Community Q BBQ

1361 Clairmont Rd, Decatur
(404) 633-2080

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George Morash

Been coming here for almost 6 years, mac and cheese is a top item. Has a great white cheese sauce and addicting taste. Value is great. Stop in if you are in the area.


They tried it. This is "concept" BBQ, with unnecessary frills like "braised kale" in "smoked sweet potato". Geesh! The baked beans were not tender and too sweet and peppery, and the macaroni and cheese was unremarkable. I appreciate the simplicity of the flavor of the meat, which was well seasoned. However, the ribs and bone-in dark meat were dry. I absolutely do not recommend the vinegar sauce in the yellow bottle. I was born and raised in Memphis so I know a good dry rub and vinegar-based sauce - this ain't it. Grand total of my meal was $35.36, after tip and I'm deeply disappointed.P.S.The sweet tea didn't even give!

Ted Skarvelis

My wife and I ordered food from here for our baby shower event a couple weeks ago. They delivered the food on time and set up everything perfectly at the park. As for the food, we received multiple compliments about how great the food was. We ordered pulled chicken, brisket, and ribs for our meats and we had a few sides which included their famous mac and cheese. All of the food was amazing for our gathering and could not be any happier for our special day. We highly recommend them for large groups and cannot wait to use them again in the future! Thanks again :)

Adam Platto

Greeted me when I walked through the door, pleasant staff, food was on point. Got the brisket sandwich, LOADED with meat, very tender and juicy. Decor is classic BBQ-joint-style with the sauce and a roll of paper towels at the table. Only gripe, and this is true of everywhere, was the ~$20 price tag for a sandwich and side after tip. Unfortunately just the way of the world these days, so still 5 stars.

Ice Bear

If I could give this place zero stars I definitely would. Extremely disgusting. Let’s start with the macaroni and cheese, it was SOAKED in butter. (See pic) Blueberry “bread pudding “ looked like they just served something from a few days ago that they unwrapped from a package. Hard exterior and cold on the inside. The potato salad was SUPER BLAND needed Salt and pepper packs and it was still GROSS!!! The banana pudding is so evident that it was made with a box jello pudding mix it’s disgusting to think they are charging $4.25 for a tiny cup from a BOX pudding!!! The brisket sandwich was filled with dry brisket even after asking for moist fatty pieces of brisket. Sweet tea is a disgrace to southern sweet tea culture. The ribs were ok but that’s putting it nicely. I ate here after a long morning appointment at the local VA hospital so I was super hungry but I made a HUGE mistake by eating here. Everyone who is saying these items are good are truly messed up. It is enabling this restaurant to continue to serve HORRIBLE food and thinking their product is good. (Which I am sure they know this and just don’t care) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE avoid this place! I am from Texas so I know real BBQ and this is ABSOLUTELY NOT REAL BBQ!

Chris Green

Picked up dinner here for my family and another family. I knew my family liked Community BBQ, and we hoped the other family would as well, even though they weren’t pork eaters. They enjoyed the chicken, sweet potatoes and kale, and macaroni & cheese. My family had the ribs, pulled pork and collard greens (mostly). We got the feed 8 for both families and it was enough food to satisfy the bunch.

Ty Parrillo

AMAZING BBQ PLACE!!! Recently found a gift card for this place from many years ago and decided to finally use it and go here for lunch (and to see if the gift card was expired haha). Our food was significantly more than the gift card was, but without hesitation the cashier took the gift card and then proceeded to give us our entire order for free. The service was so fast, and of course most importantly, the food was incredible.We ordered ribs and pulled chicken with fries and potato salad. The ribs were absolutely top tier, falling off the bone, seasoned well, and perfectly tender. The chicken was moist and delicious, and the sides were delicious as well (especially the fries with Cajun seasoning). Their BBQ sauce is sweet with the tiniest bit of tang to it, and it worked so well with the pulled chicken!We will certainly be coming back to this BBQ place! Delicious food and great service…taste-wise this is by far the best BBQ I’ve been able to find in Georgia, and service-wise the atmosphere and friendliness was incredible :)

Donald King

Eat here too often. I like the pulled chicken, large portions. I wouldn’t call the pricing cheap, but as mentioned the portions are larger than most BBQ restaurants. The decor isn’t fancy, but the food makes up for that. My palette can’t handle the tang in the sauce, but that doesn’t mean yours can’t.

Randy Sabatini

The food is exceptional year in and year out. Worth the drive!

Bonnie Pilgrim Garrett

Great food…friendly service

Fred Bell

Unbelievably good BBQ and sides. I had the Ruben and it was the most tender and well prepared Ruben I can remember having. The Mac n Cheese is one of my fav sides. I had their Banana pudding today for the first time and was unimpressed. With the price point of this dessert you should be able to tell it was fresh made. That's the only gripe I had. Overall I love this place!

Mary F.

Recently stopped and enjoyed a pulled pork sandwich with fries and it was among the best I've had in Atlanta. Restaurant had a decent sized crowd but the service was efficient and friendly, definitely plan on returning soon.

Sybil E Smith

Good pulled pork, mac & cheese, tasty BBQ sauce. Go early to make sure they don't run out! Be prepared to smell like BBQ for quite a while when you leave if you sit inside. They do have a handful of outside tables. Cole slaw & collard greens are good, too. My friend loves their pulled chicken & kitchen sink salad. Delivery is only available for catering orders within a limited distance.


Consistently great BBQ. Staff is friendly and your food comes out quickly. Their Covid measures were some of the best we've seen. Kudos!

Scott S.

Years ago this place used to be generally packed so we decided to try it. I had the ribs and my buddy had the brisket. Both meats looked and tasted "old". They were both completely dried out and looked and tasted like sorry leftovers from your great aunts birthday party from last weekend. They season the ribs with so much black pepper which I've never seen before I believe just to cover up the taste of old meat. Their website claims they barbecue every single day they're open but it seems to me like they only barbecue once a week, for the whole week. And also the place was not very clean. The juice is definitely not worth the squeeze!

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