3869 Chapel Hill Rd Suite #E, Douglasville
(770) 577-8303

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Tanya P.

The best subway in Douglasville by far. Everything just looks fresh and taste good. My only problem I had today when I went to order a sub the lady was not wearing a mask. If you are talking over food that is in an open area should be mandated to wear mask. This is for all restaurants. So I had to give a 4 star when truest they deserve 5. Please mask up ? Shaun has always been professional and efficient. He is the only person that o know that greets everyone when they walk in. Kudos Shaun this is what service should be look like.

Alaina Bagwell

Absolutely terrible and wasn’t allowed refund. Asked for multigrain bread as it is the only bread I eat, any other messes with my stomach. Was given white bread instead, asked for the cold cut combo and it only had ham also didn’t have the cheese I asked for on it at all. And due to it being a pickup the drink was placed in the bag with the sand which so the entire sandwich was soggy and cold. Complete waste of money I HIGHLY recommend NOT coming here. EVER maybe if there’s anyone who actually has decent work ethic but obviously nobody there does

Ronnecea Clark

5/6/2021, The worst customer service..Walked in the door, no one greeted me..waited for my order to be taken for 2 to 3 minutes while there were 3 people working and again no one acknowledged me, Finally I asked if if someone could take my of the employees looked like it wasn't her job, the other still didn't look up and the 3rd act as if I was disturbing her..I decided to spend my money somewhere eles, as she mouth something under her breath..mind you there wasn'tany customer in front of me..definitely me and all mines won't be's too many food options for me to put up with terrible customer service.

Ada Gardner

DO NOT GO HERE!! Every time I come here there is an issue. I went tonight to grab sandwiches for dinner, my son and I asked for Italian bread and the young lady was obviously not happy to be at work. Her name was Lenayda (sp). I had to ask for fresh food. I don't know who owns this subway they need to change the way the staff is treated.

Eternal Blessings

I placed 2 SEPARATE online orders with 2 SEPARATE confirmation numbers just to drive out there on a very cold and rainy night just to arrive and see that only ONE had been made. I advised them that I had paid for 2. They told me to have a seat and WAIT for them to make the extra sandwich that should have ALREADY been made previously. I patiently waited just to get home and see that she left off my cheese and several other vegetables that I had requested on my order, she was reading it DIRECTLY off of the online receipt detailing all of the toppings requested and the cheese was the FIRST requested topping !! I called to ask for a replacement and got the same associate who messed up the order and SHE refused to replace.... This was ENTIRELY their fault and unacceptable, these associates are incompetent and rude....I received NO APOLOGY.....Their DISTRICT MANAGER is the ONLY person I will speak to at this point. I have called and written and am waiting for a response. Apparently, this is not the first time they have screwed up online orders and refused to take responsibility for it. Well, I'm going to make sure they're held accountable THIS TIME. This is happening too many times to too many customers placing online orders.. They have our phone number on the order if they have questions, so this is not acceptable. If they had questions on if I needed 1 or 2 sandwiches, they could have just called. They never did. They just made excuses after I drove up there and wasted more of my time.

Greg Thrower

The food is good, but I don't understand why they have a breakfast menu and don't open until 9:00 AM,


The food is good, but I don't understand why they have a breakfast menu and don't open until 9:00 AM,


I ordered online for pick up. Chose how I wanted each sandwich prepared. Submitted and paid for my order. Once i received the email for the summary of my order . 2 of the 3 orders were totally wrong. I immediately called the store to advise them and the person that answered the phone told the manager and the manager spoke hastley that this sandwich has been wrapped. I explained that my husband doesnt eat what it had listed on the sandwich. I was told rudely that he would have to remove all of the unwanted toppings. I was so pissed. My husband drove up there and they said oh we fixed your sandwich. Mine was totally not what i ordered either. Needless to say i will never visit this store again, nor place an online order for subway period.

James Mazikowski

The employees in here do nothing but play around and act like they just don't care about their jobs

tonya milligan

We went to get chicken salad and they gave us plain chicken and didn’t tell us until we paid that they didn’t actually have chicken salad then they were all around rude. The lady behind us asked about the health inspection because it hasn’t been updated in a few years the lady snapped and started to yell at her about the inspection saying that it was just not replaced but she was not nice about it.

David Wallace

Ordered two philly steak subs when you get home we noticed that they had only put one bowl of the steak on 2 foot long switches my and it was cold my wife drove back and after three people handled it they gave it back to her my white said she wanted a fresh one made in front of her since the two ordered on line were not right first they refused but but finally agreed the sub d had what mor meant on it they use 1 containers per foot long when she got home we sat down to eat it was not bad but the meat was cold.we live 1/2 mile from the store on chapel hill and central church but you employees need to be less rude thanks for your time. DAVE WALLACE

MAMA Huncho

They sub sandwiches they okay especially turkey with some provolone cheese


Staff changes a lot. Never know if you're going to get someone fast and leave with a hot sub, or someone slow...

Rachel pickens

Very good sandwich

Olde Knight

We came in late afternoon around 5 or 6. Staff seemed calm even after made a funny mistake with a regular

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