Papa Johns Pizza

100 W Walnut Ave Suite 2, Dalton
(706) 278-8181

Recent Reviews

Jeanna “Truly Blessed” Wolfe

Fast and friendly service. I got 2 large pizzas, one specialty and the other one sausage. The total was $28.88.We only had to wait 20 minutes. But our pizzas were Hot and fresh. They smelled good to.Food: 5/5

Jennifer Gentry

If the food had been good I would have forgiven the poor communication but my wings and pizza bowl were gross. I watched them switching stickers on boxes while I waited. I assume they got orders mixed up and that's why I received a notification that my order was ready. I use the word assume because when I mentioned to the young lady that "helped" me that I had received a notification that my order was ready she just said okay and walked away. People are understanding, for the most part. Just tell the customer that there was a mix-up and it will be ready soon instead of being dismissive and walking away. Plain rude.

Jenny Zornes

Not once but twice now they don't have proper change. So before you order here and you're paying cash, make sure you have exact freaking change. Pathetic.Food: 5/5

Nicholas Redmon

Delicious! Always a good choice to go with Papa Johns! My pizzas took thirty minutes to be delivered from this location and I got a call from the Manager with an apology and everything free of charge!This location knows it’s stuff! The best pizza in Dalton!!!!

Elizabeth Benson

Order an extra large pepperoni pie, it says pepperoni on the box but it was a cheese pizza. It now almost 11:20pm and still waiting. Called to check on it and they act like I was speaking Greek. Finally they told me it was out for delivery. I guess I'll get it after my kids are sleeping. This is not the Papa John's I knew and loved. As much as it pains me, can you say Pizza

Ali Hendersson

The goth girl and the boy with the speech impairment are truly amazing sweetest people you’ll meet on the register! Definitely needs a raise or something they work their butts off if I could tip only them separate I would have much respect

Charlene Luster

They just delivered my food to the wrong house. So I call after it says my food was delivered when it was not. My children say at that point they saw papa johns deliver earlier across the street. The manager got mad at me and told me if i knew it was across the street then i needed to go get it my self and that it was my problem and hung up on me. Never again.

kyle lee

9-10-22 delivery driver is a young man with blonde-ish curly hair.... Unfortunately my memory sucks and I forgot his name. Very very nice guy, extremely friendly, we really appreciated the great service.

Dale Smith

Take out. Fresh ingredients, nest bread sticks and condiments. Fast service. Friendly staff.

Gamer Tobler

Pizza was like really cold. First time eating here and it's the last time. Was not even like really warm. Didn't even want to call back to complain because I didn't really like the pizza. Maybe it's good for some but for my experience, I did not like it at all. Oh well

Christopher Vance

Ordered cheese sticks and got bread sticks pizza was ok but nor cooked long enough

sandra Barnes

I was extremely upset. We paid 13.99 for a medium double pepperoni and pineapple pizza. We had 6 or 7 pepperoni on the pizza. It was, however, covered in pineapple. A total waste of money. Highway robbery.

Josh Blaylock

It was still dark, the enemy had us pinned down with no sign of letting up. I remember reaching for ammunition, there was none left. Just as I was about to accept my fate of never seeing Jane and the kids again, I heard a wild howl, akin to that of a savage wolf. Taking a risk and sticking my head out of cover, there was Sandy. With nothing but a mop handle and three paper bags, she was mowing down insurgents. It was like nothing I had ever seen. It must have only taken 10 minutes , but it felt like a life time. The shots had come to a halt and Sandy was standing there like a Titan, bodies all around her. “Not on my shift” she said, as she cracked the green flair for our chopper home. Sandy is a hero, and the boys and I? We owe her our lives.

Paige Howell

Sandy is the best one time she changed my catalytic converter under my car in the Papa johns parking lot with just her bare hands and a Philips head screwdriver. Sandy really is the best and she deserves everything she gets. Love you Sandy❤️

Zack Ingle

My father left me as a child at Papa johns ...and when no one else would raise me Sandy decided to take me in as her own. Thanks to Sandy i learned to hunt, fish, and farm and soon I became the man I was meant to be. With the skills Sandy left for me i was able to locate my father and show him that the boy he left alone at the papa Johns .... had become a Man

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