Man Chun Hong

5953 Buford Hwy NE #105, Atlanta
(770) 454-5640

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Loved this spot! We had such a great meal! We came early and had the boiled dumplings and salt & pepper squid to start. Both were excellent. Great flavor. Freshly made. Nice portion.For our meal we split the imperial chicken, Szechuan eggplant and black bean noodles. Tons of food. Delicious. So much flavor!Friendly servers. Nice modern and new space. Good parking options.They also have a few add-ons. Radish and black bean sauce with onion to cleanse your palette at the start and a yummy orange drink with a fortune cookie at the end. Just a nice touch.I will definitely be back and telling everyone I know about this place.

Jane C (Page and Spoon)

Our search for black bean noodles in Atlanta is over! Man Chun Hong sits in a small, nondescript complex on Buford Highway, but we were somewhat wowed once we got inside. Not only was there soft jazz playing, but the decor was bright and clean, along with a walled-in display of wine bottles at the entryway. It's a far cry from most Chinese-Korean establishments I've been in, where black bean stains from years of historical meals decorate the walls, booths, and menus. The dining room has a glass window that looks into the kitchen, allowing curious minds to see their meals being prepared.Chinese-Korean food can be considered a select cuisine unto itself, originating from ethic Chinese once immigrating to Korea and developing their own hybrid dishes. One of these is the epic jjajangmyun, or black bean noodles. There are a few varieties of jjajangmyun offered at Man Chun Hong (regular, spicy, seafood, and a 'special' type that I didn't even get to ask about), but most of them seemed to contain pork. Thankfully, the server offered a vegetarian version that was chockablock with diced onions, zucchini, and carrot. Though meatless, the taste was outstanding, especially when paired with the fresh noodles. It should also be noted that the noodles are green because of the spinach incorporated into the dough. For diners averse to any verdant fare, I promise you won't taste it. It simply adds a pop of color (and hidden nutrients) into an already incredible dish.Jjampong is another dish that's commonly ordered at Chinese-Korean restaurants. Jjampong is a spicy noodle soup, which comes with a variety of seafood, such as shrimp and mussels. My husband couldn't decide between this and black bean noodles, so he went with the helpful combination bowl, which serves up a smaller portion of both in a specially divided bowl. In the interest of frankness, I feel the need to share that after trying both, he proclaimed the black bean noodles to be "far supreme".The single dud of our meal was the garlic string beans. I love to order these at Chinese restaurants to get a little more green in our meal. In my mind, I imagined snappy green (or long) beans with a savory and possibly spicy sauce. Instead, we got a plate of unfortunately flaccid string beans, mixed with an impossibly generous portion of onions. The taste of ginger muted any other flavors here and we didn't bother packing these to go since these were too overdone to last another reheat.That aside, we enjoyed our meal quite a bit. These were the best jjajangmyun dishes we'd sampled since arriving in Atlanta a few years ago, and the service was excellent. Water glasses were never left half empty before someone else came along for refills and they were nice about giving us a side of kimchee when we asked for it.Vegetarian options: Vegetarian jjajangnyum (black bean noodles) available

Jacques Myers

Today was a day to eat something different. I enjoyed how they brought my first glass of water without ice. Haha. Loved the sesame chicken and fried dumplings. Very attentive to me and other customers. The other reviews I read were very accurate. Thank you guys.

Mi Mi

This place has a brand new look which I really like. They did a great job with their renovation! We ordered sweet&sour beef which was very good. They bring their sauce separately so the beef doesn't get soggy. I ordered a combo, fried rice with Black bean paste sauce with spicy seafood noodle soup. Everything was delicious but I felt like I got cheated on the noodles in my soup?.I gave 4 stars because the floors going towards the bathroom and inside of ladies bathroom are very slippery.


I live downtown and drove 13 miles just to try their jjajangmyeon while my boyfriend enjoyed a noodle soup that came with beef. both were absolutely DELICIOUS. Besides their phenomenal food, the service was absolutely amazing. We walk in and were immediately greeted & sat. Our server was extremely nice and accommodating. During our meal, we had about 3 different people come up to us to check if we needed anything. The icing on top of all that was when we were leaving, I swear every single person working said thank you! I drove 13 miles and still felt like I was at home. I will definitely be back! Thank you for this experience!


It's a bit hidden away behind Korean businesses and restaurants on the Doraville Highway but worth hunting out. The food is excellent - served fast, fresh and piping hot, and they serve large portions, as well as providing tasty fresh snacks. Their soup is also excellent, and the waiting staff are very friendly, and really can't do enough to help you. I'll be going back here to eat whenever I am in the area, and you should too.

Michaela H.

Best jajangmyun, jjamppong, and tangsooyook! So good! It almost tastes like the ones I've had in Korea.

Temper T.

Not same as before.... Smile now cry later.... The quality is bad. The food must been old . I been food sick for a week... diarrhea and vomiting ... The quality is dropping dramatically... i've been coming here for a very long time.. The gay tall Chinese kid.... Very rude .... Every time I come here he has an attitude. I could hear him talking crap about our table cause I told him this table is to cold cause all the cold air is blowing to our table. His reply is he turned down air-conditioning lower.... The cold air is still blowing to our table... I made him move to a different table.. this kid was not happy. Every time I come here a lot of bad experience.... I will never come here again... that stupid kid is a bad worker. I spend money And get the disrespected ... what a bad business... The owner is not around as much.. I don't like being sick like this... Bad quality food and service.... I will never come here again.... This happened more than twice.... Diarrhea and vomiting I can't move I'm in bed.... I feel like I'm dying.....

Charlene K

I have had my share of Asian food and surprisingly this place was good. The restaurant is small, but not too small, it was comfortable. The ambience was nice and cozy, yet still chic and modern. It was very clean, which I really like. The customer service was top knotch! The menu is pretty big when It comes to Chinese dishes. The owner is Chinese but raised in Korea, so both cuisine are authentic and delicious. I love authentic Sichuan, so I ordered the double cooked pork, it was SO good! The other meals were good as well. I will definitely be back and order more delicious Sichuan dishes!

Grace L.

Amazing Korean-Chinese food!! Been coming here for about 2 years and it's an absolute favorite with my friends. It's affordable when split with people and the mapo tofu, seafood jjajangmyeon, jjamppong are my favorites. Come with a bigger group so you can order a lot of different foods and share.

Chi Hye R.

They have the most delicious authentic jjajang myun and jjang pong. Both have a Smokey flavor from the wok and their tang suyuk is also excellent and the sauce comes on the side so the pieces of pork doesn't get soggy

Chef J.

Love this place. If you are looking for authentic Chinese cuisine this is the place and love that they have Korean dishes as well. Nice ambience too. Will definitely come back.

Larry T.

This is a favorite for me. The food is great and authentic, the staff is experienced, and always consistent. You pay for what you get in quality, but the portions are small and the dishes are a little expensive compared to other spots. I'll continue to visit when I want to splurge on lunch, which usually ends up around $20+. Great restaurant though.

Jamie K.

The food was very good and the portions were nice! The staff graciously accommodated our large party after my nephew's graduation. We ordered the Mongolian chicken and beef, and fried rice which were all delicious!!

Min Kim

Best Chinese Korean restaurant that also serves Szechuan as well. Modern dining atmosphere, good wine selection and presentation of food served in stylish dinnerware PLUS exceptionally tasty and delicious dishes prepared by owner/chef himself and very courteous and attentive wait staff make this restaurant a very HIGHLY RECOMMEND establishment.P.S. Food was served quickly and and prices were reasonable!

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