Jamaica Way

2650 Tobacco Rd, Hephzibah
(706) 945-1855

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Sorja Hunter

Got the ox tails plate with the rice and peas and cabbage. The cabbage was great, the oxtails were great, the rice was either old or not fully cooked because it was crunchy. Really threw the plate off. You would think that since the plate was about 20 dollars the rice would at least be fluffy and fresh. Terrible. And this place used to be one of my favorite restaurants. Really don’t know what’s going on, but I hope they get it together for business purposes.

tisha matthews

Disappointed.... oxtails had fat and bone ...no meat... Mac n cheese was just cheese.... total disappointment...

Victoria B.

I wandered in to find all manner of deliciousness here. First I got a 'to go' plate with oxtails, cabbage, rice, and peas. I added a cold Ting and a ginger beer. As a finale, I grabbed a half dozen spicy patties to munch on for later. The price was worth the savory goodness and I'll be back.

zeb ailstock

Very friendly staffed. Seems to be family owned. Oxtail over brown gravy rice and beans was delicious cabbage for the side was good as well. No liquor license so red stripe was not available but the Ting soda was on point.Also purchased some of the spices displayed in the restaurant, which I plan to use in my own kitchen. Did not try the goat this go round but I will revisit most definitely.✌?

Blue Ice

I so much want to give 5 stars but after the last 3 visits, a 3 was all I could honestly rate. In the past I've rated higher but the consistency is not there and some days the food is fresh and seasoned well and other days it has a totally different taste.

Omar Calderon

Ordered a lunch j*** chicken with rice and peas with cabbage. The rice and peas were good but the 3 small pieces of chicken were just bones and it was dry. The cabbage you can tell was not fresh. Out of everything I ordered, the rice and peas was the only thing I ate. It was a waste of $10.

Mz ChocolateBunny8

New to this establishment but Small portion of food is what I received not too happy about that. Gobs of cheese w/little Macaroni.However Surprisingly food was flavorful but too spicy.Weeks later My 2nd trip to this slothful establishment is less than -1* I arrived there to pickup my phoned in order to learn it was no where to be found & this trifling cashier whose got ONE JOB, apparently had given it away & a main item I had on my order was Sold out! Ticked off is an understatement! Sad how Black Ppl want you to patronize their businesses but do a unprofessional half AS* sorry job. Results of Blank trip waste of gas & A Refund.

Thulsa Doom

Sure Jamaica Way's long, inefficient lines are beyond aggravating, but I continually return b/c every variety of patty they serve is stupendous! Mild/spicy beef, chicken, even the spinach patties are consistently delicious and quite affordable.

Styles By Mo

I had the escovitch fish yesterday and it was amaaazing with just the right amount of spice! The wait time wasn’t bad and everyone was pretty friendly. Overall food was great, I’ll be back.

y b.

Found this spot after Still was still closed. LOVED it. Both plates were delish and will be the go to. Able to purchase DG pink grapefruit in addition to the regular DG ginger.

Mashekia T.

The food is fantastic but the service is so slow. I always order at least 2 hours ahead because he wait time is like 45 minutes or more.

Tika S.

I can't believe the oxtails were tough and had no flavor.. for $20..I expected more.. never again

Kimberly H.

J*** chicken and oxtails are the best!!!! Hands down! Love their pattie's!!!!!! Chicken and Beef are my favorite!

Tashia C.

Sorry about the typos. Hopefully you get my gist. The food is really good. Nothing like having some authentic cuisine . Thank you guys .

Andre Smith

came in for lunch with 2 coworkers. ordered j*** chicken. other coworkers ordered just before me and got their food. lady comes by and says "what's your name and what did you order" i told her j*** chicken. my coworker reminded her that he also ordered a side of j*** chicken and didn't receive it. 5 minutes later she comes back with his side of j*** chicken and still hasn't brought my food. 20 minutes go by and i finally get my food. that's after close to an hour total of waiting. poor customer service.

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