VeGreen Vegetarian Fusion Restaurant

3780 Old Norcross Rd #106, Duluth
(770) 495-8828

Recent Reviews

Willa H. Brewer

I was greeted as soon as I entered the restaurant. I love the decor and atmosphere. They have TV monitors that display information about the benefits of being vegan along with various entertainers and artists who are vegan. The food was hot upon arrival, really good, and I had left overs to take home. Yes, I will go back and recommend it to others.

Anna Scott

Man this place was the bomb. My sister took me here for my birthday and I LOVED it. I wish there were more vegan places in Alabama. The food was delicious. I came back the next day because I couldn't leave the state without another taste. Staff was very friendly and the place was very clean. This is a must go place especially if you are in the area.


The food is so good! The staff are very sweet and personable. I love the atmosphere. I definitely recommend the beef udon, sweet and sour chicken, chicken fried rice, deep fried California roll and desserts!!!

Jaclyn Herrmann

The food here is incredible, but the service is not so great. I usually order delivery, but I changed things up and decided to eat in the restaurant for my birthday. The food was excellent as usual, but I felt very rushed by the servers even though I arrived well over an hour before closing time. As soon as I sat down, they came by every minute or two to ask what I wanted to order. After ordering drinks and an appetizer, they asked immediately again what I wanted to order for my entree and at that point I gave up on having a slow, relaxing dinner with my boyfriend and just picked the first thing I saw on the menu with no time to actually look at it. Again, I 100% recommend the food here, but I'll probably just stick to delivery. I only recommend coming here if you?re looking for a quick bite rather than a relaxing sit-down dinner.

Andy L.

We have been to This restaurant since grand opening until now. We went to Vegreen again last night for dinner with friends. That was their first time, but they love restaurant so much. We ordered many foods. Foods are still very delicious, good service, very nice and clean restaurant. They welcome us as VIP. We love this restaurant. We will be back for sure. Thanks for everything!!

Timecca Cordero

The food is very good and what makes it taste even better are the friendly staff and the clean restaurant. Itâ??s just a wonderful atmosphere and dining experience. To say the food was good is really an understatement!

Lennon Craig

Great restaurant. Every menu item is vegan. The imitation meat tastes really good, especially the imitation tuna. They have a picture collection of all the pictures of the food on some tablets you can look at. Great service, and also has some big tables for 7 or 8 if you?re bringing a big group. Overall, delicious food, good service, all vegan, and plenty of food per meal.

Yesenia Pichardo

I am so glad we stopped here! The restaurant was beautiful, the service was fast and friendly, they had great options and the food was absolutely delicious!! I thought the prices were a bit high until we actually received our food. Look at these portions and this was after we had already eaten some of our orange chickn!! I will definitely be back!!

Bridgette B.

If you think this is your run of the mill vegan meat substitute restaurant, you are mistaken! This is a real restaurant with very real, delicious vegan food. We visited for lunch. Parking is ample. The restaurant is very clean and modern. They have a beautiful mural on the back wall that fits well with the atmosphere of the restaurant. Our original server was good, but one of our guests that was gluten free and made a special request for a sauce and the server advised that it could not be accommodated. She did however answer questions that we had about the menu. The manager was also walking around greeting tables, so we asked if the sauce request could be accommodated and he indicated that it would be no problem. We ordered the set lunch portions of -Sesame Chicken ($8.50) -General Tso's Chicken ($8.50) -Pad Thai ($8.50) The food is excellent. Each plate was served with soup and spring roll. I chose seaweed soup which was flavorful, but light. The vegan meat that is used has the texture and consistency of chicken. The taste is almost spot on with chicken, and even though you may have your suspicion that it isn't chicken, it still tastes absolutely delicious. After leaving I was so surprised at how light and energized I felt as compared to eating traditional non vegan versions of the same.

Chloe R.

Very pleased with this restaurant! Staff are very welcoming and care! The food is amazing, this is a wonderful environment!

LaChrisha Lala Beard

Such a great place!! Very clean and the staff is so nice!! I love ve green fusion!!

Kim C.

Pretty good! I love the message, the all-vegan menu, and the wide variety of options! I tried the crab rangoon ($6.95) and the black pepper steak udon ($11.95) for a rough total of $20 including tax. I've missed crab rangoon and, from a previous person's review, thought this would be the place for a great substitute. Unfortunately, it was more anti-climactic, and I probably wouldn't get it again. The black pepper steak udon was also a bit underwhelming. The "steak" substitute and the red peppers in it were unique and definitely noteworth-ily flavorful, but overall, it was an okay dish. Maybe reading all these past reviews raised my expectations too high? Or maybe I just didn't try the "right" dishes. Not sure, but I'll hopefully be back! One thing I will say though is that the servers are amazing! And I definitely recommend this place for a casual vegan lunch or dinner.

Anastacia Diane Lehman

This is a very fresh and amazing vegan restaurant. Priced very well and terrific service!

Tonisha S.

Everything I've had from here has been exceptional. My fav is the Black Pepper Steak Udon and the California Fried Roll. I wanna try everything on the menu!!!

Regina Hill

I've visited this restaurant before and have always been impressed. The wait staff is knowledgeable and will assist you any questions you have. If you're looking for AMAZING Chinese vegan food, do yourself and try this place out. Very good

Kamille J.

The sushi was great! I'm not vegan but I def enjoyed it. For someone who is vegan I'm sure they would love it as well. I'll probably stick to the non-vegan sushi.. Next time I visit I want to try the pepper steak entree and the spring rolls. The service was great as well.. not sure if I only had one waitress because everyone stopped by my table to check on me which is a good thing that usually doesn't happen at restaurants.

Erica Johnson

Food is amazing and staff is very friendly. The positive affirmations around the restaurant are a bonus. I'm not even vegan but love it! The fried California roll is delicious!

Hollywood baptiste

The food was simply delectable and is quite Imaginative. I'll most definitely will return there. The Service is Bar Non as the Atmosphere also incredibly,as this place is quite clean. The managers are Very People Friendly,and do they Best in Welcoming all including making you feel very Welcome in the restaurant.

Josh C.

VeGreen has amazing vegan sushi. The Philly roll is delicious. The vegan cream cheese is so creamy. The Spicy Tuna roll wasn't spicy. The Sesame Tofu was also really good--crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. The vegan Thai iced tea is such a treat. The white walls and natural light create a serene atmosphere.

Lorna Stanbury

I now know I will be able to maintain a pleasant diet without worrying about meat Association. Everyone was attentive. Customer service excellent. Keep this up your business will continue to grow.

Jordon H.

This place is legit! This is the type of food that could make you go vegan and not look back. I'm not vegan, have tried being vegan but found food too difficult. The flavors are above that of normal peasant foods. I am amazed by the life long established chef they used to craft the menus and recipes. Nothing I have ever eaten here has ever tasted vegan. This is quite simply one of the best and healthiest Chinese restaurants in the Atlanta metro. I also like the fact they dont use Tofu to substitute the meats. They have experimented and cultivated mushrooms to replace the meat perfectly. Kudos

Sangeetha Iyer

Favorite restaurant! The food is great and service is impeccable. Love alan! Fresh vegetables and delish. Lucky to have them around us. We eat here almost weekly and have zero complaints. Only a wonderful experience!

Suhana E.

Atmosphere: very clean and bright, inviting, friendly staff Food: tried pepper steak udon and sesame chicken Verdict: excellent food. Couldn't tell I'm not eating real meat. It tastes like real meat but it is plant based protein. Very interesting. Very flavorful and well cooked.

Jess C.

I was in Atlanta visiting friends and all of us are vegan. My friends recommended VeGreen my last night in town and oh my goodness....I wish I could have gone back for more. First, I ordered crab rangoon - something I have not been able to enjoy as a vegan or vegetarian - and it hit the spot! I tried my friends orange "chicken" which was delicious, as was the sesame and sweet and sour pictured. My friends also ordered a few different sushi rolls that I sampled. Everything was delicious. Service was super quick and super friendly. I was shocked at how fast things came out considering they were fairly busy. I will definitely be going back next time I'm in Atlanta.

Keila K.

I can't wait to go back to this place. Seriously. I thoroughly enjoyed the food and the service was good too. I found this place using my trusty Yelp app since I was taking my family out to dinner in an unfamiliar area and usually need to be the one to choose the place because of my special diet. Thankfully my fam was open to trying something new just as I was. To start off, we ordered hot tea and apps - spring rolls to be specific. They were decent. My sister ordered sweet n sour mock chicken and I got the veggie carbonara. Instead of squash (my most hated veggie), they prepared it with carrots and broccoli. Expect to be wowed. Seriously. I thought I was eating bacon a few times. Like I don't even know how they made it taste exactly like bacon. Even down to the look of it. Crazy. The mock chicken was a bit too sweet for me. I'll definitely pass on that. We also tried one of the desserts from the case up front by the register; The strawberry cake. It was good. The decor was very modern and Instagrammable. There's ample seating and the staff constantly comes to refill water cups which is a good thing. Definitely ordering the veggie carbonara next time and would like to try some other items on the menu.

Larissa Batista

TRULY ONE OF THE BEST RESTAURANTS I HAVE EVER BEEN TO. Wow. Just wow. Iâ??m actually not vegan nor vegetarian but I heard about this restaurant and decided to go. I didnâ??t even go hungry because I was skeptical and boyyyyy let me tell you, I was IMPRESSED. Incredible, attentive and fast service. We ordered a variety of things but my favorite was the Singapore Rice Noodle. OH MY MY. The vegan general chicken was also delicious. Iâ??m just still in shock of how good it was.

Allan Ho

Very professional and clean (dining area, I mean). I'll be remembering this restaurant for a long time. Will definitely recommend. I just hope I can find this place elsewhere in the U.S.!


My family of five (three kids) stopped here on the way back to Florida. It is a shining star amongst the other greasy, animal-laden restaurants in the area. We had the rainbow roll, general tso, sesame chicken, crab Rangoon, and coconut cake. Everything was 5-Star and you wouldnâ??t know it was all made from plants and not dead animals! So healthy, so fresh. The staff/owners are kind and knowledgeable. I would drive hours to eat at this place again.

Vyvy T.

This review for VeGreen is long overdue. We eat a good amount of Vietnamese vegetarian dishes at home. This restaurant has been on our radar since it opened. I believe they are now opening a second restaurant as well! VeGreen is located in Reynolds Crossing next to Diamond Nails. Restaurant has a white interior and well lit. There are tables and booths for seat variety. VeGreen has both a book menu, along with a tablet with picture menu to choose from! We tried: Beyond Burger Bun, Rainbow Sushi Roll, Veggie Pepper Steak, Flash-Fried Eggplant, and Mixed Veggie Noodle Soup with regular noodles. Food and service was phenomenal. Portions were huge, but we thoroughly enjoyed everything.

Ashley W.

I am transitioning to vegan and lately I have been going to restaurants that offer vegan options or that completely focus on vegan food. I love Asian cuisine and missed some of the main dishes but I refuse to eat meat. A friend told me about this place that has all meat substitutes on your favorite Asian dishes! I tried this and I will say I was so happy . I give this 5 stars because the proportion size was good and everything tasted good. Nothing tasted like it wasn't meat.

Val C.

Definitely one of our favorite vegan spots so far. A lot to choose from. Food is full of flavor. My husband and I ate her got the first time yesterday. Service was good. We felt a little rushed to make our orders, and this was out first time and there are soo many items on the menu.

Paula M.

Wow!! Traveling and stumbled on this little gem! The only thing I'm soooooo disappointed about is there's not one in my hometown. If you have a chance to try any of these amazing vegan dishes, I highly recommend it. Beast meal I've had out in a long time

Bridget M.

Comfortable atmosphere and nice servers. The dishes we ordered were all generous portions and very tasty, but we ended up with mostly battered and fried selections- even though I was trying to order something light and healthy. I had the salt and pepper eggplant, but wasn't clear from the description that it was deep fried, and was dismayed to see that it was. I love the recent uptick in vegan/vegetarian places, but want to make sure that I am eating something that not only tastes good, but is healthy, as well. I will absolutely return, but will make sure I know what I am getting

Tina H.

This place is amazing! EVERYTHING is vegetarian and vegan. It all taste amazing. Cute decor and friendly service too!

amirah muhammad

Very nice restaurant. Very attractive curve appearance with clever saying in the window with a Vegan theme. The menu has excellent healthy choices that are all Vegan. The sasame chicken with vegetables shrimp fried rice is awesome. It's a little pricey but worth it. They were very timely incompleting my order.


Iâ??m excited thereâ??s a vegan/vegetarian restaurant OTP. I went here during lunch on a Monday. We were sat right away and we didnâ??t have to wait too long for food. I ordered the Beyond Bun and â??chicken wingsâ? for appetizers. Both were delicious! For my main course, I had Mongolian â??beefâ? lunch special, which came with soup, spring roll, and rice. Everything was great and service was friendly. I canâ??t wait to eat here again.

Shane Sims

I come here all the time for the best vegan sushi and Asian food you can find in the area. The service is quick for a restaurant and there are a lot of options. The place is appealing aesthetically and always have a few TV's playing something interesting or nature scenes rather than random sports games. Sports aren't bad, but when it's the only thing ever being played at restaurants, a change is nice.

Shane Sky

I come here all the time for the best vegan sushi and Asian food you can find in the area. The service is quick for a restaurant and there are a lot of options. The place is appealing aesthetically and always have a few TV's playing something interesting or nature scenes rather than random sports games. Sports aren't bad, but when it's the only thing ever being played at restaurants, a change is nice.

Hai G.

Wow! This place is so fantastic. I was amazed at the large selection of vegan Asian-fusion inspired foods. Very diverse options. My group of 8 all ordered different things to share, and honestly, it was all delicious! The service was prompt and friendly and the restaurant itself was cute and bright, making the whole experience feel very pleasant.

christy lewis

I love this place ð??ð?? The food and vibes are great.

VeGreen Vegetarian Fusion Restaurant

3780 Old Norcross Rd #106, Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 495-8828