The Sauce'D Pig

2955 Cleveland Hwy, Dalton
(706) 529-5755

Recent Reviews

Angie Conn

Amazing sandwich.. will be stopping again.Food: 5/5

Nick Vin

Very average, nothing at all stood out like I thought given all the positive reviews. Meat was very dry, onion rings tasted like frozen bag variety. Hot slaw was probably the best thing they had.

Lakisha Amponsah

Good homecooking meal...southern hospitality that serve great need to count calories hereKid-friendliness: It's not just kid-friendliness, it's friendly already...that southern hospitalityParking: Parking doesn't's an independent restaurant

Greg Elliott

The fried pickles were great I recommend eating there often

Jeremy Bates

It is always fantastic time after time although the cheese sticks kill me I can't get enough of them and the barbecue it's the size of my head put you straight in bed you guys do a marvelous job

Rebbecca Beavers

I had the worst experience here the day we went I wouldn’t even give them 1 star…the ones in drive thru & inside taking orders wasn’t nice either. The food wasn’t good & some of my food was missing.

Adrienne Palmer

Ordered the family "feast" with pork. The pickle and mustard flavors overpowered everything else in the potato salad. If you're a huge vinegar fan, you're in luck because that's all we could taste. The baked beans were ok but a bit undercooked. The cole slaw tasted like it was made with just cabbage, carrots, and mayo. The meat was very dry and didn't have much flavor (although it's possible we just couldn't taste it because we couldn't get the potato salad flavor out of our mouths). The sauce was served on the side. It was well seasoned, but there wasn't enough of it for the amount of meat in the order. The side portions were definitely too small to feed a family of four. The staff were very friendly, though, and the service was fast. Although the staff were excellent, I don't think I'll be craving this plain jane BBQ again any time soon.


Friendly customer service. It’s clean inside. No masks. They have decent food. Their wings, though… it’s worth the wait; ? especially on Wednesdays.You’ve heard of Taco Tuesday and Taco Thursday. Make The Sauce’D Pig your place to be for wings on Wednesday.Sorry. I forgot to take pictures again. I often forget that I’m among Google’s top 10% of restaurant reviewers. I’ll do better next time I visit.

Courtney Moore

Awesome customer service & amazing food!! Highly recommend! This was our first visit and we will DEFINITELY be back!

Barbara Gilbert

Loved it.. food was really good

Brittany Walters

The food is always great! Great service too!!

Bob Joe

This place has the worst ribs I’ve ever tasted, foods ok

Emily Howell

I love this place! Every item I have ever tried on the menu is excellent. The Hayes salad is the BEST! The customer service is excellent! The owner always walks around and speaks to everyone, every time I am in there. I love a good home-town feeling when I enter a small business restaurant and I always feel that way when I walk in to the Pig!

Dugan Nash

This is some of the worst BBQ you can serve someone. I can tell whoever runs this has the taste buds of a trailer dad who thinks he can smoke meats. The cheese sauce is awful and probably from a can. Idk how they call it queso? But that’s a redneck owned establishment for you. The brisket was awful. The tots tastes like they were in the freezer for a few months before anyone got to them. Overall it’s just a donkey show and not the good kind.. Putting this place out of business would do Dalton a service instead of serving this sad excuse of “BBQ”.

Keybea Bea

Ordered the rib plate and the fried chicken plate.Ribs were overly salty and there was no smell of smoke at all they seemed boiled.The chicken was has hard and not tender at all with no flavor. The sides were very good! I will not be back 2 stars for the sides.

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