3093 Steve Reynolds Blvd, Duluth
(770) 225-0955

Recent Reviews

Niki Tosha Susong-Harrison

Great Service love coffee

Jessica Brownlow

Sry for my friend being a guy and not knowing what to order. Coffee was good!

Rob Williams

Nice place to get your java.

Robin W.

The Click List service here has made what has become a chore so easy! I do my shopping in the app, which is also easy, and schedule my pick up preference. Then just pull into the designated parking, call them to let them know I'm there. They bring it out to me and load it for me, too. If you have substitutions they make sure you approve before you leave. The 1st three pickups are free, after that it's $4.95. Well worth it in my opinion. All of the employees are great, but Lisa and Heather are always on the ball and do an excellent job. I highly recommended this service. I've been shopping this way for a few months now and intend to continue. If you've been wondering if you should try it, try it, you have nothing to lose and I think you'll be happy you did.

Claire Galloway

Great service thanks

Tonya Johnson

Business meeting here.

Keith Sanders

Get coffee from this small location. Always fast service and friendly

mary busbin

My favorite place for coffee

Mr. Potts

I had a strawberry acai for the first time and it was wonderful!

Monique Jackson

Great service, and always great coffee.

Xai Larin

Fantastic, flavor packed and fast.

Kim Jenny

I love Latte from this Starbucks

Elijah West

It's Starbucks so if you like good coffee you'll love Starbucks.

Iris Castro

Everytime i go here their make my drink sloppy. Go to another location

evans mathis

Spend that much on coffee where's the crack

Michaela McCarty

worst experience i have ever had they could not get my order right my drinks were made completely wrong and was over charged. i get the same order all the time and know how it is made and the price. i have worked in a coffee shop before and macchiattos are half milk not complete chocolate

Nicki K.

I often come to this Kroger after going to H Mart in Duluth. I like Kroger overall due to cheaper prices cause of the coupons and the products they carry. I mainly prefer using the self-checkout lines because I find it faster than going to an actual person. This Kroger has a Starbucks. Not all of them do. Nor are they all 24 hours. I never have a problem coming here. However, compared to other Kroger, this isn't my favorite one but the most convenient if I go shop in the Duluth area first. 54/2019

Ashley Lewis

Literally didn't add the mocha to my mocha......

Steve Hamilton

The coffee is always good and the baristas are wonderful,,I have 2 other Starbucks that are closer to me,,I choice this one because of the baristas

Steve Hamilton

The coffee is always good and the baristas are wonderful,,I have 2 other Starbucks that are closer to me,,I choice this one because of the baristas

Rosie W.

This is my neighborhood grocery store and I have been shopping here since I moved nearby, at least 15 years. The fresh produce here is very good. The meat selection is good - I've never bought any bad selections here. I don't buy take out food, so my experience with the deli is limited. Overall, I've been quite happy with this store. It does not have the selection of Whole Foods because it is NOT Whole Foods. For canned and frozen foods it compares favorably with most other stores. I have never found the employees to be unfriendly or rude. My quibble would be, as others have noted, the lack of non-express open check out lanes. Most of the time it's a short wait but if you go at a busy time you will wait at check out. Parking is as good as it can be, I suppose. I am quite happy with my experience at this Kroger and I continue to shop here.

Tracy Ferguson

Amazing as always! Great customer service!

Sandi W.

Why is it noon on a Sunday snd there are only 2 registers open??? I've been standing in line for 20+ minutes b/c my cart is too large for your self checkout area. Know your traffic and your customers. This is absolutely RIDICULOUS!

Jim S.

1. Nasty parking lot full of garbage 2. Store smells like rotten meat and not clean 3. Busy Saturday morning on holiday weekend only had one regular checkout lane open with the most apathetic cashier I've ever seen 4. Out of many advertised specials 5. No management in sight.

Bob F.

Normally this is a great place to shop. They have a new cashier, about 4 weeks, named Louella. Laziest worker I've seen in my 64 years!! If she cannot get a bagger she expects you to bag your own groceries. I don't mind helping but not when she DEMANDS IT. May be time to switch to Ingles.


Coffee and service is typically good. However last week there were two non geniuses working together and neither of them could get it together. I order the same drink every time. On this particular day, the girl couldn’t figure out how to ring in a Frappuccino as decaf. So she decided to just ring in the drink and ADD a shot of decaf to my order and my bill. When I protested and let them know that I’ve never been charged extra for decaf, they said that they HAD to charge me because they would have to use the espresso machine to make my drink....not my problem what you have to do to make the drink. Just make it and make it right. I canceled my entire order. Don’t know if I will ever go back there. They need some serious training. Why am I paying you extra yo use your machine that you have there fore the sole purpose of making drinks!?!

HoneyBee J.

very bad service,some cashiers are doing bad service for me. dont have any help!last time, I went to this store to get wic, and a white cashier didn't pay attention to me. and I wait for a long long time. I was so angry about that. Finally, I leave all staff there.

G L.

Unintelligent server ever experienced from Starbucks. No greeting and no communication. I don't know why she want to work there. I purchased my coffee around 12:30pm on 4/1/18. I hope this information helps to education that particular employee.

Richard Saenz

They have no jelly. Wth

Brad Lowman

No microwave to warm up pastries. Really? Customer in front of me complained her drink was too sweet and nothing was done to rectify it. When the 16 oz drink is $5 it should be what I want.


I don't pay $5 for a coffee so it can be watery every time. I prefer the one of peach tree industrial

Stephen D.

This location really needs help. I've been shopping here due to convenient location for several years, but it's been slowly on the decline. The employees have been given little motivation as of late to be helpful. I swear, the last 3 weeks in a row I've been in, I've picked up expired product in the dairy cases. (from now on I'm posting pictures when I find them)

Tracy S.

I have been going to the Kroger on Steve Reynolds Blvd for 10 years. For about the first seven, the store was awesome! Staff was friendly, management was responsive, and their meats, produce, and groceries in general were fresh. In the last few years, however, the quality of employees and groceries have significantly declined. On several occasions I have had to return meat because it smells rotten, even if it is within date. Often you will see meats and dairy products that are even out of date. I always buy a box of triscuits and even lately I am getting boxes that are entirely stale. Management is not responsive to customer concerns. I have heard employees complaining about their jobs in front of customers. And the lines....two to three regular lines during peak hours and the self-checkout is often lined up halfway to the end of the store. I hate that the overall quality has declined so drastically. Employees used to be so friendly and now it seems there is quite a bit of staff turnover.

Tuong Vi P.

This review is supposed to be #279, so you can see how delayed I am... Life has been busy lately and of the things that I was involved in, admittedly, writing Yelp reviews has taken a backseat. Like in the last row of a school bus. I really don't see how I'm going to get to 365 reviews this year, as I set out to accomplish, but I love a good challenge, dammit. I stopped by this Kroger on my way home the other day, after getting a factory recall issue taken care of for my whip. I used to live in the area and would more regularly get groceries from Walmart and H-Mart and upon returning to this Kroger outpost, I noticed that not much has changed in the store since I left Duluth years ago. Meaning this place didn't look spankin' new, but that didn't stop me from finding all I had on my shopping list. I had to pee pretty badly but I just wanted to get this errand done with, so I raced around the supermarket with zest and filled up my basket (I blamed AT for this habit of carrying a shopping basket, rather than pushing around a cart with the great human invention of wheels). I found everything relatively easy, as the layout wasn't much different from my regular Kroger. It seemed most people shopping at the time I was there were more apt to go to an actual cashier, so I just floated to a self-checkout register and left within 20 minutes of entering. Woo-hoo! [#Yelp365: 125/365]

Nina L.

The large old white man that works in the meat department is the meanest person I've ever come in contact with. He's rude and condescending and always gets a HORRIBLE attitude when you ask him for help. I've gotten to where I'm too intimidated to even try to buy meat when he's there. I have never once had someone bag my groceries for me in the regular check out lane and I'm always forced to do it myself. I would much rather pay higher prices at publix and drive 20 min just so i don't have to deal with the terrible people that work at this location.

Douglas D.

This is the worse store bad management bad staff and they lost my 700.00 a month I speed there my money is not good for them so no more.

Whiskey F.

It's a clean store, good selection(when it is actually on the shelf) with a friendly staff. However two faults visiting this ONE: No matter which day or time I go, shelves always seem to be empty. It could be flour, a type of eggs, any popular item. I know you can only have so much room dedicated to an item but maybe if you pay more attention to those items during the day they would not run out. Two: huge line full of people, two registers open, one for 15 items or less. The other with a training.

Kim H.

I really hate this Kroger with everything in me. They are always out of stock from very basic items and yes this is each time I've visited the store. This Kroger is the closest grocery store for me, which is why I even bother with it in the first place. It's just not a good shopping experience here, so every now and then I'll drive PAST this location and go to the one in John's Creek instead.

Jing L.

Hm, I'm not sure what's with all the negative reviews... I thought this location was alright. It's not the cleanest or the nicest Kroger, but it's not as bad as some of the reviews say in my opinion. I've only been here a few times, but it's never been a bad experience. I come here to pick up a few items from time to time. Not sure about the lack of selection, but I've always found what I needed when I came here. Definitely prefer this over Walmart down the street. No long waits here.

Brooke B.

This is a terrible Kroger. They do not have a good selection and the shelves are never stocked. The deli is horrible.