Miller Brothers Rib Shack

606 E Morris St, Dalton
(706) 278-7365

Recent Reviews

Tim Williams

This place gets the 3 stars only because of the cleanliness of the restaurant and the service. Food is at best a 2 star. Would not eat here again. BBQ was very dried out and taste like it was left overs.

Brenda D

Great place and the BEST customer service. The food was awesome ribs fell right off the bone.


There is BBQ and then there is Miller Brothers! If you are a BBQ nut like I am you have to stop by this place and get you a plate. You definitely will be impressed!

buglover 1200

Almost 20 years of consistently smoked delicious chicken along with potato wedges & Brunswick stew. Fresh made sweet potato pie melts in your mouth. Wonderful people

Adrienne Palmer

Hands down, the best place for BBQ in town. I've been coming here for over 10 years, and I've never been disappointed. Great, family-owned restaurant with the nicest workers you'll ever meet. This place is always spotless. My favorites are the Brunswick stew, brisket, potato salad, and Dragon Lady hot sauce.

Patrick Dunn


Crystal Kellar

Everyone in my party got sick within hours after eating here. We all had pork and we all had potato salad. Ruined the end of my trip!

Dwayne Maddox

There was 5 of us and we all ordered different items. From bbq sandwich to wings to half chicken and of course, ribs. Main courses were excellent and the sides excellent. Pricing was good and the wait for the food, a little long but, when we all tasted our lunches we realized, very much worth it! Service, she was so sweet and right on time everytime! If you ever get the chance, try the place out. You will not be disapointed!

Esther L

My grandparents went here for years and I still bring my grandmother a plate every now and then. Good food and great service.


Tasty, filling, and tender ribs. I pulled the meat right off the bone. ?Today I had my food delivered. I cannot assess the establishment or the customer service.I have one question. Just one. Who puts ribs between buns like a sandwich?

Gabriella Cortez

Ribs are so good. I need to try more items on the menu but I am sure they will be great. Also the restaurant is really cute and clean. Friendly staff.

alma sotelo

Love the food, best BBQ in town.. and great friendly waitresses..

Lorraine Schneider

Amazing food!!! Cat fish is bone in, just FYI. Brunswick stew is best I've ever had. Also this place is SPOTLESS!! Like Grandma kitchen spotless clean. Can't wait to go back again and again

Warren Graham

Poor customer service, will not be back.

Rachel Wynkoop

This is the best BBQ place I’ve ever had!!!! Everything including the employees are all so great! They will go above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy! I love eating here!!! EVERYONE should try their KEY LIME PIE! ?❤️ It is beyond perfection!!! I promise, their key lime pie is the best key lime pie I’ve ever had! Actually now that I’m thinking about it, I’m going to go get one right now!BTW… I was there the day the woman who is in the reviews complaining about wearing a mask, and absolutely NO ONE WAS EVER RUDE TO HER WHATSOEVER!!!! Quite the opposite and it wasn’t even the owner who said anything to her. It was another customer who for some reason decided it was his place to tell people what to do. He actually caused 2 different customers to walk out because while the owner and everyone else were busy and not actually at the front at the moment, if someone walked in, this customer took it upon himself to be very rude about mask wearing by telling the people they were required to wear a mask and had to leave if they didn’t. That’s not even true! They are very cautious with covid, yes that’s true, but they would never ask a customer to leave! I don’t know who the customer thought he was to be saying anything to other customers, but once I was able to tell the owner what he was doing he had just walked out, but she told me that she didn’t even know that guy. He was there waiting for a to go order. It upset her very much that she had two different customers leave bc someone took it upon himself to treat them rudely! She felt horrible about the situation! She actually tried to go out and stop one of the couples who had left bc they had just been in and walked out right before I let her know what happened, but she wasn’t able to catch up to them! She felt really bad about that and wanted to apologize to them, but obviously she wasn’t able to. The people who work here and own this place are truly some of the sweetest people ever!!!

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