Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

403 N Veterans Blvd, Glennville
(912) 654-3084

Recent Reviews

Leslie Diaz

amazing food, friendly staff

Stephanie Segui

NO ONE was wearing a mask or gloves! Very disgusting and unsanitary!

Jamie Wilson

Food not good burgers still raw can't get orders rite won't go back

Cherl Futch

Food is excellent and Andrea is friendly and courteous

John Lance

Be glad for dining to come back. Drive thru great times...

Melissa Thacker

There is awesome service and very friendly staff

Amery Morgan

Always great service and great food!

Katie Elise

No matter how simple the order is, they always get it wrong.

Johnny Lynn

Go there every evening and get a Cotton Candy dipped cone. Great service, pleasant employees, good food.

Eddie Johnson

this place was absolutely disgusting! there were bugs in my children's chicken fingers and the lady at the counter cursed at my wife!!! its a disgrace!!

Catherine EVANS

Great fast food and friendly personnel

Dale Nobles Jr.

Food looked like it was just carelessly thrown in the box... Service was fair that is once I was asked to place an order once the cashier decided to show up... FOOD=B-... Service=C+... Cleanliness=A-...

Janice Ross

Wow....where to begin. Everyone is friendly.... Jim is always making sure your order is correct and the food is good. Just a Wonderful place to eat!!!!

chardonnay jinks

I went to Dairy Queen tonight and they showed racism they told my brother which Is a African American he could not go in bc they was closed but they let two ladies in that was white go in and they was sitting down waiting on their food

Queen Fitty

Yummy food, clean establishment, good service.

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