Krispy Chic

508 N Veterans Blvd, Glennville
(912) 654-1667

Recent Reviews

William Nasholts

There a great Christian Chicken fast foot chain. Prices a little high but over all I really enjoyed the toombstone chicken sandwich

Patrick Wilson

Took forever to get, fries were undercooked. Too be fair to this is not the way things are normally. The counter person was kinda rude as well. Thus the two stars.

M Pearce

Greasy soggy fried chicken and I could tell the cooking oil was old and a burnt taste. Unfortunately this wasnt the 1st time.

Queen Fitty

Super yummy food. Fast and friendly service.

Robert Duncan

Small amount of food that was warmed over!!;;;. Never again will I darken their door!!!!


I grew up eating Krispy Chic and try to drive here a few times a year from the Savannah area. It hasn't changed one bit and hope it never does. This is as close as you'll get to momma's home cooked chicken.

lynette greene

The fries were the best I've ever had from there...fully cooked and not to big. Chicken for the Tombstone sandwich (my favorite sandwich) was over-cooked... that's never happened. The wait is long as usual, but I've finally realized that's a good's being cooked as u wait so it's fresh!

michele green

Great Restaurant!! Scrumptious food.

Sage J.

Chicken tenders are amazing! HOWEVER, the wait is extremely long i mean extreme if your going through the drive thru. Don't really know what's that about but needs to be fixed. Never had to wait that long for fast food, ever.

James Rice

Krispy Chic is great. The food is delicious and delivered to you quickly. We don't eat chicken every day but when we do, we love Krispy Chic.

Tamara Chambers

I don't live in Glennville anymore but every time I go home I have to stop by. The food was fresh, hot and delicious. And the associates were efficient and friendly.

Dorothy Yarbrough

Need to update their online ordering. Ordered burger box. There is no option for ordering cheese so I put add cheese in additional instructions. It didn't charge me for the cheese. I usually have no prob when I order like this. I just pay the 30 cents for the cheese when I pick up the order. Tonight when I got there to pick up my order had been declined all because ChowNow didn't charge for the cheese. Refused a$20.00 order because of 30cents. I had to reorder at window and then wait almost 30 minutes for my food. This is not cool as I usually order 3 or 4 times a week.

Sierrah Justus

They have the best burgers in town hands down. My kids love their chicken! Always friendly service!

Chuck Graham Sr

Fast,friendly service, the food was excellent. The chicken sandwich was as good as you can buy anywhere and the fries were seasoned , and cooked perfectly.

Tracey Deville

Food is always fresh and service is always friendly!

Billy Eason

Great food and value.

David Tootle

Really good burger with onions and BBQ called tombstone....good fries

Jay Lev

(Glennville location) food is good. The customer service has not been great these past few months. From taking the order, greeting at the window and dismissing the customer.

Cameron Temple

Wife and I went in wanting some really crispy chicken and we had our twins with us. Boys got their chickens tenders box with fries no drink for just over $5 (over priced) my wife ordered the cheesey chicken bacon ranch with potato cakes (two small hashbrowns, flavorless)

keva williams

Great food and friendly staff!!

Rachel Grier

The chicken tenders here are tasty as well as piping hot. Not too much bread on them which is a major plus! Food can be a tad pricey but considering we don't have these where I live anymore, I eat here whenever I can. Would definitely recommend. You won't regret it.

Christy E.

Really good chicken & biscuits but they have no idea how to run a restaurant! their customer service skills suck & be prepared to wait wait & wait some more! How can a chicken place never have chicken ready?? Been here several times & every time we had to wait in the drive through between 25-30 min for them to cook the chicken but they don't tell u that until after you pay so you can't just drive away. Really really bad service!

Amanda Micari

Friendly staff, usually pretty clean. You may have a little wait, but that just means your good ia fresh.

Roneeka Brown

Great Food Friendly Service


Very tasty fried chicken (which is all I have ever eaten here) but it's the greasiest and the smallest of anywhere. Prices are the highest that you'll find anywhere for chicken also.

Rodney West

Some of the best chicken that ever enter your mouth

Fred Edmunds

Slow service, very good food

Stan Watson

I have been a customer of Krispy Chic since the mid to late 70s. Kinda sorta knew Mr

John L.

Not sure what this business problem is but I will not return to this restaurant, on a Saturday night around 8:00 pm I went to get a family chicken dinner with 2 sides and biscuits, I waited in line for 15 minuets before I got to the window to pay for my dinner , once I got there I was charged 19.85 for my dinner , problem is I ordered a 8 piece chicken dinner and what I got was chicken fingers , when I told the lady at the window that's not what I ordered she just looked at me and said that's what I ordered , now I know I'm in my 50s but I know what I want for dinner and for damn near 20.00 I got chicken fingers , this is the second time I've been to this restaurant and it will be the last time , in my day you made right any mistake you did for the customer, this employee acted like I was an inconvenience and bothered her , how can you stay in business is beyond me

D Albright

Some of the best fast food fried chicken I have ever had. Fried okra was also very good. Fast and friendly service. Place was clean.

Dan Albright

Some of the best fast food fried chicken I have ever had. Fried okra was also very good. Fast and friendly service. Place was clean.

Stephanie Heaven

One of the best places I’ve eaten at in a while. Chicken is very tender. I’m impressed

Debra Smith

Great food!!! The manager took our order and made sure our visit was great!

Ernestine Taylor

Great customer service. Fresh and hot food.

andrew boback

Friendly atmosphere, good food with quick-ish service.


food good. prices high for what you get. don't get flounder filet - it's a very thin piece of fish covered in very large amount of fried batter. Definitely not worth the money. Employees are very pleasant and helpful. Always smiling. Clean. Best dish is the roasted chicken and you can ask for the grilled chicken fingers with the roasted chicken seasoning. I superb meal. Try the steak and cheese sandwich.

Thomas A.

Krispy Chic has by far the best chicken in town. The staff can be amazing depending on who you get and if they are having a good day. This is a fast food restaurant but keep in mind that for the quality of the food you might have to wait a little longer considering they are usually busy. The food is amazing and they change the grease more often then most other places. The prices are bit too high and recently they stopped including drinks with the meals but do not let it deter you from having a nice piece of chicken. Also for those that do not eat fried foods they offer roasted chicken as well which is above and beyond expectations.


my daughter is a fried chicken fanatic and this beats KFC in her book. It is tied with popeyes, i have never had fried chicken this moist in my life and being a big family we can feed everyone under 30.00 is a winner by my book!