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4880 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville
(770) 995-1930

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Tater Creek

I went to the drive through yesterday, Oct 29, 2022. Business was slow there. I did not have to wait to place an order. I ordered just two crunchy taco supremes. There was one car at the window that left shortly. I sat at the window for a very long time, about 15 minutes, watching a lethargic young man pouring himself a soft drink and sipping on it. He finally took my debit card, then returned it with a receipt that included 13 items and a total for $33.34. I tapped on the window and told him this was wrong. He took back the receipt but didn't say anything. A lady came to the window and I explained the problem to her. She took my debit card and returned with my two tacos and a credit receipt for $28.51. By this time, there were 3 or 4 cars lined up behind me. The items on neither receipt match each other and neither lists my two tacos. My checking account shows that I was billed for $33.34 and does not show a credit for $28.51, which would not be the correct amount I should receive anyway. I am still trying to get my money back.

Paul Carey

I am not sure what the problem is at this location. They lock up their lobby early on week nights (staffing issue maybe?) and the drive through line gets very, very long. It took me more than 30 minutes to get food tonight. Ironically I was staring straight at a Chipotle the whole time I waited in line, which would have given me better quality food much faster, for about the same price. You can probably guess what I'll do next time. The person who took the order and who handed me the food were both reasonably friendly - only reason why this isn't a one star review.


Did not acknowledge ANY customers walking into the store and when multiple people got in line to order everyone was ignored. A simple “we’re not taking any orders at the front desk but you can use the kiosk to order” would’ve been enough but they acted like everyone was invisible. Two older ladies waited for 10 mins at the front to order but were not acknowledged once and decided to leave. After leaving, the staff said “those two old ladies left” and laughed. I should’ve taken pictures of the staff because EVERYONE was a part of the poor customer service and laughing at the customers. Some other customers came in, and stayed waiting for some service only for ME to have to tell them “they won’t attend or help you at the front you have to use the machine.” The first pair of customers waiting were not the best at the kiosks because of language issues and asked for my assistance which I happily provided. They could speak English and even read it but the technology was unfamiliar to them and the process would’ve been smoother if only they had been helped at the front. An elderly couple behind them also asked for my assistance because the technology was also unfamiliar to them. Over all this in NOT ACCESSIBLE to everyone. The attitude of staff is horrendous and I hope this location closes soon. No one should deal with this disrespect.

Caliah Jinaye K.

Don't waste your money or your time. I keep coming by hoping it will be different and I'm disappointed each time. This place is horribly managed. No matter the time of day the employees never know what's going on and they act like minors who are left home alone. So irritating.

Faraz Perani

Absolute garbage experience every time I come. If it was once or even a few times it wouldn’t be a big problem. However, I live nearby and I can never get any food from here. Either their system is down at all times of the day or they don’t have the employees to take order or it takes 20 minutes to service 2 cars. My love for Taco Bell has been absolutely ruined by this place. The employees are super rude, never saying sorry for any mistakes but I place more of the blame on the franchise owner for running a terrible place. You might as well not have a Taco Bell there so there’s not a small bit of hope that maybe today is the day I can finally get some food from this location.

Queen Revae

I experienced horrible customer service at this location. I informed a female and male that I was missing an item. They even went to the extent of asking for my bag back to check if the item was there, after I knew that the item was not there. The female walks off and an impatient male comes to the window. He even goes to the extent of trying to argue back and forth with me. On my receipt, his name is Nicholas, so I am assuming he was the unprofessional employee at that time. After waiting 10 minutes, he brings the item to me and says,"Oh, you did order the fiesta potatoes". All I ask for is professionalism. Never go back and forth with someone that is paying with their money. First and last time at this location.

Josue R.

Even before COVID this has been the worst local place to eat. Worst customer service and always forget items. I will never eat at this location ever again!

Aamer Habib

Business hours shows open until 3am, i am here now at 1:25am sitting on takeout driveway writing this review, for past 4 weeks they never take orders after 1am , i guess they went sleeping inside. Owner needs to put more attention on this location.

Nelson L.

Waited 30 minutes in the line with tons of other cars. Love Taco Bell but standards for work ethic are going down the toilet. Would take upwards of 5 mins for one order, like honestly how lazy can you be to take that long for one order every order? On top of that there was a girl inside just sitting by the cash register smiling and twirling her finger. Have to say, and this is crazy to say but you do vote with your dollars, f**k this place. Save your time and your money.

DeVonte' Glass

WHAT EVEN IS THIS?!?! I was hungry and had a meeting for a potential job and I saw a Taco Bell in walking distance; score! I order a cravings deluxe box or whatever because I wanted a 5-layer joint. After my burrito I get ready to try the toasted cheddar chalupa for the first time ever. I’ve been a long fan of the chalupa so I was prepared to be blown away, instead I was disgusted because WHAT EVEN IS THIS!?!?! And I KNOW they saw this big, burnt black chunk of whatever the hell when they wrapped it; no way they didn’t see it. This feels like a personal attack.

yash ajmera

been at the drive thru window for 27 minutes ans this is what i get....get some dedicated staff!!!Also, TB needs a better system...i ordered everything with Black Beans and when i come to pick up my order they tell me that they're out of black beans. And then i get everything with black beans.I ordered all my Gordita Crunches with the doritos locos taco shell and i got all regular shells.The mexican pizzas that were supposed to be refried beans ended up being made in black beansI NEED MY MONEY BACKDO NOT GO TO THIS TACO BELL

Danny Campbell

This location has a habit of saying they don't take cash, at all. It is a bit suspicious considering my credit card was recently skimmed. The last 3 times I have gone there they say card only, so now I leave. I'm not falling for that again. Usually a place would say they are only taking exact change. I am fairly certain they are swiping cards and selling the info. I don't leave many bad reviews, but this one is legitimate. I suggest going to another location and avoiding this credit card skimmer trap.

N.J. C. (CBGamer)

This Taco Bell should have no stars they is literally the worst place I've ever been at a Taco Bell, I only probably had one time that they got my Order right and a older worker put in the order and I can see a older Management make sure they were doing the correct order. That say they must had complaints. They are horrible all around and they been this way for a while.Too long and today just was it for me. I'm going back to making my own or going the distance for good service elsewhere.

Bryan Granzella

Poorly run location. I've been ordering from.this Taco Bell for 8 years and recently the customer service has declined significantly. They mess up orders and have nothing but excuses. The staff is extremely disrespectful when you simply ask for them to fix or fulfill a missing item.I don't normally leave 1 star reviews but this Tacobell isn't showing signs of improving.Save your money, go someplace that actually cares.

latorrie williams

Do NOT support this location!!!!!! POOR SERVICE IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!!! I order 3 Dorito Loco Taco Supreme Combo with a Dr. Pepper via Doordash. When my order arrived I noticed the driver did not bring my soda. He confirmed the store did not provide a soda. After opening my bag I realized the bag was full of original tacos. I drove to the resturant in an attempt to have thr correct order remade. Upon walking through the door an employee states "the lobby is not open". I immediately asked for a manager; only to hear the voice of a young woman say "nope". Believe it or not SHE was actually the manager (the 1st problem). I politely informed the staff and the manager the order was received incorrectly. I requested a remake. The manager took to a few choice words while making my food. Honestly, any one would be crazy to accept food remade by someone with such a nasty attitude as the manager. I advised her I'd like a refund instead. She then took both bags- picked up the phone and proceeded to call Gwinnett Police Department. To avoid a costly and potentially hostile encountered I was forced to leave without a refund or the +$20 order that was wrong from the beginning.

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