101 W Walnut Ave Ste.9, Dalton
(706) 529-3562

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Jessica dewey

Just an honest opinion. Use to this use to be the BEST Mexican restaurant around. However, the last time before this evening was horrible. The steak to the taco salad was little bitty crumbled up hard pieces and there was no of the melted cheese sauce on the taco salad. I was thinking to myself that everyone has off days, even restaurants. Well I went back this afternoon and it was the same. The steak tacos were amazing, however the taco salad was barley warm when I got it, the rice was cold, and the steak on the taco salad was hard and gritty. This is NOT the way it was when I first went there. Waitress was really sweet though. So that was a plus. Everything was clean. Neat. Organized.

Sam Toledo

Alondras in Dalton dissapointed me last night when multiple pieces of beef where found in the Shrimp caldo I ordered. The server was very polite but when she brought it up to the "manager" she didnt seem to care, the manager never approched our table so we decided to just get up and go pay. All the manager had to say to me was, "Well if you eat the soup I'll charge you for it." I was just thinking, trust me I dont want to eat that mysterious caldo! At this point I just wanted an explanation maybe an apology of WHY there was pieces of beef fat and beef bones in my Shrimp soup! I was a regular but sad to say I will be reporting Alondras to the Health Dept. because it leaves me wondering what goes on in that kitchen.

John King

Really great place to eat at. Good food at a great price. An the service was excellent as well. I will be back again

Morris Gowin

Alondra's has excellentfood. My wife and I have eaten there multiple times. No complaints and no regretsFood: 5/5


food is good customer service sucks i decided to dine in and never got refills all the girls do is talk i only saw the cashier and a young boy actually working . No wonder most of the orders are to go now .this place used to be packed at their old location .

Alondra Victoriano

The torta came with fries & ketchup which is very odd. Also, didn’t come with any salsa disappointed to say the least.

veronica viator

Love love the food, would have given a 5 but every time I come to this location the glass doors are always so dirty that I really don't want to touch it. This is your first impression to new customers, please,please, clean the glass doors as much as possible.It really gives a bad impression.

Diana Rodriguez

I love Alondras! It's pretty much 5 stars just some days the pasta lacks flavor, but that's once in a blue moon.

Ansley Wallace

The food is great. The low rating is only due to my disappointment with the quality of service in hopes that it gets better.We came in at 7:45 last night as a party of 2 and were told that they were closed. I usually make it a point to not go somewhere within 10 minutes of closing time as a courtesy (I have been a server for 3 years). However, it was still 15 minutes until 8… and my “10-minute rule” is a courtesy, not an expectation. The server/host was a bit rude in the way she approached the situation - not terrible, but you could tell she was extremely annoyed by our presence.I asked the server what time we should come in and be able to expect service because the online closing time was 8. She never gave an answer and kept interrupting me to say that she’s sorry and that they’re closed.Anyways, just posting this in hopes that it possibly gets addressed by management. Or, if the individual that I spoke to is management, I would recommend changing the hours online to match your expectations of an adequate time frame that customers can expect to come in and be served.It is important to note that the last 3 times we have tried to go here, we have had to leave (all for completely different reasons).

Alicia Dawn Witt

They have -great- food, but honestly... the service is horrible. I hate saying anything bad about people, but customer service is so important to me, and many others. Customer service is very poor, and I’m so upset right now by the way I was treated, for nicely asking why the prices on the food (food we -always- order) has changed. I was even nice and said thanks, have a good day. And the attitude from the lady didn’t change not once. So disappointed, once again. And this isn’t the first or third time I’ve had bad service. I really miss the older lady that use to run the front desk. She was sweet! Definitely not going back after the continuous rude customer service from both ladies that run the front.

Roberto Tomasini

When u call no one answer in till 15 to 20 minutes later. If your in business you supposed to answer quickly as possible. That way you get better ratings. Pay your employees better n you get better results and keep the owners away. No trust no business.

Andrea Lopez

This is the best restaurant in town. The waiters are very friendly are quick. The food is freshly prepared and nice and warm when handed out.

Jim Glass

Absolutely some of the best food I've ever eaten.

Allison Dickerson

Food was pretty good. I didn't get chips and salsa with my to go order and they also don't have a lunch menu.

Zoila Cruz

Timing sucksBeing waiting on my food for over 40 mins and when the food arrives it’s COLD.Servers don’t even pay attention at customers, need drink, chips or more salsa well wait for it because they don’t care about the service.Not coming backThe old alondras was better

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