White Windmill

3230 Steve Reynolds Blvd, Duluth
(770) 622-1181

Recent Reviews

Angela S.

Yum!! Taro bubble tea, cappuccino with an xtra shot, cute little fish with custard! Very nice service!

Michelle D.

All custard filling, the formula of this isn't soft, the stuffing was little or the cover was too thin. Not very flavorful. I love the customer service

Tim Trotter

Yay! A Coffee Shop that is open! Great baked goods too!

Sarah Rose Thomas

I LOVED this cute shop. It has chill vibes and great pastries! They have a good collection of items, and the staff are kind. Although their pastries are to-die-for, the bubble tea is lacking. It was more like slush than tea, and you couldn't really taste the tea. It was not very busy when I went, but there were students studying in there. It had Starbucks vibes.

Paul Cheong

I loved this cute cafe. It's got a calm ambiance with dim lighting and wooden furniture. The coffees were good and their 붕어빵 was delicious.

Bob Nguyen

Love to go here, have been since a long time ago. But I forgot to add soy milk to the order and they wouldn’t remake it even if I paid the extra for the soy milk. Not saying the customer is always right but sometimes you forget. Felt kind of snubbed especially since I’ve been going here for a while ?. 5 star location with 1 Star customer service.

Sebastian Garcia

Such a lovely atmosphere. Great coffee and tea. Great pastry selections.

Jenny A.

This location is larger than the Doraville location but has limited pastries & baked goods. The music is a bit loud for me when I'm talking with friends or working in this place.

Zoot Tomas

Friendly people, lively atmosphere and delicious pastries and drinks. Such a beautiful and serene setting! Excellent for work, study and just hanging out. I seriously love this place

Kevin Kellogg

Great coffee & desserts in a pleasant atmosphere & a very attentive staff. There are 4 desserts that will satisfy any sugar attacks you may be experiencing. As for myself I overindulged a tad bit and convinced myself that boosting my Chess rating all the way up to 500 was more than a well thought-out and reasonable reward for achieving such a lofty milestone. l enjoyed two delicious light desserts that with my Mocha Latte assisted each other in using up more than half of my daily calorie intake. It was so worth it. I found their prices to be very reasonable. I can only make it at night so it tends to be an end of the day treat.

Paolo Garcia

Place was nice and the pastries were good and coffee was ok. My main gripe is that the music was too loud specially for a coffee pastry shop, you can barely have have a decent conversation here but the main problem was that they charged for you to get a cup of water!?! No, not bottled water but a cup of tap water?!?. I thought that food establishments were supposed to provide that for free?!?!

Jae Gu

I love cakes from them way better than most of the bakeries in the US.

Grace L.

My friend & I ordered our drinks & it tasted so sweet and bad because they were trying to rush our order right in the spot and handed in our drinks after our purchase. I couldn't drink half of my drink. It felt rushed even though there was barely any people there. A waste of $6 over something that can be made in 3 minutes.

Jeff Hwang

Good place for cup of coffee and very clean atmosphere.

Narith Chhem

Love this place, chill environment makes you wanna just read a book or just hang out and enjoy your sitting time. I recommend their lavender milk tea 100x. Just wish they had a xlarge cup just for my sake.

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