Papa Johns Pizza

2476 Cruse Rd NW Suite 1, Lawrenceville
(770) 963-1955

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Alberta Johnson

I order 2 pizzas at 9:48pm and received the pizzas at 10:44pm. Ready to eat, the pizzas are burnt. Call the store and talked to the manager John and he promise me that they will be bringing me the pizzas back and picking up the first two pizza. He started It will be 15 minutes for the replacement pizza. Waited and I notice a hour had went pass. Call the store back to speak to John and he stated his GM said I had to come pick up the pizza.Which that wasn’t communicated to me. I ask for a refund and he said I had to call back in the morning to talk to the GM. This is bad business, first you serve me poor quality food that you knew before it left the store, than you told me that you was sending a driver back out with the replacement pizza. So it’s 12am and my family is sitting here hungry. This is bad business. I will not be ordering from you all anymore. I will like my money refunded back to me.

T Vah

Had great pizza at Cruz location, kudos to pizza maker and the team, sorry it was too hungry, no pics

Warren Soriano

I ordered over the phone and came in after 5 min. Saw 6 workers and 4 were on their phone and talking and joking while one took my payment and the other was making pizza. Waited another 15 min but noticed nobody was making pizza so I finally asked for my order. It was apparently sitting there for a while and nobody bothered to give it to me until I asked when I was the only one waiting. That's bad service.Vegetarian options: Good vegetarian pizza

Brianna Stephens

I ordered an extra cheese pizza through Door Dash and this is what I received! This is terrible.

Tristan D.

Literally just left from here they didn't even slice up my pizza and there's a huge ass hole in it.. like wtf

Me Me

Please be careful eating here!!! There has been more than once I’ve realized my pizza is not done and I’m eating raw dough in the middle of my pizza!! I’d only order thin & crispy from here!!

Callie Artime

I usually love this PJs and have no problems whatsoever! But, the last time I ordered a spinach tomato Alfredo pizza, it was awful!! It was loaded with practically JUST spinach, and barely any sauce. Highly disappointed.

aday a

I ordered 6$ specials . I got a large cheese and another large pepperoni ( look more like medium) and cinnamon pull apart.. I was happy with the meal not with the price.Takeout: Yes

Javier Solarte

I have them a 4 star because they are under staff and my pizza was bot ready when I arrived. They look kik they was just making it. I waited 20 more minutes for my order. They gotta it right. Just delayed.

Soap Opera Slushy

Must Rude staff I've ever encountered, I first called them slightly before close to check the status of an order placed long in advanced as I was on my way there the person who was closing kept angrily reminding me they close soon then hung up on me I then arrive I press the button that's the bell for their attention he then yells at me the door is open just come inside. Then disrespectfully hands the food to me in an aggressive manor. Here's a tip can't handle stressful situations don't work a stressful job

Bliss Way

Clean. Good customer service. Plenty of parking. If you are a delivery service, go inside to pickup. Takeout only. Cannot dine in.

James Allen

Meatball mushrooms and sausage med. Pizzas. Everything you expect at a takeout pizza place. Drinks, brownies, all types and toppings of pizza. Good value for takeout and or delivery. Give it a try.

NavyMom 17

Now they have decent pizza but I ordered some wings about 3 weeks ago and I watched the young lady touch my wings without gloves on and put wings into the box... this did not sit well with me?

Yessica Almazan

I worked for Harry before for a good while , and this is the only location of his that has disappointed me numerous times, the last time I came in I had complained the edges weren’t cheesed enough and I just simply wanted a remake and the manager who is a colored woman said it’ll still come out like that and I explained I’ve worked for papa John’s for a long time and she said well we can but it’ll still come out like that , well I just got my money back. TODAY I ordered pickup and I got there, even tho I was running late, and it had been an hour and I was okay with it being warm and not hot because that’s my fault, but turns out they had to remake my pizza because they didn’t have it anymore LOL usually i would wait 1-3 hours and call the customer if they are still picking it up which they did not do. Very sad. Another thing is they did not include a pepperoncini or a garlic sauce cup and the pizza is very much not light sauce and poorly spreaded, some toppings are not properly spread either. It’s okay tho I’m still gonna eat it Bc it’s edible, i decided not to call and complain this time in case they try to argue about it with me. I’d rather the DO see this himself.

M.I.L.F Channel

Twice now they have either ruined my pizza or only given me half my order but still charge for the full order and you can never get anybody otp. Not ordering from here again

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