BiBa's Italian Restaurant

4850 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville
(770) 277-3666

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S Walkr

Nice family style Italian restaurant. Plenty to choose from the menu. Pizzas, pastas, parms, etc., something for everyone. Nice place to just hang out and relax.

Elena Villanueva

Good Italian food place. Good service which makes you feel welcome follow by some tasty food. Menu offers good variety so you can choose from. Good size portions that fills you up without feeling heavy and guilty. Good choice to have a good family time or couple night out.

Anthony Davis

If you're looking for a good Italian restaurant this is it! I had the veal biba... the veal was super tender with shitake mushrooms smothered in a delicious gravy along with a side pasta and tasty tomato sauce ! The garlic bread is delicious and jalapeño poppers too! Salads were good. The zuppi di pesce with clams mussels calamari and shrimp in scampi wine sauce over linguini needed a bit of flavor as well as the chicken in the Alfredo but over all was delicious!

Soshana Cockrell

Service was good. I however strongly recommend that you not even try the HOT SALAD, it is NOT GOOD. It needs to be removed from the menu, ASAP. In general they need to work on their salad options as a whole. The salad that they replaced the HOT SALAD with, wasn't great either, it was not enjoyable.I'd love to see them offer a delicious salad option that is fresh, healthy and that has various house mixed dressing options to choose from.

Christine Garand Scherer

The pros: our waitress was outstanding. She was attentive, patient, and friendly.The cons: the food was of the type and quality you would expect to find in a diner that doesn't specialize in Italian food. The sauce that came with the mozzarella sticks that seemed like something that we've bought from the freezer case in the local grocery market, tasted bland and almost metallic. The sauce in the angel hair pasta was so watered down it was as if the pasta wasn't drained. The mushrooms with the spinach, mushroom, and bacon salad did not look like they were cleaned thoroughly first. It tasted okay, but it was actually too much bacon. I can't believe I'm saying that!With all of the other Italian food restaurant options available, you could easily skip this one.

Steven D.

This is my first time visiting BiBa's Italian. I am a fan of Italian Cuisine. I came here to meet a friend and I ordered the Tortellini with Blackened Chicken. The dish was an enormous portion, full of flavor, great seasoning and worth the money. The atmosphere was casual, the service was fast and attentive. I can't wait to return again. I will also enjoy my remaining portion will be a great dinner tomorrow.


Their chicken Caesar salad is the best ever; the chicken is tender and juicy and their dressing is the more traditional Caesar--not sweet or too salty. Very nice. Also, their Chicken Francesca is delicious. Again, the chicken is tender enough to cut with just a fork and the lemon sauce is delicate.


Everything was freshly made from the seafood like the calamari and scallops to the mushrooms in the veal. The service was good and are very accommodating for other items such as lemon or change of your side.

Alexander Algar

We've been going to Biba's on and off for 20 years, but our last visit has really made the last time. The service was good and don't get me wrong, the lady was rushed off her feet, even though there seemed to be 3 or 4 young ladies huddled by the door /bar. But the service was one of the highlights of the visit. We ordered appetizers. Fried Ravioli and mozzarella sticks. The ravioli came to the table as if it had been dumped on the plate.. no presentation at all. The breading was dry and tasteless... Kind of like it had been coated in saw dust. Stale saw dust. Same for the mozzarella sticks. We ordered entrees. These came with a house salad. Some salad greens, a quarter tomato maybe a little cucumber and a pepper, plus the dressing of your choice. When I changed my salad to the Greek salad, I had no idea it would be a modified house salad, swimming in balsamic vinegar with onions, olives and feta cheese crumbles for a $5 upcharge. $5! Wow. The wife's baked shells were dry and overcooked. The pasta carbonara that I ordered, while being very hot and plentiful, was so thick it was difficult to eat. And possibly most sadly, the garlic rolls that Biba's used to be so famous for are simply not all that anymore. They are smaller, have much less butter, garlic and herbs and are more of an afterthought than a featured item. Lastly, the dinning room needs a makeover. I can't remember if it's ever been updated, but the current decor is old and dated and uninviting. Sorry Biba's. You've got some work to do here.

Florence K.

Very nice people, good food, nice atmosphere except on Mother's Day. They put up extra tables to accommodate large parties, that's fine except there was no table covers which made it feel like an informal cookout rather then upscale restaurant. People enjoyed their food but no one gave their food more then an 8 out of 10. I ordered Veal which I love but this one not so much! Veal was tough, piccata was salty. I feel like the veal was pre-cooked and reheated.

Nikki Rhodes

My meal was ok. This family owned definitely feels like your eating in your grandma’s kitchen. The staff is nice but the food is just regular. It’s not spectacular but it is reliable if your hungry for pasta.

Tony LaGuardia

Some of the best Italian food I've had in a long time! Good portions and friendly staff!

Portia Alexander

The garlic bread and tiramisu tasted great. The stuffed cheese shells lacked flavor. It just tasted ok.

Brandy T

Online menu is outdated, but this is the best Italian food I’ve had in years. Service is slow, but we’re going through the “Everything Shortage” right now and I definitely don’t count that against them at all.Quantity of food was smaller than I expected for the price, but was completely made up for in quality and flavor; I actually finished the dish and rarely do.I’d give the food 6 stars if I could.

Haley H.

Garlic rolls, pizza, pasta! The best hole in the wall Italian place. You won't be sorry if you try the specials, pizza, or any pasta dish! Alfredo sauce is the bomb!

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