Pizza Hut

736 N Veterans Blvd Unit #6, Glennville
(912) 654-0335

Recent Reviews

Ricky Cooper

So I'm new to the town of Glennvile and ordered from here at 4:55pm and it is now 6:05 and we called and they said the order is still being made. This is terrible service from a pizza place that makes pizza all day. It shouldn't take this long to make some pizzas. I do not recommend this Pizza Hut, take the drive to Hinesville.

Thomas Johnson

Ordered a pizza for delivery at 6:40 pm, waited the estimated wait time. Said wait time passes, I call literally 6 times and no answer each time. Three hours pass and the tracker says “we’re making your order”. I then had to drive to the store to pick up my order. The guy says they don’t have my order. Then says they accidentally deleted it. My question is what were they going to do with this information ? Not a thing because my order was on the shelf, WITH my receipt right there next to it and ADDRESS so it could’ve easily still be delivered. Terrible service and lukewarm pizza that sat around for hours because no one took the initiative to get the order completed. The worst experience with food delivery. Hands down.

Elegra Green

This was the 3rd time we ordered for delivery and got a call back saying they had no drivers. We decided to pick it up. When I got it home most of the order was wrong. We ordered 1 med thin crust pizza with pepperoni and got original cheese. We also ordered boneless spicy garlic eings and recived bbq bone in. We called back twice and no one answered. We will be calling back tomorrow. This place really needs some help. I rated it 2 stars because the young lady at the counter was very polite.

steph tatum

Service is good but food is over priced and iffy

Julie Lozoya

Love the food! Love the workers! Clean area inside and out!

Harley Thornton

We ordered our food and hour ago. After walking in we were told it would be another 15 minutes before they could even start. As the manager throws the F-bomb 3 times. NOT professional!

Pamela Morgan Lawson Cribb

Pizza was greasy and nasty. I want fo this Pizza Hut ever again

Cameron Temple

Worst pizza hut I have ever dealt with. First time we order they messed up the order 4 consecutive times because the female answering the phone (DENISE) doesnt care. I figured it was a bad night last time so we order again tonight. Same female answers. Messed up the exact same order. How dense can you be? Driver said it was Denise on the phone again. It's pretty sad and pathetic how small this town is and you still cant do right. Lol they want $15 a hour? Should get fired. Lost a customer.

Patrice Anderson

If I could give zero stars, I would. Horrible service and they never have what I want

Melissa Miles

Its frustrating that we love the wings because they NEVER have them or the fryer is broke!!

Queen Whipple

Good service been that the young lady only been there 3 days food was good

Deambre Brantley

They don't know how to read how you want your pizza

Gina Hewett

Unfortunately they had lost my order in the computer but they made another one and I got it Free! Happy Birthday to me!

John J. Durrence

Always excellent pizza and friendly service.

Kristy Kennedy

I place two different order because my online wasn't working. so I place another on at store. They wasn't busy so it didn't take long. once home my kids when to get there marinara sauce with bread sticks they notice there was mold on top of sauce. After seeing that no one would eat. I called back up to Pizza hut the manger on duty told me she had to call her over head manger and would call me back here it is the next day and ain't hear from them. So all the food was throw away. I have pic if anyone would like to see!!!

Gerardo Juarez

Always out of wings and now they aren't accepting online orders last time i had to wait 2 hours and still had to pick up a cold pizza they gave it to me for free but still used my reward points

Amy Krzykowski-Woodman

Usually pizza hut doesn't deliver out to me.. but last night they were very caring to me and decided they would deliver to me and the drivers were amazing, funny, kind and caring! Thank you Pizza Hut and to the drivers!

Jay Lev

Overtime, I feel the quality of the food has gone "downhill". I try to give them a try every few months[4-5] and has been the same.

Charles Shanley


Carolyn Gumm

Always good food and service

quawonda tigner

Good hot pizza, wing, and pasta. Friendly staff. Delivers to home or work.

Yum Girl Yams Pineapple

Didn't deliver to my home and pizza is greasy.

David Schanen

Great customer service call it in it was ready right when she said

Ashley Pentycofe

Really wish they had a place to sit and eat but over all good food.