Great Wall Chinese Restaurant

121 N Veterans Blvd, Glennville
(912) 654-1188

Recent Reviews

Vicki B.

The spring rolls were delicious and the chicken & rice soup was delicious! Very clean and Covid rules appreciated!

Edwina C.

Very rude, I work in the service industry also I cannot believe just the tone of her voice. If I did not have a craving for my food I would have walked out. I will drive all the way to hinesville before I even go in that restaurant again rude rude rude.

Chad Hagemann

Really nice people but have ordered take out from both locations and me, my wife, and our 1 yo son all got food poisoning after eating the sweet and sour chicken as well as Tso’s chicken and rice. Only eaten it twice and won’t again. Unless you like bubble guts DO NOT EAT HERE.

Jonathan Waters

Love the Great Wall you can allways count on them for a great meal

zoe moser

Best place ever

Elizabeth Rhodes

We ordered take out from here and it was amazing. They give you a lot of food and it tastes awesome.

Allanah Davis

I’d say the food itself is 5 star but the service isn’t. The lady rushes you when you call and interrupts you when placing your order. She hangs up on you and you’ll have to recall her just to put your full order in. Sometimes my order is wrong, and I bet it’s because she always does that. I get the same order every time and always get a different price. When I went there the first time, it used to be 8 dollars and something, then later they stopped giving receipts and the price went to 9 dollars and the change would change constantly. It’s as if they don’t know the prices for their own menu. I understand the price might rise but the price shouldn’t always be change for every transaction.


The people that run this place are amazing people and they always make the best food when you order from them.

Jessie Driggers

They were busier than normal due to it being Christmas Day and their being the only restaurant in town that was open. The cashier was less than friendly and didn't give me any change when I paid with a $10 bill for a $9 order. I let it go, as it was Christmas. Even though the food was good, I probably won't eat there again, due to the unfriendly nature of the cashier.

Monica Evans

YOUR everyday Chinese restaurant nothing special.. They are fast though

Joy Bargeron

Great place for take out. Plenty to eat.

Samantha B.

My boyfriend and I moved to town a few months ago and knew we'd be stopping here whenever the taste for Chinese food arose. Last night we went into Great Wall to place a carry-out order. The woman who helped us was very nice and she even double checked if I knew the difference between Chow Mein and Lo Mein before I placed my order. (Chow Mein is "fried noodles" and Lo Mein is "tossed" noodles, thanks to Google.) I wasn't too impressed with the fried rice (I don't think I've ever had yellow rice in anything other than Cajun food) but the spring rolls, crab rangoons, and egg rolls were DELICIOUS! My Chicken Chow Mein had a lot of onions. In fact, I don't think their was any Mein (noodles) at all. I'm thinking that they were so overcooked that my dish was basically onions, chicken, and noodle mush that resembled some kind of sauce. I was sad about that but it was still yummy. We'll be back another time to try different dishes! The food was prepared very quickly; less than 8 minutes!

sandy chavis

I don't eat there because of fiber glass falling in the food. Actually I was next door

William Nasholts

This is a very decent Chinese restaurant in glenville. Prices affair in the workers are friendly.

Lori Wilkens

Awful experience! First and last time. Won't go back.

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