Taco Bell

245 Morrison Moore Pkwy E, Dahlonega
(706) 867-9006

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Katie S.

Dang! This location blows! Took 20 min in the drive thru. It was lunch hours so I figured that's prob why... but nope I get home and my burrito is completely burnt. So I figured that's what took so long. They were in there charing the shit out of it. Thankfully my husband graciously traded me burritos .. I could barely eat it tho without if falling apart tho. Messiest burrito ever and they gave us 1 napkin haha ‍

Joe Hanna

It's been a few years since I've had Taco Bell. It was a different store, in a different state, but the food poisoning that affected my digestive tract for a week certainly had me steering clear. This store in Dahlonega, GA did NOT poison me, so that's a big plus for them. The staff was courteous, so that was also a plus. I've only subtracted a star because I really don't think any TB is 5 stars.

P!NK'z Produk'nz

If you want food that is old visit this taco bell..I was Shift Manager at the Dahlonega location, the food is never rotated like its supposed to be..every 4 to 8 hours you are suppose to disregard old food and make fresh..they don't..they just change dates and times and serve it..and next time pay attention to your taco..see they wilted lettuce or transparent tomatoes..all old food she still serves because she gets a bonus when food cost is down..way to serve your community right?

Gracie Allen

This place has messed up my orders so many times!! I would NOT recommend this taco bell at all...

Elizabeth C.

Shout out to this place for giving me a beef burrito today when I asked for bean and breaking my year of vegetarianism!!! The service here is truly phenomenal! Only reason I gave them 1 star is because you CAN in fact order food here- and it's always a fun little surprise, you never know what you're going to get!!

Devin Watson

Eh, b stinky up in there. Never get your food right either. Every now and then they will hire a good or decent employee but for the most part, the staff seems to hate their lives.

Sharon Head Caldwell

Good food but the nacho fries are never hot.

Christie Odom

its taco bell... its fast food.. it was good.. no complaints..


Place was dirty eventhough the girl was sweeping and mopping. She swept first, then a few guys came in with mud on their shoes. Instead of sweeping up the mud, she just mopped around it. Then she left the mop bucket in front of the women's bathroom door. Also, the floor was slippery and she put out no sign. There were several workers behind the counter, but the service was slow. I hadn't been in a TB in a while and was hit by the self-service kiosk, I had no idea what to do. The food was ok (Mexican pizza) but the box they put it in was sticky with sour cream and cheese stuck to the bottom of it. It will be a while again before I go back, if ever.

Allane Nix

Always been treated very well by every employee in there. The food has always been done right. Never a problem thank goodness.

Chester Doles

My wife has gotten take out food and brought home from Taco Bell on two different occasions for our family dinner. Both times they left items out of our food and we had to travel 10 miles back to the restaurant to get her order correct. I sincerely believe that a lot of the problem is a language barrier. The Taco Bell in Dahlonega is known to hire illegal aliens who cannot speak a word of English. This not only causes great confusion for customers but also causes a real problem with fellow American employees who speak English but do not speak Spanish. Speak English or go home.

Vincent Landers

The service was great. I had four great tacos and a free seniors drink

marshall reimer

Who doesn't love toco bell? They have done some great upgrades and the service is always good

K H.

Burn it down, & start over. PLEASE. This place just is not functional. I don't quite know how, but for well over two years it's become ABUNDANTLY expected to get awful service, & has only gotten worse. For the love of God it's genuinely gotten so bad I've found myself complaining to nobody on here. To whomever.. please do yourself a favor, save yourself the time/patience/effort. Go to the Cornelia TB. The time it takes getting there is seriously nothing in comparison. How does one wait for so long at the window, & still receive excessively old food??? With ATLEAST two items missing from your order.? I've just had enough of the lengthy incompetence! I have no clue how this can go on so consistently, for so long. Revolving staff of imbeciles.? (Also pay attention! The staff is CONSTANTLY at each others throats. Every. Single. Time.) (At least you get a small dramatic showdown, with your excessive wait for their dry crusty food? Too busy arguing to hand it out perhaps?) Hoping this saves someone the migraine.

Shaun M.

This Taco Bell is absolute dog shit. Will take 20+ minutes just to get food. The menu prices are almost never what they actually charge you. I am usually charged 20 cents to a dollar more than the menu says the item is. Don't count on them getting your order right. And the food will probably be cold by the time you get it. I was waiting with a guy tonight who just ordered a large frozen baja blast and he waited for around 10 minutes just for his drink.


dont get trapped in the drive thru for an hour just to get tacos and a drink. food terrible service terrible


Wow this place gets worse every time I go. From the 30 minute wait, to the rude customer service who coughs and sneezes in your food, to the missing food and occasional things that no one wants in their food. If you want Mexican go to a real restaurant its the same wait....


This is not fast food, they do attempt to get it out as quick as possible but be ready to wait a little. An ok place to have a burrito for under 3$. Remember it is Taco Bell not a 5 star place.

Shari H

This is not fast food, they do attempt to get it out as quick as possible but be ready to wait a little. An ok place to have a burrito for under 3$. Remember it is Taco Bell not a 5 star place.

Tina M

These ppl are slow every time in drive thru . No matter what time of day you go. The food is not fresh m they just rude. We waited 25-40 mins before in drive thru , n you can’t get out of drive thru to leave it’s so small can’t leave. It’s ridiculous the wait. We no longer go there.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

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