4965 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville
(678) 376-7447

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Michael W

Previously handled allergy with no issues. Staff has changed, the interior has completely changed for all the delivery companies, and operator refuses to handle the allergy issue that other locations happily fix. Won't be back here any time soon! Happily left and went to another who's operator was happy to take the order.

Aeriel Michelle

This Chick-fil-A is conveniently located and has an indoor playground for small children which let my husband and I eat our food (while it was still hot!). I noticed a man and woman who looked like they were on hard times and wanted to buy them a meal. When I went up to the counter I was told that the restaurant would gladly offer them something to eat for free. So I went and asked them if they wanted something. They gladly accepted and the restaurant provided it happily. This sort of kindness is so awesome! Our food was delicious and the staff was really nice and helpful. They even carried my order to the table (it was ready so fast my hands were full of drinks) and swept under the table for us too! Excellent service!

Aniya Abdulsamad

The server who took my order was polite and had a nice voice. And the traffic director for the drive through was very diligent despite the cold. Also my food was freshly made and tasted so good!Vegetarian options: The cobb salad without chicken is a good vegetarian option.

Domonique Cooper

My favorite Chick-fil-A. The best nuggets because they are cooked well. Very efficient staff all times of day. Great professionalism. Love the customer service.

Rehan Virani

I picked up food with curbside pickup. When I left and got to my destination I realized I was missing 2 things. My orange juice and I got no spoon for my yogurt. I rarely have issues here but this time sucked. Make sure you check your bag before you leave and you'll be fine.Food: 5/5

Retta Divine

Always good food and friendly staff, but things were missed just a bit. I'm glad we dined in vs drive thru because if things were missed and we left, that would have been disappointing. We all happen to order salads, different dressings but I was the only one that received my dressing. They didn't bring us straws with our drinks or enough forks to eat with, which was an easy fix, not a big deal or anything.. and again, very friendly staff and environment. I'm a Chick-fil-A regular and was taking my family for their first real Chick-fil-A experience. Despite those minor things, we enjoyed ourselves.

Troy Walker

Normally this place is great , and the service was good as usual but the breakfast bowl I got ( for the first and last time) was not even half full...... not enough to fill you up as other menu items would .....if this is yall serving size then get a smaller bowl or fill up the existing bowl so it doesnt look so empty . Wish I could privide a pic cause this breakfast is sad looking .


Came here because everyone else in my group wanted The Lord's Chicken. I honestly don't get it. Their chicken is consistently dry at every location I've been to. The service is amazing and everyone is friendly, but that just doesn't make up for bland, dry chicken.Food: 3/5

Stanford Burrows

Great costumer service always.

Erica Zaken

Overall I enjoy my visits, however 3 times I've encountered them not having any lemons. Something very minor but odd.Food: 5/5

Germ Destroyers

First time trying delivery and I must say it was easy. Not to mention the awesome customer service from your driver Willie. Glad you guys have in house delivery. The same experience i would get coming in was the pleasant and warm experience i got with my delivery order.

Lauren Leandro (LoLo)

I usually go through this Chick-fil-A when I'm heading to work, though sometimes I may pop in for lunch or dinner. Their spicy chicken biscuit and the hashbrown bowl are my favorite breakfast item, I usually end up getting a coffee or sweet tea to drink. The employees are absolutely fantastic and super kind, even when it's super busy!

Shafiqul Chowdhury

Chick-fil-A usually is very careful with the order. One of the orders was missing in the bag. I went back for that missing thing. It gave me the missing item. No apologies, no coupon, no free stuff for next time. I thought it shouldn't be this way.

Judy L. Niemyer

Drive thru employee was very friendly. Got my food quickly.Well made Chicken Wrap.Very pleased. ?

Jeremy Sharp

Super fast service, in and out in less than 5 minutes with great food in hand!

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