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3780 Old Norcross Rd #106, Duluth
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A02. Cucumber Mushroom Salad$6.95
A04. Fried Enoki Mushroom$7.95
A05. Fried Oyster Mushroom$6.95
A06. Sesame Tofu$11.95
A07. Veggie Spring Roll (2)$3.5
A08. Veggie Dumpling (6)$5.95
A13. Vegan Crab Salad$4.95
A15. Pickled Daikon Radish$4.95
A16. Roasted Bean Curd$5.95
A17. Roti Canai$4.95
A18. Salt & Pepper Tofu$11.95
A20. Buffalo \"Chicken\" Drumsticks (4)$10.5
V-Green Salad$8.95


S01 Tofu Mushroom Soup$3.5
S03. Tofu Nori Soup$2.95
S06. Hot & Sour Soup$2.95
Green Curry Soup$13.95

Veggie Sushi

H01. Futomaki Roll$5.95
H02. Spicy Tuna Roll$8.95
H03. California Fried Roll$6.95
H06. Sushi Burrito$8.95
H07. Volcano Roll$8.95
H09. Green River Roll$10.95
Baked crab meat, cucumber avocado.
H10. Special \"Salmon\" Roll$10.95
Salmon, cucumber spicy mayo.
H11. Spider Roll$9.95
Fried enoki mushroom, cucumber, carrots topped with eel sauce.
H12. Spicy Tomato Roll$9.95
H13. Veggie Temaki$4.95
H14. Spicy Tuna Temaki$4.95
H15. Spicy Crab Temaki$4.95
H16. Rainbow Roll$10.95
H17. Sushi Platter$35
Chef's choice of two sushi rolls, kale tempura, coral seaweed salad.
H18. Sushi Deluxe$19.95
Chef's choice of one sushi roll with a variety of sushi nigiri.
H21. Mango Roll$9.95
H22. Tomato Shrimp Roll$11.95

Rice Noodle

R02. Black Truffle Fried Rice$16.95
R03. Chinese Toon Fried Rice$10.95
Mixed mushroom, Chinese toon fried rice.
R04. \"Chicken\" Fried Rice W/ Pineapple$11.95
Chicken fried rice with pineapple and tomato.
R05. BBQ \"Pork\" Fried Rice$10.95
BBQ \"pork\
R06. Salted \"Fish\" Clay Pot$12.95
Salted veggie \"fish\
R09. Preserved Veggie Noodle Stir - Fry$11.5
Black pepper veggie \"steak\" with stir fried udon.
R10. Black Pepper \"Steak\" Udon$12.5
Spicy. Black pepper veggie \"steak\" with stir fried udon.
R11. Hk Supreme Soy Sauce Noodle$11.95
Hong Kong supreme soy sauce noodles.
R14. Noodle In Soy Bean Sauce$7.95
R15. Korean Mixed Green Soup Noodle$8.95
R16. \"Pork\" Cutlet Tom Yum Udon$9.95
R17. \"Beef\" Pho$7.95
Veggie \"beef\" pho noodle.
R18. Singapore Rice Noodle$10.95
Spicy. Curry fried \"pork\
R19. Mixed Vegetables Soup Noodle$8.95
Choice of regular noodles, ho fun or rice noodles.
R20. Preserved Veggie \"Pork\" Clay Pot$11.95
R21. Mixed Green Noodle Delight$11.95
Mixed veggie with pan - fried egg noodles.
R23. Veggie \"Shrimp\" Fried Rice$10.95

Veggie Main Course

V01. Monkey Mushroom Fried Satay$15.95
Mushroom, taro, pineapple, satay sauce.
V05. Mushroom Medley$10.95
Stir fried lotus root, fungus, and mixed green.
V06. Ginger Okra$10.95
Stir fried okra and ginger.
V07. Tofu Rice Cake$11.95
V08. Seafood Mushroom$10.95
Seafood mushroom, pumpkin and mixed green.
V09. Spicy Hot Boiled Tofu - Skin$13.95
V14. Vegetable Mushroom Duet$14.95
Mushroom steam seasonal vegetables.
V15. Tofu Mixed Vegetables$11.95
V16. Aromatic Spicy Eggplant$10.95
V17. Mapo Tofu$10.95
V18. Steam Eggplant Preserved Vegetable$10.95
V19. Beancurd Okra Xo Sauce$12.95
V20. Monkey Mushroom Kyoto Sauce$15.95
V21. Flash - Fried Eggplant$13.95
Topped with diced pepper, sweet rice wine, minced \"pork\
V22. Enoi Mushroom Mustard Greens$11.95
With soy paste.
V23. King Oyster Hot Pot$14.95
King oyster mushroom, ginger, antarctica seafood.
V25. Stir Fried Snoe Pea Leaves$12.95
V26. Yam & Eggplant Clay Pot$12.95
V27. Cordycep Peach Gum Stew$17.95

Mock Meat

M02. Veggie Hunan Style BBQ$10.95
Spicy (mild, medium, hot. ) BBQ \"pork\
M03. Minced \"Pork\" Green Bean$10.95
Green bean, \"pork\" stir fried with olive and vegetable.
M05. Sweet Sour \"Chicken\"$10.95
M06. Veggie Pepper \"Steak\"$13.95
Spicy (mild, medium, hot. ) \"steak\" pan fried black pepper sauce.
M09. Walnut Marinade \"Shrimp\"$14.95
M10. Kung - Pao \"Chicken\"$10.95
Spicy (mild, medium, hot.).
M11. Preserved Veggie \"Beef\"$12.95
Fried rice casserole.
M12. Pan Fried Spicy \"Beef\" Tendon W/ Fennel$14.95
M13. Salted \"Fish\" & \"Chicken\" Tofu Clay Pot$11.95
M14. Spicy Hot Boiled \"Fish\"$13.95
Spicy (mild, medium, hot.).
M16. Salmon Filet with Bella Mushroom$15.95
Pan - fried \"salmon\" filet with baby bella mushroom in wine sauce.
M17. Sesame Chicken$12.95

Vegan Cakes

C01. Vegan Cake By The Slice / Cup$4.95


D01. Canned Soda$1.25
D02. Sweet Tea$2.5
D06. Thai Tea$3.95
D07. Vietnamese Coffee$3.95
D09. Blossom Tea (Hot)$3.95
Ginger Tea (Hot)$2.95
Ginger Tea (Cold)$2.95
D11. Morning Sunrise (Cold)$3.95
Pineapple juice, club soda, splash of mango.
D12. Afternoon Refresher (Cold)$3.95
Lemonade, sprite, splash of mango.
D13. Evening Tea (Cold)$3.95
Sweet tea, club soda, splash of raspberry and pomegranate.
D14. Cozy Night (Hot)$3.95
Hot chocolate with peppermint.
D15. Cheysanthemum Tea (Hot)$3.95
D16. Green Tea$2.95


Best Coffee Mousse$4.95
Peanut Butter$5.25

Featured Item

Vegan Burger$3.95

VeGreen Vegetarian Fusion Restaurant

3780 Old Norcross Rd #106, Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 495-8828