Best Wings

2522 Cruse Rd NW, Lawrenceville
(770) 682-9641

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These wings are so freaking good, they’re my favorite wing shop The lemon pepper wings are by FAR my favorite flavor aaaaaaa I LOVE IT!!(I ate a lot of the fries already before I took the photo ? they are VERY generous with portions, the fries are awesome!!)

Xavier Erazo

This used to be my favorite wing spot but over the years the price went up which is understandable but the wings got a lot smaller. They are going to lose faithful customers over small wings

April Alonzo

Love it! They have the best wings and rice. I love their fast and convenient service. I rate this location a 20+!

Joshua Bowerman

This place has great wings and awesome sauces.

daniel kanna

this is honestly the best wings i've had!they pack in so much flavor! delicious!me and my wife got the shrimp fried rice and 20 piece wings. 10 hot and 10 lemon pepper and a small order of fries. we were so shocked on how delicious this place is. we happened to be in the area and were craving some wings. the cashier in the front was extremely nice, 10/10 customer service! i think the owner came out, but he was a tall male and he greeted my wife and i with some warm welcomes. we told him it was our first time here and he was extremely welcoming to us haha. will def be coming back!

Jess N.

The food here is AMAZING!! Cashier in the front, extremely kind!! We had a superbowl party today and ordered 100 wings, a couple of box sized fries, and the shrimp fried rice and house fried rice and the whole family loved it! They also have a bunch of sauce options, i'm a ranch person so you know I loaded my bag with ranch! The wings may be on the smaller side, but don't be fooled by the size, they're actually pretty good. I've been to places like J Buffalos in Buford, Prime Wings, Sumos (expensive as heck!) , Food to Go etc and they always have that really hard piece of fried part of the drumstick where it's extremely nasty chewy (if it was crunchy then i wouldn't be complaining!) I feel like this place is really fair price for what they give you Safe to say that today was a huge success, my stomach is happy, my family's stomach is happy, we're all very happy lol!

Phanii U.

This is my go to spot , i come here a lot . Love there food and good taste , the only thing I hate 8/10 that there wings are so so small you can kill it in one bite honestly. Other than that good service

Diego E.

Got a 10 piece wing combo or should I say a 10 piece pigeon wing combo. The fried okra was excellent the wings were smaller than my fingers. Bottom line the wings were terrible and I feel so ripped off. I will never go to a best wings ever again. And they need to change the name of their business because there certainly not the best wings but they are the smallest wings.


I ordered BUFFALO HOT wings and they the sauce was brown and sweet. Buffalo sauce is not sweet, and the wings weren't hot. The wings are tiny and it is like you're eating bones. Then when I went to reach for the fries, I found a 2 small spiders in it. I threw it out before getting the chance to take a picture. I'm not sure if there are new owners but the business has gone down significantly. I used to love this place but recently, the food has gotten gross, the cleanliness is awful, and until everything is fixed, I will not be returning to this business.

Jakelin Nolasco

Great wingss ever. Whenever i crave fried rice or hot wings or whenever im hungry this place is my go to especially seeing such great friendly faces that greets you with a smile

Yovani Campa

The young female cashier is extremely polite and kind. The food is great and the crabs sticks are my favorite.

wendi campa

Always get the best service from the young lady in the front & the wings are always done to my liking. Highly recommend this place!

Key D

Went there at around 3pm and I asked if they were able to do honey lemon pepper wings. Guy at the counter says yes and when I get my wings they’re dry looking with the garlic Parm seasoning just sitting on top of the wings & there’s no honey to be found. The guy hands it back to the kitchen asking to add honey to the wings and when I look at it for the second time there was no honey covering any of the wings, just sitting at the bottom of the container. Service was cool but whoever was in the kitchen sucked. I won’t be back.

Gaitlyn Goryca

Worst experience of purchasing wings in my short life span of 28 yrs old. Wings are small, ordered 10 received 9. Honey garlic pepper was just mild… I even confronted the front person (man) and he said it was honey garlic. I have never been so disrespected in my life. I just wanted to honey garlic pepper. I was let down.Do not go here.

Jo Owe

Very bad customer service/experience . This was my second time trying this restaurant and both times the wings weren’t hot. The first time I didn’t check before I got home so I assumed that they were cold because of the commute. I made sure to double check this time before leaving and informed the representative at the counter that the wings weren’t hot. She informed me that “ All of our wings are fresh” and then said, would you just like your money back? I said sure. I was surprised that there was no effort to make fresh wings.

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