Alpha Gyro Grill

215 Jesse Jewell Pkwy SE, Gainesville
(678) 696-8380

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I had the gyro meat platter - about a pound of gyro meat, Greek potatoes, side salad with feta, and a few wedges of pita. Delicious meat and fresh tzatziki, good potatoes, nice salad. I ate half for lunch and the the other half (with a piece of awesome baklava) for dinner. With a soda I was into $25 - too much for lunch but just fine for two meals. Would definitely return!

Jenn C

It's a small parking lot on a very busy corner intersection, BUT it's well worth the minor inconvenience. The food is delicious! The service is spectacular! And the owner often walks through the restaurant speaking to patrons to be sure they are pleased with their food. I highly recommend the Philly's so good!

LeshaLove Jk

This place, and the people are amazing. There's one person in particular I would love to s/o. Rickie, which is one of the cooks, was phenomenal! If I'm not mistaking he is the master cook there. Anyways, Rickie and the young server wanted on us like we were kings and queens. Top tier service. The food was to die for. Every from the salad and soup was freshhhh. We loved it here!! The owner was also super sweer and we were very well taking care of. Thank you Rickie and the rest of the team. 5 stars!!!!!

David Truex

Nice local spot with easy access. The food had great flavors and came out quickly. Staff was very friendly and helpful. I'd definitely go back again!

Arthur Glazer

Best food out in months. Owner stopped by our table to chat as we were finishing lunch. Very friendly. Soups are delicious. Everything was fresh, like it was picked that morning. Hummus and (fresh/warm) pita was superb as was the Greek salad. Desserts looked good, although we didn't have any (baklava twists). Give them a try - you won't regret it.

Cindy Y.

Im originally from ny & i moved down to Georgia & i missed the Greek food & i found Alpha! Food is soo amazing they also have this amazing oreo cheesecake I literally love the food ! I 1000% recommend

Laura Pippin

We were driving through and found this place by reviews. The outside is a little off putting for new comers and the parking isn't that easy, but inside is nice and the staff were all friendly. The gyros were so yummy! I have a 2 year old and pulled out some to share with him and didn't keep the wrapper around my sandwich. The wrapper is there for a reason, lol, there is seasoning all on the outside of the pita and the wrapper helps keep your hands clean! It was pricey to us until we saw how big the sandwiches were!

Hannah Ashley

This place is amazing! I ordered an alpha platter with the falafel vegetarian wrap, Greek salad, and fries. The price ($15.50) was fair considering inflation, the portion size, and the amazing flavors. The environment made the experience 10/10 as a fast casual restaurant where you order up front and seat yourself. It felt family owned and overall a quaint gem in this city.

Lorissa C.

This place has great food and always great service. I've been eating here for several years and the food is always the same good quality, fresh and delicious. They import their feta cheese and it is top notch! I've tried just about everything on the menu and never had a bad meal here!

Roze Harper

Very good, very authentic Greek food. Delicious lemon chicken soup. Employees friendly and efficient, nice folks. The food is the stand out but everything is just well done, all around. You'll meet the owner if you dine in.

ford ash

I am glad that this place is close to by my house, the food is great and fast. the classic gyros are awesome and I love the baklava. my wife likes the Greek potatoes and feta cheese. check out this family owned place!


The Greek food here is to super authentic and right in the middle of downtown Gainesville. The service is super nice, the only thing lacking is that they still use Styrofoam containers for take out which cheapens the experience.

Kamron E.

I've eaten all over the country, from Miami, California, Down to Puerto Rico. We stopped by looking for a place with fresh ingredients. It is hard to find flavor in most Greek restaurants...but this place!!! I was blown away, I ordered the sampler. The different cuts of meat all cooked to perfection. Each bite melting away like butter. Then they have this sauce to enjoy with the meat..oh so good! Come check it out!

Danielle Whitehead

Amazing food. Best gyro I've ever tasted the tzitiki sauce is A+. Definitely a spot we will return too. Owners actually greet you and ask how everything tasted. Family oriented and all around delicious.

Markus Sharpe

This some of the best Greek food I have had. The tzatziki sauce was particularly great. Compliments to the cook. They several options to choose from.Special shout-out to one of their employees Elijah. Who made sure you had everything you needed.

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