Tous Les Jours

10820 Abbotts Bridge Rd, Johns Creek
(770) 497-9179

Recent Reviews

victoria pham

I love everything there

Allen Brown

Very good cakes

Veronika Stone

Their cakes and pastries are absolutely amazing, we often go here (well, mostly to another location on Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd., inside H-Mart, but sometimes here). Last time we went and got the cake, the lady who works there gave us a fresh croissant as a bonus! That was very unexpected and nice of her (she may be a manager and if so, then even more respect for her because she was so sweet and approachable that I want to come back here soon, although this location is out of my way!:) Prices may be on a high end a bit, but I feel like they are competitive enough for the quality you get, and also it is absolutely worth it if you indulge in these pastries once in a while! I wish I tried more items they sell there but I only stick to the same few things I always get there...I will try to be more experimental next time I visit, so that I can review their pastries in more detail...

WDC 157

the cakes are incredible and one of a kind!

Andrew H.

With so many Korean bakeries available within a small radius, I'm always amazed when I come across poor service or attitudes. The store was late opening, and while I was standing there, employees were just conversing with each other for several minutes. When they finally decided to start laying out the bread for the day, the employee acted irritated that I would even consider purchasing bread. TL;DR: drive 5-10 minutes down the street if you really want Tous Les Jours, or just pick one of the bazillion other K-bakeries in the area.

Ryan Aberg

Pastries are delicious and the staff was very helpful with my large order.

Kristena Queen

They have really good pastries however theres this one lady that's usually there when I go that is very unapproachable and seem quite rude.


Delicious tiramisu cake, beautifully decorated and packed in a easy to carry box. The cake was fresh and not overly sweet, which was much appreciated by all my mom's friends.


Ok. Sorry. I know it sounds wrong but I have not traditionally been enamored of Korean French bakeries. Not sweet enough? Not rich enough? Excellent craftsmanship but perhaps aimed at a palate less Falstaffian than mine. On a recent trip to buy some crabs, and boy were they fell on the floor and sliced into my sneaker, which of course was an old used out pair since I have been perfecting my geezer look, as I was saying, on a recent trip to H Mart, on the way out, I decided to pick up something from this bakery. It's called a Mocha Bread. Looks like a loaf of brioche. Not a mocha thing about it, unless you eat it with coffee. Well this my friends is maybe the new cronut. It's an original. And I won't divulge what it is, except to say there's a SURPRISE IN THE MIDDLE. It had me fooled all the way home and hit a home run on my flailingly ribald palate. Who doesn't like "a surprise in the middle "? I mean it's nearly spiritual when put that way. Reminds me of this French ice cream called Mystère. As a child, I loved the praliné exterior then the vanilla ice cream, then the CORE. A crunchy white meringue "marrow". Who invented this mocha bread? Shows the mark of a free, imaginative baker.

Fang Z.

Though this is a small bakery store where every h mart has, I especially like this one because the cashier is very friendly and warm hearted. They got new cake daily so you won't be eating cakes been sitting for days. We love the mocha cream bread, honey dew macaroons and toast. The price is reasonable but you better come early for a wider range of selections.

Lou G.

Tous Les Jours is a wonderful French Asian bakery located in the Super H Mart. This Korean brand has over 1000 stores, and it is great to have two here in Atlanta! Tous Les Jours is French for "Everyday", and high quality, fresh, delicious baked goods are the rule here. I have never been disappointed in a purchase, whether a snack or a cake purchased for a special occasion. Their fresh baked breads are incredibly good. Asian cakes are beautiful, and Tous Les Jours offers designs that are guaranteed to make an impression as a gift, or on a table. These cakes are a lot lighter then what Westerners are used to, and significantly less sweet, so be prepared for an airy, delicate product. The Asian style buns and desserts are all special. I can't help but have a better day if I take the time to sit down in the food court for a moment, and quietly enjoy one.

Kate T.

Located just right next the Exit entrance inside Super H-Mart off of Peachtree Pkwy and Abbotts Bridge Rd. This is my stop on my way to the office nearly every morning. Fresh baked pastries every morning at a VERY reasonable price. Service are rather nice as well. In comparison to the Mozart Bakery in the same plaza and across the street, this place is just as good just costs less. Definitely worth the visit.

Karly G.

It's one thing that it's a bakery, but the bakery is down the street from the house. Which means quick acess to all the sweet breads with buttery cream, the fried sesame ball rolled in sugar, the mocha cream sweet rolls, the cream filled sugar donuts... you get my drift.. this is conspiracy to my waistline!!! Not only that... means I will have to dish out more money for new heiffer clothes and less money towards sweets. hmmm... Anyways, this place is everything delicious. The price is pretty reasonable and I never go under $20 per visit that last about 2 days... I need some kind of restriction to this place. HELP ME PLEASE!

Eva T.

Finally, a place where they sell frozen yogurt like Pinkberry in California has arrived to the Atlanta metro area! They have only original yogurt flavor. I think for a 6oz cup it was $2.50. I had one topping which was 75 cents more. Toppings include mandarin oranges, strawberries, almond slices, chocolate chips, pineapple... that's all I can remember. They have more toppings... but it's not as extensive as Pinkberry and wannabes in California. I wish they have other yogurt flavors. The lady behind the counter told me that they make their "yogurt" from 2%milk and some mix. Five ounces of this thing has supposedly 125 calories and 1g of saturated fat. The end product taste like original yogurt, not too sweet, and a little icier than Pinkberry... but for here in the Atlanta metro area, I won't complain since I don't know of any other similar places that serve this kind of yogurt. They are located upstairs inside the new H-Mart in Johns Creek. They also have other bakery goodies.