Baldinos Giant Jersey Subs

2760 Tobacco Rd, Hephzibah
(706) 798-0000

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Heather Guthrie

Always clean, nice employess , great bread, big sandwiches.-- Tobacco Rd location.Food: 5/5


Last time was my last time.. Hardly no meat on a sub. You charge for things that should normally come on a sub. You will load all subs down with lettuce and barely put anything else on it. You want olives or extra mayo or pickles. Yeah, that's extra.. Yall are becoming too greedy with all the extras you ring up. And the lady/wife owner that is there every day... Try and be nice and not act like we're bothering you by giving you our money. It's really bad when you hear your total for a 6-inch ham sub is Almost 9 bucks. And I know yall cannot be selling those cookies... They are hard as bricks. Bring back the pepperoni rolls too. But don't make them 87 dollars each...And cut the subs in half.. You think it's easy driving home trying to eat a 12 inch sub that has not been cut. No . No it's not...

Wyman Bey

The food and service was exceptional, the food is all in house from the bread rising in the oven to side items from the kitchen. Really good food from eating at subway.

Debi N

Ordered for lunch, it was average sub and not worth price. Old wilted shredded lettuce, tomatoes and bread. Have ordered here twice in 3 months, both times not impressed. Doubtful I'll order again.

Kenya Brown

Subs where very delicious. Being a New Yorker nothing beats the Boars Head. But the sandwich was amazing filling and worth every dime. Stop by they have slaw potato salad which is pretty darn good.

Carol Saunders

They are very good but I had the end of the tomatoes on my sandwich the last time I don't like that I'm hoping that was an oversite

Josh Clark

Great place I love the food and cold beer

Bruce McClure

I went to get a sub for my friend since I had never been there wasn't sure what to get. The lady who took my order request was very helpful and the sandwich was ready very fast. I will be sure to get me a sub also from there next time my friend wants a sub

Shannon Cartledge

Love this baldinos and not the one on wrightsboro road. I would love them to add delivery services to their business (Uber eats, door dash). Everyone has said it, the lady at the front isn’t the most bubbly person lol but she does her job. I’m not in it for the frills as the building is also old and everything, it’s about the food. The employees crafting the sandwiches never let me down. Large drink selection. I remember the days they took cash only so I’m grateful they take card now. I think there is a fee for paying with card vs cash but that’s understandable.I’m plain, I like the boars head turkey , provolone loaded with all the toppings. It’s my favorite and I haven’t tried many other sandwiches which I’m sure are delicious also. I’ve been to baldinos here and Atlanta , this location has the best bread. The others have Jersey Mike’s like bread which is inferior to me.

Wendy Galloway

Loved the sub!Lady taking my order was a little short with me... But it was lunchtime...Guys behind the counter were friendly


I’ve chosen not to patronize this location because they are cutting corners. The bread looks like a store bought roll and it’s hard and dry, those are bubbles on top. I literally felt like we bought feed a kid sandwiches, I just take the ride to Wrightsboro road Bc I haven’t wasted any money here.

Jonathan Anderson

Best subs I've had in town by far

Ralph Johnson

The best in Augusta. That's why they've been here over 30 years

Dexter Williams

The owner is rude the ladyThe man does not say muchThe food is great but it shows that people of color they don’t care for and they have got comfortable treating people any kind of way because we have paid for their children children college and their homes and cars Hephzibah need more restaurants once again the food is good but the attitude is so un called for but you can tell she been doing these for years

Adrenne D

Straight trash the guy was great but the lady adding the toppings was horrible she loaded one side of my sandwich with onions and the other side two. Saw her place leftover lettuce from her nasty work station back in the bin with the fresh lettuce. She would take off her gloves to touch something then put the same gloves back on. WILL NOT BE RETURNING. BEWARE

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