Pho 24

1760 Old Norcross Road G-H, Lawrenceville
(678) 377-9776

Recent Reviews

Ty Benson

Great service. Great people, Great food. Even when short staffed food was timely and delicious. Thank you for staying open

Ashik Kabir

I order from here 2-3 times a week and am finally leaving a review. Super fast and reliable delivery. Great standard for pho. I also love the lemon grass beef, the sandwiches, and spring rolls.

Francis Medina

The food was just ok. I've had better at other restaurants. If there are no other choices, I'd still come back. Maybe wil order something different next time.

Jonathan Waddy

The food was nothing great. Not much meat or anything else other than lots of bread, noodles, and lettuce. Ripoff truly.

Mabeya Luzmaria Hill

Very good food

Christian E.

I call this place when I'm craving pho about once a month. Every single time I call them (around 8 o'clock) it takes them 4-5 DIFFERENT PHONE CALLS to answer. Once I finally get someone on the phone, they claim that they're closed? The hours on y'all's door AND website say "close at 9 o'clock" EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL and very rude. Confused on why they're closing 30- 60 minutes early, I asked for a simple, easy and quick order like Chicken Pho, which should only take approximately 5-10 minutes to prepare; the gentleman on the phone claimed that they were out of those ingredients anyways and that they wouldn't make it. Knowing damn well that the main ingredients at a restaurant like that would simply not run out and it was just a tactic to get me off the phone and to not earn my business. What kind of restaurant does not want to make money? Even 30-60 MINUTES BEFORE CLOSE?!!! Pathetic, unprofessional and I will be sure to turn heads away from y'all's establishment. Thanks for nothing, Pho24!

Kevin Wade

Great service and always great food. My wife and I love this place.

Talaina P

I have been looking for a pho restaurant since I moved to Georgia. The food was amazing and a decent portion as well !!!! My husband got the shrimp and pork noodles and I had the brisket pho. Both were amazing!! I recommend highly!!! The service was great as well .

Monica Otero

Food is wonderful, the waiter hasn't social skills but he does the work well.

Rose Soil

Not the worst Pho, but definitely not the best. I did enjoy the Vietnamese spring rolls.

Sarah F.

We're huge Pho24 fans and normally visit their Buford location at least twice a month. We've been to this location a handful of times and the food is consistently good! Unfortunately, I'm rating this restaurant low due to a horrible encounter this evening. While the service & food was otherwise pretty normal, we were really disappointed when we watched our waiter grab our side of veggies (for an XL bowl of pho) from a table that recently left. He literally walked to their table, grabbed the veggies that were sitting by the bowl that they just finished and walked it right over to us. He literally handed us someone else's table scraps. In broad daylight lol. When we told him we didn't want it because we saw him take it off of another table, he just shrugged his shoulders. & not that it's make things so much better but he literally used his bare hands to grab a handful of their bean sprouts & mint to throw on the saucer as he was walking to our table. His calm and nonchalant demeanor leads me to believe that this is probably a reoccurring practice.

Kawanda Soil

Not the worst Pho, but definitely not the best. I did enjoy the Vietnamese spring rolls.


Been here about three times now but just now doing a review. I ordered the combination pho the first two times which came with tripe, flank steak, fatty brisket and filet mignon. This time I ordered the grilled pork & shrimp rice vermicelli which was absolutely delicious. The pork was incredibly tender and the shrimp have a great flavor due to the grill. Add the freshness of the raw veggies and you have a winner!! Great spot right here folks!

Meghan A. (Xenodragon11)

Lots of menu items and fantastic service. Best pho place around with the cheapest price and smoothest tapioca smoothies.

calvash xa

2 stars for the customer service. I ordered over the phone two chicken banh mi sandwiches . What I got were two shrimp banh mi sandwiches. Unfortunately i didn't know until i bit into it, because you know we thought it was going to be what we ordered. We didn't think we had to inspect it first. I went in to tell them and the reply was no we can change out the meat only. Ok no thats not right and what if i was allergic? So i just left with the food and like I said Customer service was the main probelm. Just fix what you got wrong thats all i was asking. NO Karen moves i just left SMH

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