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order 3 kids happy meals nuggets got home and had no nuggets. I called and talked to a young lady who was very polite but when we got there it was a different relationship, we were treated like it was or fault and instead of giving us fresh happy meals they gave us just the nuggets. McDonald's has some of the worst employees I've ever encountered.

Paula Sizeland

Absolutely the worst experience ever at this location. From the young lady who took my money and barely even made eye Contact because she was busy with her arms inside of her shirt not wanting to be there, no hello or your welcome . And at the food window, people standing around, one on cell and a young man handed us our food without any sauces, and said sorry we don't have hot mustard sauce and shut the window and didnt offer another option. So we sit there without our drinks and sauce, trying to get his attention for the remainder of our order. He finally comes back and says yeah? and we ask for our drinks and a different sauce and he says oh and hands them over and shuts the window. Not one person, smiled, or said hello or thank you. And then the food was not fresh and seemed as if the fries have been sitting there for quite some time. Will not return to this location.

shan “cutiepie” c

Baby at this point just throw the entire establishment away. Customer service is alway past poor. They don’t ever have a complete menu. 9/10 the person who is getting paid to service you is going to act like you are being an inconvenience to them for them having to do their job (crazy). Baby if you hate your job that much, SIMPLY QUIT!!!!!!! #ItsGivingGhettoAF

Jasmine Harris

Today I got home and opened my meal to see a completely raw quarter pounder with cheese. I’m disgusted and disappointed. This particular McDonald’s has declined since Mike has stepped down. The service, wait time, and food itself is TRASH.

Ashley White

I hope you have about an hour to wait just to take the oder than wait. I would go in and say something but it would not do any good. Just close this one some and put something better here

Mary Brinson

Ordered door dash. Seems as if they didn't read a single instruction on the order. 2 kids with no sauce or apples for their happy meal was not pleasant.

Laura Eggers (Bliss Snowfall)

It's touch and go here sometimes you have the best people working food is hot and correct order is given other times you end up playing bag rouletteFood: 3/5

Tiffany Davis

Placed a curbside mobile order waited outside for 20 minutes, then walked inside and waited 17 minutes for our food. Had to go over our order several times because they didn’t have it ready. They gave me extra chicken nuggets but by the time we got all our other food, everything was cold. My autistic 4 year old daughter whom gets happy meals for the toys, didn’t get her toy and didn’t get her meal right. Tried to get a cactus plant meal for my kids and was told they didn’t have them, but a few minutes later I watched them make some for another person.

Robert Green

This stores drive thru just can't get it right. The store on tobacco rd. Always leaves something out off your order. Again no fork and spoon . They had no salt and pepper. I got a biscuit and gravy. Not one small piece of sausage in my order. I just don't get it.

Wendy Renee

From a past employee. Trash Mcdonalds in the entire CSRA. So concerned with drama vs making peoples food. They fawk up easy on 1 combo orders like how? Many more orders throughout the day. This place is a joke. None of the managers care about their employees nor their customers Good luck on how clean the ice cream machine is if you like icecream from this Mcdonalds. Managers talks bad about customers. If you like trash, ghetto and unprofessionalism this is the place. This place is a complete citcus. You don't ever work your entire shift. For some reason, the managers name Is Red, no one knows why lol and store manager name is Dymond. Both managers are bipolar af. Plus, if you're white, watch out, you wont last here long. Heck, you could probably smoke meth, or crack while on the job but as long as you can do your job, that's all that matters. Ratchet coworkers/McDonald's.

Aobe Coop

My kids wanted McDonald's so I took them .. we haven't been in a while.. for the time I walked in and the time I walked out literally took about 40 minutes. But the manager apologize and also thanked me for having patience. I definitely appreciate her apologizing ,because I was feeling some type of way and was really ready to get upset ...but I didn't... I feel like they should have at least two cashiers so they can keep the line moving in and out.

Thomas Gardiner

I don't have a problem paying more to support higher wages. People should have a chance to earn more. I'm not paying and won't go back when very simple orders come back wrong. You know and have a cheat sheet for what goes on a sandwich. The order says please no cheese. When you're more concerned about technical stats like clearing the drive thru traffic (moving cars up to keep waiting counts for them as clearing a car) and you somehow translate 'no cheese' into 'nothing but stale bread and dry meat from the heating tray' then I'm gonna turn grabbing lunch into turn into a different parking lot.


The app took $27.47 from me and I never placed an order, let alone eat it! I took my card off the app and uninstalled the app!!! Never again!!! Now I have to dispute this with my bank. I had the police at the restaurant with me. I have to file a report. Argh!!!

Brian Johnson

This place has the absolute worst service on this side of town! You never know what to expect. Each time I take a chance on patronizing this establishment I am ALWAYS disappointed. You should close this embarrassing business and give the southside residents a place that appreciates their business! I wish I had the owners number. He or she should be ashamed!

Brian C. Johnson

This place has the worst service on Tobacco Road! The employees are rude and OBVIOUSLY can’t hear because they SELDOM ever get your order correct. Being that it’s McDonald’s you don’t expect gourmet food however good customer service is simply about effort… some of your employees obviously don’t understand that. But ultimately it falls back on leadership. This certainly isn’t the only negative review this location has received. I’m wondering why the ownership hasn’t done something by now. We deserve BETTER SERVICE ON THE SOUTHSIDE!!!

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