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rachelle richardson

The staff was awesome! They made me feel welcomed from the time I entered until I walked out.

Nomit (Timon)

I wanted some soul food and I was looking for spots and this place stuck out. The ribs were great. Mac and cheese as it should be. Just...muah. Banging ?

delrae rocker

Went Monday 8/28/23 @5p…horrible experience!! And I go at least twice a month; to the Memorial Dr. location.Food tasted like hospital food; very bland, which is unusual. But the young boy serving the food was even worse.. HORRIBLE ATTITUDE! Thought it was just me, until I heard a group of ladies that came in behind whispering the same thing I thought. There was also a older lady that asks for your name, before your order is prepared; her attitude was no better than the boy that fixes the food to go. All she said to me was “name”, and “ what are u getn”. Very dry! Not greeted one time.I paid $41 for 10p wings w/2 sides, and a veggie plate. Had to remind the boy to give me the one corn muffin that comes with each meal, he said: “I know, gimme time”, although I was about to pay for my order when I noticed. To put the icing on the cake… once he bagged my food, he still forgot to put the muffin in the bag with one of my orders; didn’t realize that til I got home.Asked about adding my points to my account so in the future I’ll get something free, after making several purchases; he didn’t know what to do, so he hollered to the older lady and asked her “how do I Add her points”; she hollered back and said; “our system is down at the moment” although there was no problem charging my credit card.Hubby was so disappointed with his wings; he ate one, and threw the other 9 away… including the undercooked greens, w mac n cheese. Yaw lost me as a frequent customer; WILL NEVER GO BACK. I swear on everything.

Award Winning Caricatures in Atlanta

They've got whole catfish now for $5 a pcs. Fried to perfection. Sooo delicious. The peace cobbler is fire!! And the smothered pork chops are yummy! Sometimes there's long lines. Lately we've managed to avoid them by stopping in during the week lunch time. No wait! We'll, the fish is cooked to order,small wait.Everyone is always nice and the restaurant is clean.

Steven Newberry

The food is delicious. It depends on who is serving you. Some try to be conservative with the food others really give you your money worth. Sometimes I be like can you put a little more Macaroni and cheese on their. This one is on Memorial drive, Now Lithonia Stonecrest is going to give you your money worth. Sometimes it seems like they have and altitude

Jackie Elaine

It's a hit or miss. Some days the food is good, tasty and seasoned. Some days it makes you want to return the food, and I think the prices are too high.

Cayla Derbigny

This was my first time dining at this establishment. I ordered the chopped chicken plate, black eyed peas, broccoli/cheese/and rice casserole, and an extra side of mashed potatoes (for which they charged me for a dessert). The casserole was great, but everything else was disappointing. The chopped chicken wasn’t seasoned and was filled with inedible pieces. The mashed potatoes were terrible, and I asked if I could just have banana pudding since I paid for a dessert anyway. The man refused and said I could only get a side option even though I offered to show my receipt that I paid for a dessert originally. The best part of the experience was the cashier as she was so sweet and apologized that I wasn’t allowed to get what I paid for. I will not be dining here again.

Renise Manning

I got a lunch plate with dressing, collard greens, Potato salad and baked chicken with a side of cobbler. The dressing and cobbler was good but the greens had way too many stems and had ABSOLUTELY NO SEASONING, huge disappointment since this was my first time going there. Also the potato salad was a bit too sweet for my taste buds. Don’t know if I’ll be going back.

Chelsea Cade

My family came here for dinner during our family reunion bad idea. The floor was sticky. I had the smothered pork chop and dressing it was so salty I couldn’t finish it and it gave me food poisoning shortly after. The only thing good on their entire menu was the catfish nuggets because they were cooked to order but passed that never will I ever visit this overpriced place again on my next visits to Atlanta.

Doug R

Unfortunately, this place is a disappointment. Price including ‘taxes’ is $70 a night and it just isn’t worth it. The “Hot Springs Plunge is only a hot tub. The shower and laundry are nice and clean.

Tammy Wiggins

Amazing food, we had the 1/2 BBQ chicken dinner with collards, corn casserole, a corn muffin, and an extra side of sweet potato casserole. Don't change a thing! Lakeland, FL

Tonya Morris

This was NOT it!! Ordered the rib dinner. I could have gotten passed the fact the whole plate was cold however the ribs where tough and flavorless. The sauce gave it somewhat of a flavor but nevertheless, the ribs where dry and did I say TOUGH!! The Mac & Cheese tasted like frozen Stouffers with a little aestheticlly added cheese on top. Even for a souffle, the sweet potato was WAY to sweet, close to candy like. Had a taste for BBQ, but should have just waited until Wednesday when my go-to was open. EXTREMELY disappointed, wasted money and will definitely not be back.

Gregalanieck Taylor

This is usually my go to spot for lunch. But after yesterday what I witnessed. I will advise for no one to eat there. I was waiting to pay for my food and a man walk in with a plate that he purchased. The plate of food he had was the wrong order. So the man behind the counter which I assumed was the manager. Gets the plate and gives him the correct order. The manger took the plate that the man brought back and started taking the food out of the plate and started placing the items back with the food that was in the warmers to get served to someone else. I screamed at the man and told him that he wasn’t supposed to that. I told him once that plate left the store it was contaminated and he’s supposed to throw the entire plate away. I was sick to my stomach. I can only imagine what else is going with the food if he was that bold enough to that in front of customers. I’m never eating there again.

Shanna Barton

Veggie plate $12.95 reasonable pricing, nice serving amounts, however, the green beans were over cooked and mushy, the collard greens were undercooked and tasted a little sweet. The macaroni and cheese looked like it was going to taste bad - it was the best part of my meal. The corn bread muffin was good as well.The staff greeted me and were helpful during my visit.

Stephanie N.

Shocked at how high the prices are for the quality of food. I didn't find anything special regarding the food and taste itself; it was good, but not worth $20 for 2 pieces of chicken and 2 sides. Also ordered dark meat chicken and got white. The staff provides good service and are kind to their customers.

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This Is It! Southern Kitchen & Bar-B-Q

4065 Memorial Dr, Decatur, GA 30032
(404) 292-5616