White Windmill

3230 Steve Reynolds Blvd, Duluth
(770) 622-1181

Recent Reviews

Paolo Garcia

Place was nice and the pastries were good and coffee was ok. My main gripe is that the music was too loud specially for a coffee pastry shop, you can barely have have a decent conversation here but the main problem was that they charged for you to get a cup of water!?! No, not bottled water but a cup of tap water?!?. I thought that food establishments were supposed to provide that for free?!?!

Grace L.

My friend & I ordered our drinks & it tasted so sweet and bad because they were trying to rush our order right in the spot and handed in our drinks after our purchase. I couldn't drink half of my drink. It felt rushed even though there was barely any people there. A waste of $6 over something that can be made in 3 minutes.

Rose E.

I've been raving like a maniac over just about every place I've dined in Duluth, including all of the bakeries. BUT...sadly, I can't say the same for this one. Although this is a highly touted Korean bakery in Duluth with several chains, I wasn't so impressed. Although it's a beautiful bakery, the selection was rather weak compared to the other ones I've been to...and here's the main reason why. I felt ripped off with what I ordered. In fact, if management is reading this, he/she SHOULD refund me for it. I mean, just look at this Bingsu that I received...for THIRTEEN DOLLARS. ?!? I ordered their Red Beans Fruit Bingsu...and well, unlike the picture displayed, my Bingsu didn't even have Ice Cream in it...just some Powder (??), along with the fruits. It didn't taste bad, but not great by any stretch (especially compared to what I've had at Arte 3 and Treestory)...and here's the catch. This super-weak, crudely presented Bingsu costed over $13!!! Total RIP OFF. I didn't even bother to eat the whole thing. I was too tired to bitch about it to the Manager (if on duty), so just left. Never again will I come back to this bakery.

Jeff Choe

Good place for cup of coffee and very clean atmosphere.

Tony P.

My go-to cafés for doing work when I'm in the Duluth area are usually Sweet Hut or Coffee By Hand. However, I was wanting something a little bit more intimate and quiet, so I opted for WWB with my friend. The café is tucked away in a shopping center next to Dan Moo Ji and A-Hyang (you should go to both). It is said to be a lot smaller than its counterparts in Doraville and Johns Creek. It has a super modern, dark, and sleek aesthetic.. You can see it in the photos I've attached below. The lighting is a bit dark as well, but it's definitely a part of the whole look: the walls are a darkish grey brick, some parts are a darker wood, same with the seats and tables, even the uniform is all black! We went during 12-1pm, and it wasn't extremely busy. It wasn't extremely loud but not too quiet, and it was pretty pleasant to get some work done there. One of the two things I noticed was that there aren't many outlets available for the seats that are along the walls. The high table in the center has the outlets located underneath the table. We also ordered the bungeoppang, a fished shaped pastry that has a filling. We got the half and half option -- half red bean, and half choux cream. I've been to this location before and have ordered the same thing many times; however, this time around, the bungeoppang barely had any filling inside of them. Maybe it was a bad batch, a bad day, or just a new rule to put less filling? Whatever it is, it was a little disappointing. Overall, really good place to get some coffee, snacks, and to study or catch up with friends.

Tim V.

My favorite Buford Highway bakery. I stop every time I happen to be in the area. Baked goods and coffee are the best!

Edward Tan

Overpriced, mediocre products. Has an extremely aggressive no outside food or drinks policy. Lights are always malfunctioning.

Elena B.

This hidden gem is tucked inside a shopping center. The well-decorated inside and vast selection of pastries was honestly unexpected because this place is different from everything around it, it seems. It's beautiful and clean, the almond pastry and double espresso is THE WAY TO GO.

Sean C.

Of the many Asian bakeries I've visited White Windmill was for sure one of the stand outs. It's clean, quite, and relaxing. All that you could want for a nice lowkey spot to chill at or to study up a bit.

** Nicole **

It's a very cute and calm environment. They have a small selection of baked goods with some essentials and the drinks are pretty good. It's also a great place to study. There are many tables and in essence, pods for a more quieter place.

Jacob Olsen

Unique little Cafe, great for some nice pastries.

Besner romero

Really good bread and desserts.

Robert Snyder

A very nice, quiet atmosphere, with dark colors, and small books for groups or studying.

Sunny Moon

I love the affogato here. Two scoops of ice cream and coffee is soo bomb. However, they put in in a plastic cup instead of glass even though I ate inside the bakery. (They used to give in the glass cup!!)The fish-shaped red bean-filled bread tasted good but were slightly misshapen.

Jenny L.

Overall the experience was "meh". We went there at about 8:30PM and were told that there weren't enough ingredients for bubble tea. Also the selection of bread/baked goods was very limited compared to the surrounding cafes in Duluth. The music was also VERY obnoxious. I wouldn't recommend going here to study or do work. This white windmill is lot different from the one in peachtree industrial blvd (which was a lot brighter, quieter, and more of a cafe feel).

John Lin

Great atmosphere, though it was a bit crowded on a Saturday afternoon. They play a variety of music too which is refreshing. We definitely got a chance to relax a little bit. We had lattes and chocolate cake which were both good. The cake was not too sweet which was perfect for our tastes.

Eugene S.

This is a much smaller counterpart to the Doraville location but on principle still has the same. A Korean coffee shop/bakery snuggled in the plaza off Steve Reynolds next to Dan Moo Ji Korean cafeteria joint, this place definitely has the makings of greatness. Other reviewers called this the Korean Starbucks we all needed. I would have to agree in terms of what they offer. It's a cozier location with more seating offers such as quardoned off booths, a cluster of leather single seaters, large high farm tables and other seating areas but the lighting is moody and ambient, the staff is friendly, and they offer better looking pastries. Coffee prices are a bit expensive as a large is a 16 oz cup and the Americano is a whopping $3.50. The coffee itself tastes better than the burnt espresso beans from Starbucks but for $.30 more, you get can a Venti which is about 21 oz. What brought this to a 3 star for me was their lack of consistency in hours. The sign said they closed at midnight but I went in around 9:30pm and was told they were closing at 11 pm. The sign specifically said midnight but you're closing because... reasons. That didn't sit too well with me since midnight is what your sign said therefore as a business, you should honor the hours you set so I found that disconcerting. Overall, a decent coffee shop if you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of Pleasant Hill. And since it's in Gwinnett and is a part of the White Windmill chain, it's a better offering than the corporate Starbucks.

Ulises R.

Of the many Asian bakeries I've visited White Windmill was for sure one of the stand outs. It's clean, quite, and relaxing. All that you could want for a nice lowkey spot to chill at or to study up a bit. The coffee here was great and they had a nice variety of teas as well but what I liked the most were their pastries. I had a huge basket of what I'm sure was taiyaki, I forgot the name of it on the menu but regardless were hitting the spot. Their wifi is free and is one of the faster networks at a cafe I've used.

Tyler Picard

It was nice to have a mocha that wasn't burnt, had too much milk, or too little flavor.

Tyler P.

It was nice to have a mocha that wasn't burnt, had too much milk, or too little flavor. Although I didn't get to try any, because I was trying to behave myself, I'd definitely like to go back and try some of the pastries. They looked fantastic!

David S.

"A Korea Style Starbucks we never asked for, but needed" A bit over dramatic, but this place is more cozy than to me than starbucks. The interior decor was very pleasant, and I think they had a huge bean bag chair too. Complimentary fast wifi coupled with very delicious bread and pastry. The shopkeepers were also very warm and friendly! Even the way they wore matching hats and dresses was pretty lit. My wife and I are addicted to their cream cheese bread and will be coming back for more! Need more time before upvoting to a 5 star!

Sarah Ermias

Bomb pastries, great coffee, cozy atmosphere, friendly service. Samples thoughtfully put out for most pastries. Very busy place

Michael H.

The White Windmill Bakery is a nice corean coffee and pastry place in the outskirts of Atlanta. The interior design is modern and spacious with either open table or seating in booths. The coffee was great so I enjoyed it very much PS: they have WiFi there

Michael Morais

Really swank and cool coffee shop. Very 'loungey' with great jazz/house/alternative music in the background. Coffee is very tasty and great selection of pastries. Nice spot to log on and work for a while. Must try!!


Great place for coffee/tea and dessert

Clay C.

What I'm about to complain about is so unimportant, that I was thinking about how stupid it is that it bothers me, the entire time it was bothering me. No one should care about what I'm about to say -not even me. In fact, don't even read this. Choux creme is not a thing. The bungeoppang are not filled with 'choux creme'. The bungeoppang are filled with 'pastry cream'. Choux is a type of dough. Crème de Pâtissière. That's what's in the bungeoppang. And it's delicious. Okay, I'm done. I'm never getting these minutes back...

Alex Chung

new owners as of June 2018.. love it! all the cold drinks are delicious and the bread is of course wonderful as well!

Sean Nam

Shaved ice is really bad. They used to make good one, but not anymore. New receipt? New manager?

Sean N.

Bread and pastry are made and distributed to other White Windmill Bakeries. Taste is ok. But other menu such as coffee and shaved ice are horrible here. May new management or new receipt? But, won't go here anymore.

Alexander Reed

Perfect treat! Deliciousness! Will come back!

Quyen Chau

Love the drinks and the fish cake is amazing, not too sweet not too bland. It's the perfect snack for long hours of studying ð???

Savannah S.

bonne! this was my first time at white windmill and i fell in love with it. i like my iced coffee a very specific way, and it's hard to find places that serve it just the way i like. i ordered the black iced coffee with milk and mixed in my own splenda, and it was perfect. i also bought a green tea macaron that i have yet to eat. the ambiance was also very relaxed and easy going; i came in around 10 on a saturday morning and there were only about three or four people sitting inside. will be back!

Tuan N.

White Windmill bakery is a quiet, comfortable place that I like to go to when I need to study. It has that cafe environment that sets you in the mood to get work done. I am a huge fan of their cheese bread but often find it hard to get due to the demand of it. (They make a few a day). The coffee here is decent but get the job done. Overall a great place and a place I will often visit.

Dahlia S.

This is such a nice coffee shop! The ambiance is super nice and they have a robust menu of everything from coffee to affogato to frozen bubble tea plus a variety of desserts. There were mostly people studying because i was there during the early afternoon. I imagine it could be such a nice place to go with a friend or special someone and just enjoy some coffee and dessert.


Awesome place to get a sip and read some papers.

J Dodd

Great Korean bakery. Good place for after meal.

A'tiana Cooper

This place, though a bakery, is more for chatting and studying. There are some tables in the back that give some privacy and free wifi is provided. It was small and cosy plus the pastries are good and baked daily. There were no labeled prices on the baked goods (but it makes since since they are probably different every time). However, the staff there was very helpful in explaining what things were. I will surely comeback again with some friends!

Alyssa Ghazalie

The iced house coffee is creamy and sweet to perfection!

David L.

Just recently renovated their interior. Fresh and clean, nice modern design. I think they got the best house coffee among all these Asian café in town.

Erica G.

This place is great if you're looking for a good study place. The music is not super loud, it's spacious & fairly quiet! They offer various sweets, hot drinks & iced drinks & the customer service is not bad at all. For the most part it looks like college students work there, but are very nice when asked questions about the menu! Would definitely recommend trying!