went here for the first time and I will definitely be coming back again. The bagels were great. Nicely portioned. Staff was very friendly. There’s outdoor seating as well. The inside atmosphere could be presented a tad better. There are two locations as well.

Nathan Dantuma

Food took forever and while the portions are generous in my opinion, you’re getting the quality of food you’re paying for. Food was cold, eggs are extremely rubbery and a mix between overcooked and raw. The whole place just feels gross and grimy, the cashiers have their fingers all on the top of the plate as they bring it over to you. I was told that the place was completely out of salt when I went, so the food was unseasoned and gross. Overall, not impressed.

Indigo Blue

Used to be better!Honestly, I get the vibe of the place, but at this point it’s just dingy and needs to be deep cleaned. I hadn’t been there in a couple of years and it’s now bordering gross.A couple of years ago, I used to go almost daily and it was cleaner and presented much better.Visited around 10:30amThe cashier (big dude with the bandanna & glasses) was noticeably unhappy to be there, no energy; he simply didn’t want to bother with his job and it showed.The food was terrible! The Smoked Salmon Bagel is almost $9.00 and what you get is a sandwich inundated with red picked onions, a little cream cheese…BUT…Good luck finding any salmon. Outrageous!I considered sitting with my food, but it’s so completely gross now. Please deep clean this once cleaner place.Have someone at the register who can smile and add joy versus crabbiness to the atmosphere and customer experience.


Went here because I’m a huge fan of Twilight and was disappointed…just kiddingTravel a lot for work and try to seek out local businesses, found this after closing (3pm) one day but kept it in my memory. Today arrived before closing and was seeking lunch in the area. Took a couple loops around the block to find them, they are kinda tucked in which is great as the patio isn’t directly on the street.Ok so coffee shop personnel are your typical coffee shop personnel, gotta love ‘em.Food - halfway thru with sandwich and ate a crouton on salad and literally stopped to write this review. I’m not a crouton fan either (lol). Everything is really really good and fresh, even the croutons are freshly baked and seasoned. This place pays attention even to the small details.Coffee - Glad I ordered a latte, this is how espresso should taste. They sell coffee, next time I’m buying a bag to try!

Danielle R.

Homemade pop tarts, need I say more? Light flakey deliciousness! Reminds me of childhood. Not overly sweet. Just fun! Fantastic menu of pasties, breakfast foods (jalapeno popper toast!!) and really great staff. This is the funky little gem you need to go to!

Stephanie Galer

For everything that fell short there was something we enjoyed. My latte was undrinkable (and the service at the counter was such that I didn't feel comfortable asking for it to be remade). We both got the lumberjack breakfast. Eggs are liquid and not made to order (unless requested, i guess) but ... fine. Bacon and grits were good. Toast was also great per husband. I asked for no toast (gluten allergy) but my plate came with bread (not toast). Happy to have had a hot breakfast but I guess I'm a little spoiled when it comes to coffee.

Matthew H.

The Augusta Style grits bowl is the best breakfast food if not the best food I've ever had.

Lcat RN

They make all of their own breads and pastries. I wish this place and the Aiken location would make special menus easier to read and find with larger print that draw the eye in. The regular menu is simple and Southern breakfast with the addition of fresh NY deli style bagels and specialty millennial toasts. They need more indoor seating at inward facing tables, and the coffee and tea bar on the side clutters up the atmosphere more than it already is. There is wasted floor space with few tables to sit at. The window facing bar seating is awkward and uncomfortable. The avocado toast is like guacamole which for a place that goes to lengths to make its bread from scratch, I’d expect to be fresh avocado sliced. I ordered off of the regular menu this time. There was cream cheese on only one side of my salmon bagel. Too much sugar in the pickled onion. I was left with half of a bagel with nothing on it. There was maybe 2oz of salmon on one side. The menu should say bagel sandwich if it’s going to be served this way. I want to love these local places but they leave me wanting more and I’m sad about that. The smoothies and coffees look to be on point. I had an iced mocha once here that was pleasing but sweet. Great start, needs fine tuning and a professional makeover with better use of the large space.


Nice breakfast spot in downtown. Coffees were good. Breakfast sandwich was good. My daughter said her smoothie was OK. A little bit of outdoor seating. Lots of on street parking. Sunday morning had a bit of a line. The whole process went a little faster than I though based on the line and how it looked like things were coming out.

Caroline Manlove

The food and pastries were great! But I was very disappointed in the coffee. I ordered a mocha with almond milk and it tasted like chocolate milk with cinnamon, not good at all. No coffee flavor at all. Unfortunately will not be returning.

Andrew A.

The service was fantastic. Informative about coffee and house specialties. The inside was clean and has a fun atmosphere. The atomic lemonade was the

Jude Foret

Stopped in for a cup of iced coffee and found myself digging into a veggie bowl breakfast. Coffee was smooth and the breakfast bowl had lots of veggies, eggs, & cheese - it hit the spot!

Jared Wade

I'm in town for work and just stopped here for breakfast. The butter pecan coffee was so good and my egg/veggie wrap was amazing. Fresh ingredients, great price, and it was a good size too. Friendly staff, comfortable feel, and nice me stranger, just go here

Stephanie Fowler

I came to Augusta for a comedy show and ate here the next morning. Let me just tell you to drive straight here and try New Moon Cafe out when you visit Augusta! It’s terrific — the coffee (hot and iced), the smoothies (their green monster is wonderful), muffins, and dishes like their jalapeño toast (sheer perfection). Plenty of seating and easy parking on the street, too.

Savannah Ellison

This cafe is so quaint and adorable. Food was amazing, and the service was super friendly and goody. Definitely a down-to-earth kinda place. 10/10 recommend.

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