Chipotle Mexican Grill

4885 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville
(678) 985-1012

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Good overall just wish they would keep the food items fresh and clean. Brown Guacamole is not appealing, neither is food floating in the sour cream. Not the most appetizing.Food: 4/5

Stephen Wilkes

The chips are stale. You pay 4 dollars for chips and queso and get chips from a bag that have been on a shelf for who knows how long. It’s sad. Do better.

Túlio de Freitas

Good meal, good price! Thats all. The meal was just a little bit spicy.

Jen Wall

Very good food. Best location. Of all I've been to.

Sam H.

Maybe I came at a bad time. The food was essentially tasteless. The chips were unsalted, borderline stale, and had no flavor. The beans were cold and had no seasoning at all. The most disappointing was the "guacamole", if you can even call it that. It literally tasted like mashed avocados, and nothing else. There was no salt, no taste of anything but mashed avocados. Not sure if they are using a new recipe at this location, one with no seasoning. My tortilla was also hard around the edges from being on the grill too long. Really disappointed with this location. Wouldn't recommend, and unfortunately won't be back.

Sado Kim

Chipotle run at 9:00 pm. I'm sure this is rough for people working there, but despite that they did all they can to help us make some great Chipotle bowl. Keep up the good work! First time If you have no diet restriction, get a chicken bowl with all the extra add-ons. Have some extra cash? Put in some guac!

Alexa H

Well I will say that the restaurant was clean and the people were very attentive. However I would consider at least giving more guacamole when asking for guacamole.

Karan Patel

The guacamole is disgusting, I asked if it was fresh and the person making my bowl said yes. I literally had to throw my bowl away because of how bad the guacamole was. I didn’t want to risk getting sick so it’s not worth it. Skip the guac at this location.

Christopher Simmons

I use the app for self pick up... the food is always ready and correct. There is a shelf with your food bagged and ready... no interaction needed.

Rachel Sakala

I just went to this Chipotle location today June 13. I ordered my meal with a side of Guacamole. I got home and the guac that they served me is bad. It messed up my entire double meat order! I called the store provided order details and they told me I had to drive up there for a refund. They wanted me to go up there with my gas to get a refund on the bad food they served me!If you don’t want to get sick, do not go to this location today.

Ashlee R.

Portion sizes were ridiculous, he halfway scooped chicken in the spoon and proceeded to knock some off my bowl. I paid extra for double only to be left with a full scoop of chicken at other locations. I’ve worked at chipotle for 2 years before you all need to do better that’s not right.

Dan Douglas

It's Chipotle. The food is very consistent across every location. What sets this location aside from the others, in my opinion, is the staff. They are ALL so very nice and accommodating. I actually drive further out of my way to go to this location because of them. I see them almost every work day and will see them today.

Kasandra Murugesan

This place is absolutely disgusting! Ordered a burrito bowl and there was a long piece of hair in between the food and sticking out. Do yourself a favor find a better place to eat!!!

Keith Dailey

On the night of April 9, 2022 my wife and mother ordered 2 chicken bowls from this location (see attached mobile order receipt) at around the 8pm hour and several hours later were both overtaken with extreme nausea (I will spare readers the details/results of this as I'm certain that you get the idea - though I will say that the paramedics had to be called at around 3am because it was just that bad) I attempted to notify the restaurant of this the next afternoon, as I am certain that they weren't the only ones affected by this horrible experience, no one answered my call.I'ma giving two stars instead of one because my wife (and brother) have both eaten here before and would like to think that this is not a regular occurrence but still...until you've had to take care of two women with Food Poisoning, you have absolutely no idea of how maddening the experience can be

Christian Edwards

Has to be the best Chipotle I have eaten at in long while. The hot food was hot and fresh and the cold toppings were fresh and chilled. I would have to say this place must be managed well.

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