Logan's Roadhouse

811 Walnut Square Blvd, Dalton
(706) 259-3220

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Julie Schaefer

The waiter was pleasant when he came out, but didn't bring rolls out, had to ask another waiter for them. Ordered appetizers waited then had to ask, he said he forgot to put them in?. Got a ceaser salad and didn't have cheese on it. Asked for more rolls and refills. He brought out rolls and said they don't have butter yet? mind you by now this was 6:00 how do you not have butter at dinner time. The whole experience was not good the food was barely okay.

Kathy Burke

We had stopped going here due to poor service. Recently I gave it another shot and it was great so we went again yesterday and it was a mistake. Cold food. Poor service. I guess since we were drinking (free) water there was no need to ask if we wanted a refill. Server asked how it was and we were honest. She sent mgr. Didn't even ask of it could be fixed just said he would discount the check. Guess we will avoid the Dalton Logan's for a while. Maybe after time goes by there will be new mgmt. We were there before the church crowd came in. Too many people standing by the front door or walking around for our food to be cold or my glass left empty.

Eric Hayes

Food taste old. It was room temp. Chicken tenders was so over cooked they was dry and tuff. One of us had a salad with chicken. The chicken on the salad was refrigerator cold. The only good thing was our waitress.Food: 1/5

Yvonne A.

Too expensive for a burnt tasting over peppered steak. I don't usually go here but now I know why

Joshua busha

It was my first time going to a Logan's Roadhouse. The staff was friendly and our waitress was attentive. The problem is is that we order our steaks medium. An hour and a half later, our waitress informs us that there was a printer malfunction and our, and the table next to us, order was not submitted. They then hurried our order. My steak was over cooked until grey and my wife's was almost room temp but cooked medium-ish. Also, the sweet tea is not sweet, like lightly sweetened. They were nice enough to remove our meals from the ticket. The spinach dip and rolls we had was ok and service was top notch. If I ever go here again, I will update rating.

Gloria Hooker

Service wasn't good, got food before the appetizer and the mozzarella sticks was cold, steak had sweet seasoning on it. I am diabetic. Never got my lemon for my tea or our basket of rolls ? ???Food: 1/5

Alkaphenhl Mortalis

Logan's continues to impress. I went for first time dinner engagement three years ago, celebrated coming to America three years later. Staff and food are exceptional. A go to for steaks.Food: 5/5

Claire D.

I've been to this location multiple times when in town. It's definitely not my first choice of places to eat. The quality is just not that great, and it's expensive for what it is. It's almost always cold when it comes out. Only thing hot is the rolls. Servers are always great but having cold and expensive food is just not worth it.

Linda Burchell

I've enjoyed Logan's every time I've been. I'm not that big a steak consumer but I really enjoy their hamburgers which are always cooked the way I like them.

Kent Kirk

Once I would dine out all the time, now I rarely do so and Logan's is still one of the places I will visit. I don't think that the food is that much different than other steak restaurants, at Logan's I feel more welcome, cozy and comfortable, whereas many other full service restaurants and steak houses make me feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

Mike OHara

This time it was just me and my two sons and it was actually pretty good all around. My wife and I had horrible food and service there the last times we've been which was between 1 and 3 years ago but, I heard it was under new management, whether that is true or not, I've gotta say I was pleasantly surprised this time.Kid-friendliness: When we went there it was quiet with sports playing on the TVs around you. TVs were not loud and I've got a special needs son that's not able to handle loud sounds, he was even fine. We really enjoyed it this time. Let it continue to trend in that direction.

Jaqueline Williams

Got take out and came home to see that there was no where near as much Mac and Cheese they give you in the restaurant, a pathetic amount of fries in every box, burgers had the wrong toppings, steak wasn't cooked right, and the rolls were soggy. Not to mention all of the food was super cold. They are a decent place to eat at indoors but take out just ain't it. Very disappointed. >:(

Annette Chancellor

Took almost an hour to get our dinner. Then steak was tough, sweet potato wasn't cooked enough, service wasn't up to par either. Had to find the waitress to get our check. Wasn't a good experience at all.

Stephen Doss

After a week away I wanted to treat my wife to a nice steak, which is a rare occasion for us. I ordered on their website. The Logan (cooked medium) for her and Beer Battered Fish for me. When I picked up the meals her steak was well done so the manager took it back and ordered a replacement. The menu pictured 3 decent sized fish filets. What I got more resembled 3 medium fish sticks. Although I was disappointed, I didn't say anything... wouldn't order them again. While I waited for the steak, the rest of my order including hot rolls, $10 fried pickles and $10 onion rings and baked potatoes, sat on the counter for 30 minutes getting cold. The manager took 1/2 off my order, which I appreciated. But when one orders a $65 meal, this shouldn't happen.

Amanda S Brewer

This is the worst Logan’s I have ever ate at in my life. Save your 60 dollars and go to Arby’s across the street!

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