2101 E Walnut Ave, Dalton
(706) 271-0706

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P Wayne Smith

Enjoyed a classic roast beef with curly fries and coke zero!Food: 5/5

Angel Smith

I got the Buffalo chicken wrap and the flavor was decent, but the chicken did not seem very fresh, the lettuce seemed wilted, and the tortilla was weird. Also, the fries were not fresh either. I've only been here once, so I can't assess if they are like this all the time. However, I expected fresher food because they were not busy when I went.

Kevin C. Weaver Jr.

Too much to say there, I love it all. ????Food: 5/5

David Mondy

First off, I LOVE Arby's. This is our third trip to this Arby's, and it will be our last. The first two times we left before ordering because the service was horrible. This time, we were on our way home from a family gathering on Christmas Eve and stopped for a quick, filling meal before we headed home to finish last-minute preparations for the next day. I had called earlier to make sure they were going to be open and, if so, what time they closed so that we could get there before the "last second." I operate a similar business and understand how everyone wants to get done and get home to their families. When we pulled up to the DT speaker, we were greeted, but quite unenthuastically. I asked for a second so that we could finalize our order, and I was told to order when ready. After about 60 seconds, I told the young man that I was ready and was greeted by silence. The pause was so long that I looked at my wife to see if she was thinking the same thing. About that time, I was told to "go ahead" in the same mono-toned voice as before. I placed my order and was given a total of just over $42. I was told that there would be a wait of about 5 minutes due to the chicken that my daughter's had ordered. I agreed to the wait and pulled forward. I waited patiently, with no worries as it was I that had ordered the chicken. My order was eventually passed through the window by an equally disheartening young lady, and i pulled forward to check my order. We were missing a drink and the dipping juice for a French Dip sandwich. I sighed and pulled around to wait my turn for the window again. When I got there, I explained that my order had been shorted and could I please have the second drink I ordered and the juice for the French Dip sandwich. The young lady looked at me like I was trying to talk her out of a $500 bottle of wine instead of a large Coke. She gave me the drink and then informed me that they were "out" of the dipping juice for the sandwich. At this point, I asked for a refund for the sandwich because the juice is an integral part of the meal. Miraculously, they found the powder for the juice and added hot water to it. Thank you!! As the now, obviously upset young lady starts to hand me the bowl, she lets go and it falls to the ground. We stared at each other, and I told her that I'd wait for another. She finally got the second one to me, but not before I overheard the extremely tall young man (that appeared to be the one in charge) say, "You want me to make another?" Needless to say, we will never be back to this Arby's. I will drive out of my way and make Arby's a special treat before I go back to the Arby's, which is less than 5 minutes from my house.

Carmen Butticci

Happy staff, talkative, knowledgeable and suggegested the Best Burger I have had from a fast food place that has (never) been known for burgers... way to go Arby's team....Food: 5/5

Wolf Knight

It's a nice place to get food it's like a lot of fast food restaurantsParking: The parking is at a weird angle because of it being in a strip mall parking lot since it's on one side but luckily since it's near a strip mall it has more parking close by but I will say if you go there be careful the parking lot is close to the way to the drive throughWheelchair accessibility: It has wheelchair accessibility near the entrance

Christy Dunn

Love the regular roast beef add cheddar sauce!Food: 5/5

Heather thrasher

I haven't been to this Arby's in a year or 2. But tonight I decided I wanted brisket and stopped.The service was extremely fantastic.The food was so fantastic.The 2 guys in the window was phenomenal.The service was friendly fast and fresh. It was my best Arby's experience I have ever had. The food was so good me and my family will be back soon!! Thank yall so much!

John Brock

I placed an order through the app. I get to the drive thru to pick it up and the lady tells me I have to come in and get it. I asked, "so I can't get it through the drive thru?". She said "no sir". Was it too much trouble for her to walk a few feet to get my food?

Alice Montgomery

Forgot my drink and fries were old .Most of the time it is wonderful but today was a bad day

Shawn Lawson

Love Arby's but maybe cause it was almost closing but the fries and nuggets where not to good. The sandwichs where great. Still love this place.

Emily Ogle

Too busy playing around and chatting to get orders right then very rude when you say anything.

Ashley Price

It takes a lot to make me upset enough to write a review.. service was awful to the point of asking for a manager.. the name on ticket was Joceline R she acted like I was taking to long to order for 5 ppl then when I was going to add the jalapeño bites she rolled her eyes.. at this point I was pretty livid and just hurried an put in my card.. they packed everything on one small tray so my fries fell off the tray as soon as I picked it up.. so I threw them in the trash they told me I had to wait on the tea which was fine but almost through with food and still didn’t have the drink.. so when I went to ask abt it she acted like she didn’t hear me so I spoke a little louder and she was like no then so I said do you know when it will be ready she proceeded to ignore me so I asked the other girl I saw her running her mouth to and she just looked at me so at this point I just walk away then we asked for the manager so my aunt could get her drink.. the manager had a better attitude and brought out the tea and the fries.. my point is I am paying for your service when I spend close to 50$ and up.. I treat you kind and you should do the same.. never will I go back to this arbys and spend my money they can keep it

D Wilson

Arby's always keeps clean stores.....and the help yourself drinks work for me. The food is always constantly good. I would not go as far as to say they have the meats because other stores have as much or more.

Teresa Jones

Had to pull up and wait for food. I didn’t get my drink. At least the guy who brought food out was nice. Seldom do I get an order the way I placed it!

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