Twin Dragon Hibachi Express

212 GA-49 #500, Byron
(478) 956-1278

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emily pinson

AWFULE COSTUMER SERVICE! Called to place an order but was on hold for 10minuts. Got there 5mins later and they havemt even started my order. She was calling the order to the back after I got there, but she did it with such an attitude I walked out. NOT WORTH IT!!!

Lisa Jordan

Delicious entree, good customer service & fat services

Sunkissed Goddess

This was by far the best Chinese food I have ate in a long time. Me and my boyfriend are truck drivers and travel for work up and down the east coast. We got there right before closing. Her place was neat and clean. She was in the back and told me to give her a moment to wash her hands. She was very friendly, explained her menu to us as best as she could. She is very precise and detail oriented. My meal was reasonably priced at $7.25 . Iâ??m full and still have plenty left over, it was delicious, hot and cooked to perfection. Needless to say I hate we probably will never be this way again, but if we do we will definitely be back. Iâ??m glad I read the reviews after I ate there otherwise those four bad reviews would have put a taint on a great experience.

Barbara Jones

The food was good. There was plenty of it. Service was fast.

Jamice Johnson

The food was really good and fresh! Customer service was amazing as well!

Triceyy Tennison

Food was really good..service was also pretty fast

Nathan Mahon

Friendly front desk. Extremely enthusiastic. Prices are good and the meals covers all the standard bases

Carl Spackler

Excellent food. We got the General Tso chicken, Kung Pao chicken, and a shrimp and vegetables dish. Reasonably priced. They cook to order, so might take a minute. Regarding the negative customer service reviews, the woman (I assume owner) is very chinese and very nice. But she does have an accent and might not come across particularly warm and fuzzy. But, great food at a great price. We will go back.

Summer Kappel

Great food and fast.

Malik Jackson

Very good every time I come here! The lady is very friendly and considerate. Great prices for a great meal.


Really enjoyed our take our dinner tonight. We got Sesame Chicken and Mongolian Beef along with an egg roll and some Crab Rangoon. Each were very tasty and a good size portion I made two meals of. We picked up a menu since it took a while to order and wait on Friday evening so we will call ahead next time!\nWe will go back!

Yongtong Chen

I like the place, they gave me good food and nice service

Megan Nelson

Food tasted good ,kind service , I will be back :)


Everything is good. I will comeback

Yan zhou

food is very good?and the servers is very niceã??I well come back?

Adam Green

What the gave me was not Hibachi! Presentation horrible, meal looked rushed to be put together. If I wasn't on the clock I'd get my money back. Maybe because I've had Hibachi all over the world, but this is my first time seeing it like this. Steak extremely chewy and filled with fat, nothing finely chopped huge chunks of everything. Rice was good only positive take away. I'll leave this style of Hibachi to the local crowd.

Douglas Taylor

Horrible experience. Called in takeout order and when I asked what she said shde started yelling which only made it worse. Decided to go ahead with order, but service got worse when I arrived. Just asked if my spring roll was in the back and she started yelling at me saying I didn't know what I was talking about and I only ordered an egg roll. I asked for my card back and to cancel but she continued punching numbers and reinserted my card for payment. After a few choice words she gave me my card back and continued yelling saying I was crazy after I told her that was the most pathetic customer service I'd ever seen.

Rose Austin

Great food, their chicken fried rice is just phenomenal! Cute unassuming place with good food for the right price.

Denice Morgan

Love Twin always just as you request. Favorite place to go for chinese

Carla Lincoln

Expensive for not very good food small portions. Won't eat here again

Aimee Barnett

Ate here last night for the first time, it was awesome! VERY tasty! Yes, you do have to wait a little for your food, but its cooked to order and comes out piping hot! And A LOT of it comes out! We had plenty left over for lunch today and it tasted just as good! Our new favorite local place!

Dafina T.

I'm not sure why there are so many poor reviews for this spot. They get all my stars, and I am happy that I didn't look here before our visit. We ordered General Tso with fried rice and a veggie hibachi plate with shrimp fried rice. The food was made fresh for us, and delivered to our table once prepared. The General Tso sauce was legit, and the hibachi sauce was perfect - not too mayo-y like many of its counterparts. The price for the large portions was also good for us. Service was exceptional. Bottom line: We just found a new, local and convenient takeout place. Yummy!

Leslie H

I should know better ! I visit once a year and say I wonâ??t go again this time we had three chicken meals and all of the chicken was dried at least half of it awful -even my dog wouldnâ??t eat the chicken. I know not to eat at a slow restaurant because the food is guaranteed to be held to long -wonâ??t go back.


I should know better ! I visit once a year and say I wonâ??t go again this time we had three chicken meals and all of the chicken was dried at least half of it awful -even my dog wouldnâ??t eat the chicken. I know not to eat at a slow restaurant because the food is guaranteed to be held to long -wonâ??t go back.

Clayton Joiner

Very simple yet efficient. Staff is courteous and the building is clean. The food choices are very good, portions are just right and the food is very tasty

Michael Gibbs

Awesome food, friendly staff and quick service what more could you ask for. We go to this restaurant at least once a week. Love this place

Eric Case

Iâ??ve eaten here a ton of times, and the food has been great every time. I normally order off the hibachi menu and I get the hibachi steak and shrimp or the hibachi shrimp and scallops. Their special sauce is delicious and I would definitely recommend eating here!

Princess M.

Nasty food that was warmed up it the microwave.. Cashier was rude. Will never return again.

Chris WaltoN

First time, last time customer. â??Quick biteâ? is a stretch. The food is over priced and not good at all. It took 45 minutes to cook steak, chicken, and fried rice. When we got our food home the food tasted like rubber. And my kids, who absolutely adore fried rice, refused to eat it because it was â??nastyâ?. And to top it all off, the fortune cookies were burnt. $30 down the drain.

Jesse Joyner

Convenient for call ahead and pick up. Tables are available but they are geared towards take-out. Food is made to order, fresh and hot. Flavor profile is more generalized but overall comforting. They do a Singapore Mei Fun that stands out. I like to get it extra spicy.

Carrie M.

This was disgusting!! I got the hibachi chicken and steak, there was nothing hibachi about it and the steak was not fit for dog food! HORRIBLE place! We will NEVER go back!!!

Eric C.

Read any of my other reviews. They are either 1 star or 5 stars. This place gets 5 stars!!! I eat at this Chinese restaurant at least once a week because it's my favorite place to eat! I would recommend getting something off the Hibachi grill because it's just as good as any other top dollar Hibachi Chinese restaurant, except it's a lot more affordable. Also, the sauce that they make here is amazing! If you're unsure about eating here, give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

Charles S.

since changing names and or ownership it has gone way downhill the beef us processed mostly fat annd tastes horrible. The crab rangoons are chewy piece of leather and the chicken was also not real. Recommend you go elsewhere we will not be returning!!!

Twin Dragon Hibachi Express

212 GA-49 #500, Byron, GA 31008
(478) 956-1278