555 Progress Center Ave, Lawrenceville
(470) 294-1456

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S.R Calloway

This place is definitely a hidden gem. The service was great and our server Katie was very attentive and a great host! The food was fresh and definitely hit the spot. Will be back. Had the Veggie omelette and the chili omelette.

Drew “Fatboy” Calloway

Good food and friendly service. Our Chilli and Veggie Omelettes came quickly and our coffee was always topped off.I appreciate their use of tech for ordering and paying at the table.

Kim Eison Kenning

Love this place. Service is awesome and food is even better.

Dora T

Food was very underwhelming. We ordered the eggs Benedict(they ran out of English muffins, so they subbed it with a croissant)and their “award winning” chili omelet( the chili tasted like canned chili). I think the best way to put it, the food tasted like hotel breakfast food lol the food did not come out warm. Biscuit was dry and stale. The breakfast potatoes definitely needed more cook time to crisp a bit. The server was great though. But I would not recommend this place if you are ever in the area. We will not be coming again.

Tina Valdes

Holy wow, y’all! We are just finishing up our meal here and it is definitely a 5 (plus) star experience!!! The delicious food is only outshined by the phenomenal service. Our incredible server today was Sandy D. If you are lucky enough to come in while she’s working, ask for her section. She’ll not only provide exceptional “regular” meal service that is difficult to find these days, but she will give you recommendations if you ask, bring extras to you with a smile, etc.We haven’t had a customer service experience like this since pre-COVID. The Five Spot is doing food and service so so right!!! Give them a try!!

Alexandria Howren

We ordered breakfast to-go. That’s not an easy thing to pull off, so I wasn’t expecting much. But 5 Spot nailed it! French toast? Yum! Santa Fe Omelette? Yum! Even the packaging was on point to keep all the delicious food perfectly in place! Thank you so much for making our Sunday morning awesome!!

Ana C Carrillo

Awesome place! So adorable and cozy! Love the Christmas decorations! And the food was A-ma-zing! Posted a picture of my empty plate cuz it was that good! I got the chicken Parmesan sandwich and it was really good. The eggs Benedict were also really yummy! 10/10


One of the best restaurants around for breakfast. The hole-in-the-wall restaurants are always a pleasant surprise.Great, friendly service without the typical franchise taste!The orange juice is a little pricey though.

Heat Carroll

Good service and the chicken parm sandwich was delicious, the bread was so nice and crunchy and the sauce had this chopped fresh basil that I just love.

Chris FitzPatrick Sr.

Fantastic food, incredible service and a wonderful story of how this restaurant came to be.

Terri Christofferson

We eat here about 5 times a month after working out.They have a wide variety of fresh food options . Breakfast is served all day. Great coffees ☕!

Andi Dick-Sparks

We scheduled an Ubereats order, last night, for delivery this morning from 5 Spot. They jumped on making the order first thing this morning. My husband ordered the steak and eggs breakfast with roasted potatoes. He says its the best steak he has ever had! It was cooked to perfection. He tried the poached eggs(first time), the were great and the roasted potatoes were good. He is ready to order for tomorrow morning. I had the french toast, eggs and bacon. I love their french toast. The eggs were cooked over medium, as i requested and the bacon was perfect, just like they knew exactly how i like it. 5 Spot has always been a favorite place of mine and my sons, now we have the hubby on board, too! Thank you, 5 Spot, for a great breakfast. This was a good way to start the day off.

Gabriel Merriman

Best place ever definitely a 10/10


Order came out $20.44. I got the egg-white and veggie omelette with a buttermilk pancake stack. This was my first time trying this place and I was a bit disappointed. I paid $7.93 cents for a “buttermilk pancake stack” and it came with two pancakes??? And the pancakes were Subpar. The only thing that tasted OK was the omelette and honestly I have made better at home. The biscuit that came with the omelette taste like uncooked dough and I couldn’t even finish it.. I’ve had better biscuits from McDonald’s. Grits had ZERO flavor and no sugar or anything was included in the bag to even sweeten it so I had to use my own sugar. I will definitely not be coming back to this establishment.

Kimberly Rena Coleman

Great customer service and the food was good

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