Buckin' Burrito

212 N Hamilton St, Dalton
(706) 529-8226

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kathy hunter

I DONT RECOMMEND THIS PLACEWe went to dinner at this place it cost us over $30.00 I had 1 taco plus rice and beans my husband had a burritoThe food is better at Taco BellAnd less expensiveThe salsa tasted like tomatoes the rice was really bad it was hard with no flavorI don’t know how this place stays in businessI went to the bathroom and the trash can was all rusty and there was no paper towels to dry your handsDon’t waste your moneyChoose Taco Bell


Everything is fresh and delicious at Buckin' Burrito. You get to customize your entrée entirely to your liking. Have been eating here for years and just must get my weekly fix of Buckin' Burrito.

Bobbi Jo Brooks

So sad was looking forward to trying buckin burrito as I hear it’s such great food. google said open, drove over only to have a sign in door closed today or tomorrow

RandyandJen0703 Heatherly

Very delicious place too eat at and really clean. I got the spicy chicken barreto and my fiancee had the nachos. I recommend the place a great little restaurant to eat at.

George R. Johnston III (The Incredible DJ G)

Far more expensive than the quantity and quality of their food. The Manager was really nice, but the sparse nature of their offering was a turn off spending 35.00 for nachos, chips and salsa and 1 fajita?????

matthew beavers

Went here right after terrible experience with Moe's food quality is great everything looks fresh there is absolutely nothing to complain about the workers there are polite it may be a little pricey but I'll take this experience over Moe's experience any day.

Mitchell Lewandowski

If you’re on your way to Florida this is in a bad stop??


My favorite burrito place! The food is always fresh and super tasty. Definitely recommend.

Gabby Garcia

Super good! It was my boyfriend and I’s first time trying it here and we were not disappointed. I don’t usually write reviews but I was super pleased with my experience here. The guy taking our order was really friendly and had great customer service and the food was delicious! I love the Mexican flag colored chips and the m&m cookie I had for dessert was good too :) the inside of the restaurant reminds me of the local Mexican food shops in my hometown of CA. Support this small business whenever you get the chance, you will not regret!! :)

Lauren Blackwell

Food is fresh and tasty and the salsa bar is on point!! The Ghost Pepper Mango salsa has great flavor, packed with a following heat that keeps you going back for more. The tomatilli salsa is so fresh and great on the burrito. The queso is an absolute must.

Linda Burchell

I've been once, they have assorted burritos, salad and the food seems fresh, I really didn't enjoy my visit, I may try again later


Had lunch here today. Food was very good and very fresh. Made right in front of you. They don’t skimp on the meat or toppings. Definitely will be going back.

Alex Smith

This place is consistently among the best. It may be the same style of food but It's a class above Moe's, Dos Bros, and Chipotle's.

Janell M.

I LOVE the food at Buckin' Burrito. I've met the owner, and he is awesome, super friendly. We went there to eat tonight (02/16/2022) and were let down by the employees. My fiance has only eaten there one other time and he tried to ask questions such as: "can I see what the chipotle tortilla looks like?", "do you think this sauce would be too much on what I have now?" and the employees there either ignored him altogether or said "get whatever you want, man." I don't know what we did to make them hate their jobs tonight but everyone was extremely unfriendly, couldn't crack a smile, and wouldn't speak up so we kept having to ask them to repeat themselves (which made us feel awkward since they already huffing at everything we asked them.) Do yourself a favor and order online to avoid having to interact with the employees. Then you can also see the full arrange of toppings since none of them are listed anywhere in the restaurant. There are up-charged items such as corn salsa and sauteed peppers and onions that are amazing but unless you want to get attitude from an employee for asking questions, I wouldn't bother going in. For the record- I left a tip anyway.

Chris E

Same deal as Moes. Choose your burrito filling, different salsas to choose from. Worth a visit to this place. Cruncharito Supreme is a good choice.

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