Bahama Breeze

3590 Breckinridge Blvd, Duluth
(770) 935-6509

Recent Reviews

Mike Baartman

Well rounded menu with an excellent selection. The food was great! I had the skirt steak and it was excellent! They got Red Stripe on tap....when do you ever see that! The service was friendly and attentive! Give this place a try... You won't be disappointed!

Glenda Burrus

I experienced my first visit to this restaurant due to family visiting from out of town. I have to say I went there last month when it was still warm. It was a Friday night and we wanted to sit outside on the veranda that they have at this restaurant. I loved it as soon as I saw it. It really makes you think you are on an island and not in Gwinett County.

Bill Witham

Delicious island style food. The black bean soup and the Jamaican wings are the best. Maybe one day I'll try something else.

John Raider

Happy Hour at Bahama Breeze is Heaven!! I love to eat there and definitely worth every dollar!! From tht firecracker shrimp to my Hibiscus drink and my Jerk Chicken Pasta. I love it!!!

Regina Baker

The food was delicious. The outside patio restaurant area with the talented band was a great added touch. Only thing I would change is the volume. The band was way too loud.

Alexander M

Had the Jamaican sampler. Very good and more than filling. Also got the rum cake and it was close to the best I have had. Service was very good and friendly.

Karisma R.

I really liked the food that we ordered here, which was the seafood Paella and and the Skirt Steak Churrasco. However the server was really slow, and it took like 10 minutes for him to reappear to let him know we found a fruit fly in my water which I almost swallowed and I could not continue eating. The waiter did not apologize and we had to ask for the manager and he began speculating about the source of the fruit fly and saying it came from outside. Normally managers offer a discount or a dessert but this manager did not until my partner asked. Really poor customer service.


Good food quick service, pleasant waitress. Easty walk from surrounding hotels and from the indoor karting track

Kenneth Fields

Forgive me, but I forgot the young ladies name, but she was exemplary of true service. The food was great. It was my father's first time here, and he was not disappointed. He's coming back to bring my mom with him on his next visit! The apps, entrees, drinks, dessert, and service were all in point today. Great Job.

J Del Valle

This place has amazing quality of Caribbean cuisine and drinks. There is a happy hour with great prices on drinks and appetizers! The environment was so pleasing with both inside and an outside, covered patio seating available (with live music outside at night - not sure if this was on every night of not). The staff was also SUPERIOR and were, so pleasant, helpful, and knowledgeable. This large location with ample (separate) seating areas could accommodate parties, families, etc.

Brandon Jones

Excellent atmosphere!! Drinks are out of this world!! Food was terrific & I highly recommend to sit outside. Didn't even know we had one in Georgia.

Chenée T.

I came here with my family for a quick dinner before moving on to our Christmas show (in the middle of October). The waitress we had was SUPER informative and helpful with suggestions from the menu. We started off with a plate of beef empanadas that were so delicious and the sauces they came with complemented them very well. The wine was a little expensive at the restaurant, but I'm glad that they provided options for large pours vs smaller pours. The large pours could easily be enjoyed by two people if you really wanted. For my main course, I decided on the jerk chicken pasta which came highly reviewed. It was very delicious, but was lacking in chicken. I was later informed by my server that because I got the lighter portion, it had less chicken on the dish (basically zero amounts of chicken). That was fine, but I wasn't made aware of that fact until after she came and provided me with more chicken after I complained. After she added more chicken to the meal, it was more delicious and filling. Definitely keep an eye out for the jerk pasta and make sure you get what it is you're asking for. Besides that issue, everything was fantastic and I was very satisfied with my meal.

Saida Y.

I wish I could give this place a 5 because the food was delicious, but we had a few issues with the speediness of our food (issues that were later rectified). So to start, we were seated immediately so that was a plus. We chose to sit outside, and there was an artist doing live music which was nice. We all ordered our food the same tome we ordered our drinks. 2 out of the 5 meals came out pretty quickly, however the other 3 not so much. It took almost an hour for the remaining 3 meals to come out, one of them being a kid's meal. By the time the other entrees came out, the other 2 people had already finished their food. The food did come out hot, which let us know that it was an issue with the kitchen, and not our server. The drinks from the bar also came out late, coming out after the food. As earlier stated, the manager did rectify our food issue, so all was forgiven. It also helped that the taste of the meals were not disappointing at all. Everything we ordered was extremely good and we all agreed we would order them again. We got the jerk chicken wings, seafood paella, jerk chicken pasta, and the skillet simmered jerk shrimp. We also had a good server who was attentive and came by to check on us, her name was Jay. Overall, I would be inclined to return despite the few issues.


We had a great visit here. We ordered appetizers, entrees, and kidâ??s meals. We were happy with everything. Servers were super friendly, and food was delicious. It was a pretty casual atmosphere. We would definitely return.

S. 12

This is my 3rd experience at Bahama Breeze. I have visited the locations in Orlando and Jacksonville as well. I can truly say Bahama Breeze is consistent in drinks, food, flavor, and customer service. The Atlanta location is no different. It is rare to visit a restaurant chain and have the same great experience at each one. This is my favorite restaurant!

Courtney B.

I visited the restaurant during happy hour, and it was busy! Although it was packed we were seated as soon as we walked in. The food came out quick as well! My group was actually surprised about it! The portion of chicken was larger than I expected! It was hot and delicious! The spinach dip was pretty typical... nothing too fancy.

Zach D.

Never thought I would be one to enjoy Bahama Breeze, but there food is just damn good, not to mention those Bahama Mama's. My favorite is the jerk chicken and rice, it's just a classic and must have for me. I could me here probably a couple times a year and the place is always busy and food and drinks are always consistently good. Parking can can tight as there is construction in the parking lot adjacent to the restaurant (as of 9/2019). Or just use their valet parking.

Jawhara G.

I had a great experience with this location! I'm staying in a hotel across the street so i ordered for take-out. The server that took my order was extremely polite. She told me it would only take 10 minutes which was perfect because I was starving! I arrived to pick up the order and it was ready to go with no mistakes. I have a favorite meal here (the grilled chicken with cilantro crema) and it was made to perfection. Very satisfied with the entire experience!

Huyen T.

Came here 2 times for lunch. I had a pasta with lobster last time, but it does not good as this time. If you love seafood, go ahead to order Caribbean- Style Lobster- Mac and Cheese. It's real good. Also you can try Skirt Steak Churrasco, it's signature in here, It goes with fried banana (plantain). @@

Ben Pace

Best patio in Atlanta. This place is amazing with their outdoor space, makes you feel like you're taking a trip to the islands. Food is good, and their happy hour half price appetizers are big enough to make several meals of if you order 3 or 4 for the table.

Shekinah Drummond

This is my 3rd experience at Bahama Breeze. I have visited the locations in Orlando and Jacksonville as well. I can truly say Bahama Breeze is consistent in drinks, food, flavor, and customer service. The Atlanta location is no different. It is rare to visit a restaurant chain and have the same great experience at each one. This is my favorite restaurant!


Went for sweet 16 birthday party. Meets Bahama Breeze standards. Good service, and food. There was a band coming in when we left. In full disclosure I personally prefer other non chain venues.

Mercedes H.

Absolutely great service. We started out on the patio but after an hour the heat became unbearable so we moved inside. Our server outside was Kyle and he was amazing, he answered all of our questions and was super friendly. He made great suggestions when it came to the food and drinks. Although I didn't like my first drink he made sure I found one I like. Once we moved inside the server who took over could've been a bit more observant however the meal she suggested was very bland she switched out my meal and it was great. Oh and the happy hour appetizer menu is the bomb!

Panya Rice Holmes

This place is the reason why I accrue points on my credit card! It is one of the best experiences I've had since moving to Atlanta. The wait staff is very attentive and the food is consistently scrumptious! I will continue to go on my birthday as I have the last two years. I look forward to our next visit!

Tricia Solinski

Pricey in my opinion for what you get. Otherwise the food is good. Service is stellar, and drinks are delish. I am allergic to dairy eggs and pineapple and when I told the waiter he was very informed about what was in each dish and drink.


This was my first time coming. Tyquana was really Awesome. I would say she was the best server I've had in a really long time. She was really honest and gave great recommendations. Oh yeah, the food was Amazing.


The food here never disappoints. I love the live music when we sit outside. There is also seating outside around a nice fire when itâ??s chilly.

Fit Kid

This is always a cool place to go. Sitting outside enjoying the music enjoying the weather enjoying the atmosphere is awesome. The staff was great and the food came out very quick I would definitely return

Jessica A. S.

Bahama Breeze is my family's favorite restaurant. We will never understand why they closed the Alpharetta location, but thankfully Duluth isn't far away! Even if the server isn't the best, which can happen at times, their attitude cannot diminish the quality of the food and environment. We most recently visited for my birthday. I elected to sit outside as the wait was much shorter and they had live music for a great party atmosphere. We had to move to another table because the sun was right in our face, but the staff had no problem with it at all. Unfortunately, the hiccups continued during our visit... The worst probably being when our black bean soup was served in dirty bowls. They quickly apologized when we pointed it out and offered us a free dessert. Though, we were there for my birthday and typically they give a free dessert for birthdays anyway. I was very annoyed when one of us ordered a special drink for the take home glass (keep in mind it also costs more) and it was served in a normal glass. We had to ask why before being told they were out of the special glasses. Yet, the table next to us was served the same exact drink in the special glass right after us! We were talking amongst ourselves getting ready to ask for a manager when she thankfully brought over the special glass, wrapped in tissue. Overall, the food was absolutely delicious, as always. They do seem to be on island time with the speed though, so keep it in mind when you visit! I almost always order the fish with sweet potatoes and another side. They only had a choice of salmon and tilapia with no special "fish of the day." Although, I really enjoyed the new Sunburnt Tequila option for the fish!

Q Wright

I really don't like this Bahama Breeze. I keep coming thinking it'll get better and it doesn't. The service is super slow and the food is just okay. The only compliment I can give is that the staff is usually friendly. I also like that they do half priced appetizers at certain times of the day. Other than that, I wouldn't recommend it.

Serene L.

With a place like this, you need to go with a group of people to enjoy the relaxed, beachy atmosphere. I wished that they had installed a pool for those hot months. Anyway, we were a group of 13 and orders were taken & no mistakes at all! Amazing. We were a group of noisy, some already tipsy bunch and our server Rom was sharp & on the ball. Thank you for putting up with our noisy bunch. We were there to celebrate a birthday. I ordered a crab & shrimp stack, caesar salad and lobster & shrimp quesadilla and a seafood paella. It was all really tasty. One minor note, I had too much dressing in my caesar but otherwise, 5 stars!

Soynal High

Our first stop on my mini Baecation. The live band,food,and atmosphere were divine! We sat outside on the deck and enjoyed the warm night air and soothing sounds of Reggae music ,most definitely going back!!


Happy hour 4-6 appetisers half off is nice. they have a nice selection of wine and the food is good for a chain offering. Overall far better than most chain restaurants - but still a chain with good not great service.

Ardett Brown

Celebrated my Nephew's birthday. Great food and service. Attentive just enough without being to much. Love this place

Jackie S.

I came back for dinner with my family a few days ago. We made reservations and were seated right away upon arrival. The hostess is nice. Our server is great. The food was even better. Everything we ordered were so good. We ordered Jerk Chicken, Crab & Avocado Stack, Empanadas, Lobster and Shrimp Quesadilla, Grilled Salmon, Grilled Salmon Salad on Tostada, Shrimp Tacos, Burger and Fries, Mac and Cheese, Rum Cake, and Mango Jalapeño Mojito.


I like to visit this location because I know exactly what I will get each time. That is: good food, good drinks, good price point and good service. Notice I did not say great. It is just good and good is good enough for me.

Ginna C.

What a pleasant surprise! It had been years since I returned to this restaurant. Food quality and service has improved from my previous experience. Even though the restaurant was packed, our server was highly attentive and provided great service. Food was delicious! I really appreciated that the menu had photos of the food, making the selection process much easier. I ordered the "Shrimp & Mahi with Lemongrass Sauce". I liked that there was a lighter option for this dish. It was the perfect portion and very flavorful! Looking forward to my next visit!

Savi D.

Went this evening for a friends birthday dinner. Out of the seven years I've lived in Georgia I've never been to this establishment. I must say I was very skeptical despite he good reviews I'd head from others. Some of the pictures on yelp made the food seem not so appetizing, but it was actually good�. I gave this place four stars because the place could use some remodeling and my table could have have been a little cleaner .... but the food and service as good. I think it's worth a try if you haven't been or at least go for the live music

Matthew Algren

Cocktails were oddly off and felt non-alcoholic. Steak was a bit tough but tasted good enough. The rice was good, too. My very nice and attentive servers didn't offer dessert so I let it go and saved ten bucks.

Sandii H.

Very Disappointed!!! I placed a to go order and there was no salad dressing packed or drizzled on the salmon salad entree. The salad was dry with no taste or flavor. I remember when this place had the best to go!