4106 Windsor Spring Rd, Hephzibah
(706) 790-8819

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Lawrence Douglas

First off one employee had on a hoodie we ordered a pan of Cole slaw which was nasty chicken was bland and it was cold not the KFC I remember. I guess that's why your line be short and POPEYES line be long even Bojangles taste better now. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ORINGNAL RECIPE? Never again a KFC.

Junior Gray

Don't have good customer service very rude. And these so called wokers fail to realize that the customers are who made them have a job. Put better people at the drive thru. Rude lady

Trey Morris

If you...like me didn't know about Kentucky Fried "grilled chicken" TRY IT! You'll thank me later.Food: 5/5

Earth Angel

Customer service is the worse this lady at the drive thru attitude stinks, customers are who pays them. I don't think I will be going back.Food: 2/5

Rebecca Grant

They need to stop hiring these young teenagers because half of the time, my order is wrong and they NEVER include sauce with anything. They are unprofessional with “don’t care” attitudes and will get mad at you for telling them they messed your order up. Do better!

Gloria Wyatt

I order a 8pcs with the 4 biscuits. Something very simple on 10/10/2022 @ 730. Just to get home to feed my family and noticed there was not 1 biscuit in the box. This really upset me. Due to I had my side dishes already prepared and did not feel like cooking the meat nor the bread. People please do better. Gas cost to much and we definitely don't have money to waste.

Andrew and Arleen Santa

Clean bathroom, staff professional a d pleasantFood: 5/5

Lakeisha Mitchell

Just went through the drive thru to place an order at 9:15pm, they don't close until 10pm here. We waited five minutes at the order board and no one answered, so we drove up to the window and saw one employee (who saw us) and kept walking pass. If this is the modern day customer service then I refuse to spend my money here. That was beyond trifling, if I could give them zero stars I would

martha olano

I order online on Sunday and they so slow to finish the pick up online and they never say :sorry about wait they are not polite so rude thank you

emo bunny

Debit is always down and always claim they can't do app orders but will still charge you!

Domonique J.

Ordered a potpie and had a bone it. I know how it's prepared but I order these for my brother who has cerebral palsy. They should be more careful so no one swallows anything. I love the chicken sandwiches which I get for myself. Workers are ok. Service is fast.

Katie Starr Rose

worst Kfc every!! debit card machine is always down and just ordered from the app pulled up inly to be told their online is down and can't take orders but they gladly stole my money off thieir app!!

Rose Battle

Dine in or placing an order from inside is not allowed. They only do mobile orders or drive thru. Every other place is open as usual but not this place. Guess KFC does not mind losing out on business.

William Quarles

Never had to wait long in the drive through and the employees were always polite

Selina Kyle

Picked up an order from this restaurant that was entirely disgusting. First, they sat my iced tea out so long that the ice melted in it (instead of doing that last, knowing the chicken wouldn't be ready). My drinks sat out so long they thought someone abandoned them & the man told me I could have them. I said they were probably mine as I was waiting on an order with two iced teas. Tea was undrinkable. The chicken order was wrong & when I pulled the box out of the bag it completely ripped because it was SOPPED with grease! The chicken was far too greasy to even eat! Instead of following the chicken notes, they put the wrong pieces in there anyway. The tenders were tough & inedible. They left out the requested sauces. This location needs to do WAY better, I felt like I wasted 40$

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