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Greg Addington

12-1-22 ~12:10PM, 1 customer finishing getting toppings and then pays. The 1 customer in front of me orders and the 1 employee working fills his order 1 step at a time until he pays and leaves. I’m about 10 minutes in now. The one employee comes to the front where I am at and without acknowledging that I am even there puts Down about 5 Togo orders and starts making the 1st one, one step at a time. About 6 people are now in the line behind me. I could hear other employees in the back room talking but, only 1 employee trying to do everything. I just walked out the door. I don’t have a long enough lunch break for this.?

Kent Kirk

I am visiting about once a week for lunch (take out). I am a Subway customer for 20 years, and I think that both their quality and quantity are fading lately. I keep on going there until I find something better. The staff was excellent until some time ago, now I usually see new persons who don't know exactly what they are doing.

Nicholas Redmon

Best subs just west of Emery St. A great southwestern sauce they got going on here with some nice fresh mozzarella every time I go in.

Daniel Gomez

So I placed an online order and app said it was ready at 4:25. I got there at 4:30 and its still wasn’t ready (app said it was ready on tracker). There wasn’t any other customers in there and they still took 40 minutes to make my order because the lady said she couldn’t find it. I came to this same subway like a month ago and had a different issue. Shame on me for coming back after the first time. Needless to say i will not be returning.

Tim Sanchez

Why did they think it is funny about wanting jalapenos. I asked for them and they were like "We know Mexicans want jalapenos, you don't have to ask". What? So I said keep your sandwich and walked away, they were laughing about it. Gonna call main office. Now see if that's funny!

roberto lopez

terrible service if you going to have an attitude at work stay at home call in sick i do not need to see your mood face and plus they couldn’t even wrap my sub right just terrible really and yes those crumbs are from that opening

Saul Benavides

I ordered through the app. My order included a coke,a sprite and classic lays chip which I did not received. I had to drive to the restaurant and get it myself. The guy there blamed the door dasher. I called the door dasher and she blamed subway. I asked the guy (I didn’t get his name) to give me his manager’s phone number. I called that number and that person denied that he worked at subway. The point of ordering through the app and PAY SERVICE FEE AND TIP is to not drive to the restaurant. So unprofessional everyone blaming each other but themselves and not taking responsibility. 06/17/2022 6:44pm

Tambara Austin

They don’t know their online “vault” menu. Not sure who’s to blame. No fresh mozzarella discs/slices as advertised (the entire reason I wanted the “Sunshine” sandwich). Avocado is in a bag that sits in ice…which is fine, but don’t let the melted ice water drip all over my sandwich as you squeeze the avocado on my sandwich.

matthew beavers

Love this Subway there is an exception got to make sure the right person is working there's two people that work there are very negligent there's one person that does work there though she does an amazing job she's very friendly and makes my experience amazing every time.

Kara elswìck

The lady who was working was very kind and efficient and polite !! My wrap was yummy in my tummy !!

Ash O L.

After waiting an hour for my sandwich it finally arrived. When I opened it I realized it wasn't even cut and a half. Smh ‍

Gloria Anderson

The sandwich was delicious!


Great food and service

Cynthia “Whaley” Kestner

Real nice girl works here named monica. Shes real nice and fast. Good food too. Love the customer service.

Cynthia Kestner (Cindy)

Real nice girl works here named monica. Shes real nice and fast. Good food too. Love the customer service.

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