Big Bear Asian Buffet

401d Maple St, Carrollton
(678) 601-3113

Recent Reviews

Bill R.

How can you show up at 11:15 for a buffet and half of what you put in your plate from the hot items are cold when you start to eat? Because the food isn't fresh. Perhaps they save their leftovers and try to rewarm them? Pretty disgusting and not very tasty. I hope the owner reads this and stops this practice. Is it really worth a few cents this of saving to do this? Raise your price a quarter if needed. At noon when i normally come the food is hot and tasty. Thanks

Jeff Planthold

Every bit as great as the Golden Dragon Buffet used to be, and more!

Curtis Rains

This is my favorite Asian buffet. The food is always fresh and delicious. There is something here for everyone. Nice salad bar, desert bar. They make sushi fresh daily. Also have a hibachi.

James Brown

Caution food is delicious. Try not too over eat.Good food.Good variety. Good atmosphere.Good sushi bar. Good service.I will be back. Thank you Big Bear Asian buffet.Clean inside .

Brenda Dodson

Very clean and very friendly atmosphere. I didn't eat anything but the stir-fry. But it was very good!! If you like Chinese food you will enjoy this place.

Enoch D.

So here's the jist of this place... It's an Asian all you can eat buffet. Their service is decent, and their food is great. I tasted literally everything they had, and the only iffy food was the pizza they had. For 11$ it was pretty good stuff, and their lunch prices round to about 8$. I recommend the green beans. Those were to die for. The last thing that was kind of an issue was that not everything was labelled and even some of the labels were placed incorrectly. Other than that, great place to eat if you have the time.

Angie Davis

Liked most dishes for a good price. Favorites are the spicy tuna crunchyroll, frog legs, pepper chicken, green beans, crab rangoon, and fried donut balls. Dislikes are the hot sour soup and pepper steak. Fun and down to earth wait staff. Will definitely go again.

Kuudere Doll

My mom and I came in and loved it! Staff supper nice and food was amazing. Prices were just as good. Will definitely return

Falice Minor

For the price this is the best buffet in Carrollton. lunch time is my favorite time to go it seems like they have more variety then. Staff are always nice and helpful I highly recommend.

Christina Jones

All I can say is yummy. Everything was delicious, everything was clean, and service was prompt and courteous. Defently recommend, plan on coming back many times.

Mickey Yarborough

I go here at least once a week. The entire setup is nice, the folks who work here are wonderful, and the food is always good. I'd recommend Big Bear to anyone looking for a good Asian Buffet.


They have a good variety of food to choose from. Today is the first day i have had the opportunity to eat there. It was good, so give them a chance

two Ocean 10

my daughter suggested lunch. She frequents often. Place was very clean, waitress was very attentive, 3 bars to choose from along with the salad and dessert. Food was hot, and constantly filled. The food was delicious! And the coconut shrimp was awesome! Will most definitely be returning..

juan cardona

This was our first time trying their food. I was excited to try it but when we arrived it was 11:30 ,30 minutes after they open, and most of the food was already ice cold maybe they just need to prep the food closer to open or bump up the steam table temp. Food itself was excellent very tasty I just wish it was hot. Service was pretty decent plates were cleared quickly and drinks were topped off without us asking. I would definitely go again to give them another try maybe I just got a bad day.


Great food, great staff. Prices are typical for a buffet. 10.99 per adult. I like to try a little of a lot and everything myself and my wife had was out of the park. Best Chinese in Carrollton or Villa Rica. Sushi was great too.

Kd Coalson

The sushi was amazing, and service was great. The buffet food was alright, but nothing to write home about. The ice cream was pretty freezer burnt unfortunately. I can't speak for the hibachi (yet) but it was a pleasant experience. I really liked the ambiance of the place. Overall, I'd definitely go back, but not for the buffet.

Matt Robinson

Great food putting out fresh constantly if it's semi busy, good service the lady that was my waitress was very nice and always refilling my drink. One of the best buffets for Chinese I've ever been to. I would also recommend coming here even if you live in Buchanan or Bremen instead of chewing dried cardboard rice at chopsticks where you won't feel I'll after eating whatever awful food you get from there.

Stephen Beam

Big Bear has a wide selection of food. Lots of the standard American-Asian fare but plenty of healthy options for people watching what they eat. They even have sushi, and ice cream for the kids. Lots of seating here to accommodate big groups and small parties alike. It's pretty standard stuff but this restaurant is roomy and clean, and the food tastes good so it's definitely worth four stars.


Food was good. Not great, but good. If you like Asian food and want a variety, then this is a good place to try out. Was clean and servers were nice.

Teresa Dollar

My husband and I enjoyed our dinner last night! The service was great and the food was good . We especially liked the egg rolls.Usually , we like spring rolls best, but they were a little mushy. The restaurant and bathroom was very clean.We will be visiting again in the future.

Synthia Athens

Came in and ate dinner with my family , cleanest Chinese buffet I’ve ever been to , amazing warm dishes and lovely atmosphere. I was greeted by a very polite young women genesis that got my family & I the closet booth possible to hibachi . Usually have room for sushi but filled up entirely to quick !! It’s amazing I would recommend. Best Chinese buffet Carrollton has had in a while .

Miranda S.

Wanted to try to the Asian Buffet in Carrollton. We've been needing a good Asian buffet for a while now. Upon arrival, the outside appearance is very clean and inviting. Walked in and was greeted with an odd stare from the servers. Got seated and went about our way to try out the rather small (considering the size of the place) buffet. Everything smelled good! First things first- fried rice. Nope... it looked like boiled rice with soy sauce in it- but it was very dry and had no flavor. On to the noodles- cheaply made low mein noodles (could have gotten them at the Dollar Tree). Crab Rangoons were pretty good- crunchy and warm with good flavor. Pepper steak was not good- flavor was mediocre. Egg drop soup- YUCK! It tasted like dirty mop water. Egg rolls were crispy and started out with good flavor, but the meat inside wasn't cooked thoroughly and was still pink. The fruit tasted like it had been washed in cleaner- after it was cut. Hibachi was decent, but the chef made a comment about everyone's plate if he didn't agree with what or how much they selected for their own plate. Sushi was decent. Ice cream cooler was not good at all- everything was either melted or had been melted and refrozen. The service was horrible. Server was nice, however, never offered a refill. I will happily give this place a 1-star review, but certainly nothing more. After a horrible experience, the fortune cookie read "Aren't you glad you just had a great meal?".... HA!

Brittany Gentry

My entire family really loves their food. Their employees are super sweet and work really hard. The only problem I have is that my 74 year old father can barely walk and it was really hard for him to walk up the steps to get to the door. Parking further down where he could step up on the side walk would've meant a longer distance (so still a fall risk.) I didn't notice any wheel chair access to their door either?

Joseph Woodall

Food was good, the sushi is actually fresh, the atmosphere is lovely, and the seating is comfortable. The staff were entertaining, but remained polite and professional which gave us a delightful experience all in all. A lot of the negative reviews seemed to be by spoiled people who seem to expect everything to be catered to them.

Matthew Soulsby

This place was delicious. We went for lunch and sampled everything. The regular buffet was decently flavored food, the sushi was very good and the hibachi bar was amazing. They even had a little cooler with ice creams and popsicles. For less than $10 a person including drink, I will absolutely be going back.

Penny Johnson

The food WAS Phenomenal! The frog legs were off the chain..Little pricey but overall worth it..The service needs a little polishing..( don't stand at a booth talking to your buddy when the next table needs napkins,drinks and dishes bussed).Very clean.Will definitely be back.

Amber McMillan

plates were cleared quickly and the host were quick to sit us. the food is great and it includes sushi and hibachi. the food stays stocked and they even have some american food for picky eaters like myself. they have a wide variety within lunch and dinner. the severs were very nice. the place is very clean. i will be back.

Maddie Smith

Very disrespectful staff! My husband, my toddler & I went this evening to eat. When we made it to the hostess stand, I was asking how old my daughter is (no problem). I stated she is 2 years old. The hostess makes a disrespectful face to us and turns to two other co-workers as if we were lying. She sits us down and another employee comes up to us and asks AGAIN how old my toddler is. I am not one to swindle anyone. My daughter was clearly 2 years old. I guess they thought we were trying to get over on them? We will not be coming back to Big Bear.

JoAnn Walker

Went for lunch today. Food was very fresh with a nice selection. Service was friendly and prompt. I would definitely go back again and also would like to try their dinner buffet. They have sushi and have a hibachi grill. The interior was nicely decorated and had a nice open feel. The only thing negative I would comment on, is their parking lot. I understand that it's a very weird thing to have a comment about, but it's full of trash. There's trash everywhere and weeds growing out of cracks. If they can clean up the parking lot, I would totally give it five stars.

Audrey Marie

We went the day before the grand opening. We liked the food. The service was good and everything was clean. The only suggestion I would give is to add a seafood sauce to the hibachi choices. Teriyaki and soy are close in taste (To me). Something like a yum yum sauce would be most welcome.

Robert R.

Good food. Great selection on the buffet and a Hibachi section also. Seating is a little crowded.

Rod Bartrug

My mom and I went on their second day they were open. Aside from them not being very wheelchair accessible we had a nice time. The food was Excellent. We will be back.

teresa bartrug

My mom and I went on their second day they were open. Aside from them not being very wheelchair accessible we had a nice time. The food was Excellent. We will be back.

Nick Popphan

This place is not bad at all I’m not sure where all these negative reviews are coming from. I think the place is good for a Chinese buffet and it’s been so long since we’ve had one here in Carrollton. The place is clean the people are nice and the food is good!

Margaret Muse

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