Waffle House

103 Talbot Dr, Hephzibah
(706) 790-7939

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Calis Taylor

They charge me a different price every time I go there. I am starting to believe the theory about WH employees that add their own tip into your totalThe cook also was not wearing gloves while cooking the food. Very nonchalant cashier (the short lady with burgundy hair) that always charge whatever price she wants


Id rate it better if they ever answered the phone for orders. We drove up there an no one was eating because they were only taking cash.We’ve tried eating here 3 times in last two weeks and give up. Rude or unavailable consistently.

Glen Alan Dark

Wonderful staff and food was fresh

Mark Lavoie

This place had the worst customer service I've ever seen set at a table it took 15 minutes for the waitress Steven brain our menus and then she left without taking drink orders and that took another 20 minutes to see her again I would never recommend this place this locationFood: 2/5

John Myles

A little loud because of the crowd, but food was good and served promptly. My order was better than expected with creamy grits and plenty of cheese. Bacon!Wheelchair accessibility: Good ramp but needed help with double doors.

Truth Parks-Howard

My family was in a rush and on the road for my kids soccer game...my husband went in to grab me a coffee..the waitress stated there were no sugar packets, no stirrer, but offered for us to take the suvar glass outside to our car. I went in asked for at least a to go plastic knife or spoon she told me Noo. It wouldnt reach to the bottom of the cup..I asked again..first off.. mind your buisness..bad attitude and if you offered for me to bring something to my car and back in the establishment..that is gross. Pic of the knife in the cup...imagine that..it fits!!

Carmelo Woody

The tables were messy and they acted as if they didn’t want to clean the tables. I almost didn’t eat there cause they acted as if they didn’t want me to eat there

C Holling

Good service ,waitress was nice and helpful food was cooked just as ordered. Place was clean inside and out. I will be back again.Parking: Parking is a little small but it is accessibleWheelchair accessibility: It does have wheelchair access

Tiffany Williamson

This place has so much potential but the staff has ruined it! I watched the girl call my order out and the cook said he got it. I walked out to sit in my car then goes back in after 15 mins yall why my food isn’t ready. Then he tried to blame the new girl saying she didn’t call it but truth is he fixed another lady order when she walked in after me. I didn’t flip although I was close to it. Definitely my last visit to this one!

Angel Cruz

Visited 08/19/2022I requested 2 biscuits to eat while waiting for a take out order but still didn’t receive it after the 3rd time of telling her I needed it then. I just stopped. Total update today with a $5 tip that I did not authorize. I tried to call the store to let this be known because it’s not right. I have proof of the original transaction & the updated one. Smh

Carla the Destructor

This is not a good Waffle House. The tables always smell like moldy washrag. The food was only okay at best and they didn't have any chocolate pie. The waitress was the only professional there And tried her best though.

Mashekia Turner

The food is always good BUT I don't go often because it has a weird smell.

LaDema Jones

So we sat and waited about 15 minutes, my waffle was burnt. I asked the server what happened to my waffle and she said nothing, but it was burnt and she served it to me. She didn't offer me another one at all, so for that cause, I will no longer eat there because of bad service and the food wasn't good.

Anthony Bryant

With just a staff of 3 ,they still were able to take orders cook food and greet customers, great experience, kudos ?

Grady Phillips

This is by far the best & my favorite Waffle House! Food is always cooked to perfection and all the staff are amazing. Pleasant atmosphere every time I come here.

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