817 S Hamilton St, Dalton
(706) 229-9853

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Steve Simmons

Food is always good and the service matches. One of my favorites in Dalton and we have a lot of choices for Mexican.

Gamer Tobler

I tried this restaurant for the very first time with some takeout and I can actually say I wasn't disappointed. I ordered the fajitas for two and it was actually better then a lot of the local Mexican restaurants. The meat seems to have more flavors and is not overly cooked. As for the toppings, my refried beans didn't seem to dried out. Going to give this restaurant another try and the next time it will be dine in. All in all, my takeout experiences were pretty nice. Would I try it again? Of course I would, but like I said I can't wait to be eating inside. Hope you guys enjoy. I only gave four stars because of the takeout . The food wasn't as hot as I would have liked for it to be but I do believe it was at temp.

Leslie Croft

This is Our favorite Mexican restaurant, friendly, great service, salsa is great, lots of food for the price. We love it.

Wanda Templeton Mize

First time here but loved every thing about was very clean and the state gave them a 99.A+ which is very important to me. I’m a clean freak by nature.

Tammy Styles

The service was great. I went inside and placed an order to go and the wait time was almost none. I ordered two hard shell beef tacos, a bowl of cheese rice chips and salsa. Everything looked great packaged great but the taste wasn't there. Taco was so greasy it made my hard shell taco fall apart and grease dripped from them. The taco meat taste like sloppy joes. My salsa taste like it had been watered down and no flavor to it. Then the huge plate of cheese rice had no flavor. Great service but not great food. And the price was outrageous. Almost $16.00 just for my take out of two hard shell taco, a plate of cheese rice , chips and salsa. Probably won't be back.

Itzayana Lopez

This is definitely the best Mexican restaurant in Dalton. I am pretty picky about Mexican food but they always live up to my expectations. The chips, salsa, and guac are amazing. The prices are reasonable for the amount of food you get. I recommend the Pineapple Shrimp! It is delicious. Most importantly the staff has always given us exceptional service. I have never had a complaint. My fiancé and I have been eating here for a while and I realized I have never left a review so here it is :)! The new owners have done a great job.

DeCedrick Grier

nice environment, reasonable prices, you get your money's worth

Sharon L Jackson

Excellent food and Especially Excellent Service.

Miss Nicole

The pineapple shrimp was so flavorful with the chunks of pineapple, mango, tomato, and onion. The salsa was tasty for me because I don't like it too hot and spicy. It had just the right amount of cilantro and onion. The chips were fresh, and I think they did a good job on the sweet tea.

Jamison England

Saw this place while driving around Dalton. Gave it a try. Food was excellent. The staff was super friendly. Highly recommended!

Saul Ibarra

It was like walking into a restaurant back at home! Food was amazing, service was amazing, and the music was even better! Ramon Ayala, Michael Salgado, and Chalino Sanchez playing the entire time we ate!

J T.

Very disappointed because this was our go to restaurant. The service was horrible the type of service that makes you wonder how it can remain in business. We waited nearly an hour for our dinner to come out. We saw our waitress twice: once when we got our drinks and next when we got our order. Never got a refill on drinks, never even came by to check on whether we needed anything. We had a discussion and began taking bets on whether she went on break, quit, or was fired. When we got our food it was cold (it had for sure been sitting for a while waiting on our nonexistent waitress to show up), and it was wrong. We were missing plates and silverware also. When we let her know the issues we were met with attitude and excuses, not sorry let me fix that for you. We asked for a manager and waited for nearly 10 minutes. In between that time none of the orders were fixed, heated up, and still no refills. The manager came by finally and we had more excuses and attitude. You may expect some attitude from the wait staff, but certainly not from management. I get it businesses are struggling to get good, competent help. That is why I try to be patient but this experience was intolerable. Rule of thumb: whether or not you agree with the saying the customer is always right as a business you must at least pretend this is true if you want to keep loyal customers. We were loyal customers usually 6-7 people in our party. We will NOT be back as painful as that may be because as I said we have always had a good experience here. A side note: We were not ordering alcohol, which I am sure made a difference in the way we were being treated. Everyone with alcohol at the table were being refilled quite frequently.

Gina Rosbury

Food was good but my drink tasted watered down. Our server brought the food but didn't bring the shells for fajitas that were ordered. We had to catch her to bring them and every time we needed something.I would visit again but want a different server.

Debbie Leonard

Very good food! Nice atmosphere.

Kenneth R.

This is absolutely the best restaurant I've been to since moving to the Chattanooga area 4 years ago. We went on cinco de mayo when they were absolutely slammed and felt welcome and not rushed the whole time. Michael is the best server I've had in years and deserves all the praise in the world. I'll be asking for him every time I come back. The food was the best Mexican we have had since moving to the area. 10 outta 5 stars, we will be back weekly.

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