Wild Wing Cafe

1250 Scenic Hwy S #1232, Lawrenceville
(678) 822-9464

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Karla Sevilla

PLEASE check your receipts before paying !! We went on Friday night for our anniversary and found some of our friends there already. We decided to sit next to them . So supposedly the waitress took two shots vodka front of them and told them if they ask the shot glasses were theirs. So we got two green drinks and a purple drink . When we got the receipt I saw two shots of Vodka. I was so confused and asked her about it because we didn’t order any shots. She convinced me that they put vodka in the drinks. I NEVER ASKED for anything extra! Plus the green drinks were made with tequila! I would have wanted extra tequila not vodka! She was very rude too and you can tell she was drunk. When we left I asked my friend if she liked her burger( they were siting next to us) and she told me she did but the server was drunk and told me all about it! I wish I would asked for a manager . They need to know about this. PLEASE READ THIS !

Bob S.

The wings are hit or miss here but were good tonight. Got the Carolina Reaper wings. Very hot. My buddy was sweating, but they were just right for me. Kolbey, our server was a joy. Very friendly and had a great sense of humor!! Will return tomorrow and sing Karaoke!!

Brian B.

Great place to have fun! Good is good and there's always something going on sports, Apc poker (m ) and (t ) trivia (w) live music(th- f -sat ) also karaoke on m nights

Emily B.

I walked in to place an order in which I was stared at by two bartenders and servers but never helped until I had to flag somebody down. Bartender that helped me place order had attitude. When I came back in to grab my order the same thing happened. Everyone kept looking at me as I stood at bar but never said a word. I could see my order on the bar and started grabbing it when someone finally cared enough to say a word. Terrible customer service and rude employees. There were only 3 people at bar. It was not busy, they just simply were rude and wanted to ignore me. I'll need go back. Don't waste your time or money. My order was placed messily as well.


I've came to this place numerous of times to eat. Really enjoy the atmosphere and the wings. However, today 11/27/2022 was one of those days. We was told there was a 5 min wait...which ended up being 35 mins. After telling the waitress we've been waiting first, she proceeded to seat other parties that came in after us and no one never came back to seat us after waiting another 10 mins. Horrible service and it could've just been for today.

Aubrey R.

love the wings and the employees! such good vibes!! sauces and fries are great! live music is amazing!

Derrick Rgrs

A good place to go on football Sunday as there are multiple TVs throughout. The food was really good but it did take a while to get wings. The waiter was a little too personal sharing gripes about his fellow coworkers leaving early on that shift. I was okay with that though. My co-workers ordered shoestring fries yet they brought out the regular size fries. When the waiter came back he knew they were out of the fries but failed to tell us that while we ordered. But overall it's a good place with good food.

Jan Riv

Came in at 8, our waiter passed by us 4 times. Never got a hi or any sort of greeting. I understand sometimes servers are busy but she could’ve at least asked her to give her a minuet. Terrible service.

Jennifer Cotton

Always a great experience here! The drinks are strong, food is good and a fantastic place to watch Football! Many people of all walks gathering together and having a good time!

Glen Marchese

Use to go to the original in Hilton head island. Favorite place for wings I live up north so when coming south I always search to see if they have any locations. Luckily I was able to go to this one and it exceeded my expectations. These are by far the best wings I've ever had........Food: 5/5

Johanna A.

I would not recommend this restaurant. From the moment we entered you can tell that the service was just not there. I believe this was our servers first day. She had orders written on her arm, and she wrote our order on a napkin. I did not see a manager at all. Our drinks never made it to the table and we had to go to the bar to get our drinks that were sitting there. It took 30 minutes for the nachos to come out and the chips were burnt and the parchment paper was sticking to the food and chips. It tasted disgusting and the meat wasn't broken up and they were like meat balls on the plate. The rest of the people i was with had issues with their orders as well. You can tell our server was stressed, it was very unorganized. They need to reconsider new management. I understand that a lot of businesses are understaffed but this was really really bad.

Huny Comb

The food was beyond excellent. It was a bit slow, but thats because all the food came out fresh so the wait was worth it. The service was really good, the servers being super friendly and attended to everything we asked. Not a single thing came out wrong.

Just C.

It was 10pm a Thursday night. My gut told me to go to Waffle House. Soooo here we go... We were seated right away- it was not packed - it looked like they were closing sections. It took awhile for server to show up We ordered 1 chicken quesadilla and 3 orders of 10 wings and 1 basket of fries Service was slow not sure why no one was in there really However the food was not good Quesadilla was packed with jalepenos Chicken was hard, cold and over cooked with sauce poured on top And the fries never came out -we asked for them a few times. Finally we told the server to cancel them. The bill came to $67. My gut told me to go to Waffle House since it was so late! The Moral of the story : Go with your gut ! I gAve it 2 stars cuz I liked the live entertainment and we were able to watch the game Based on the name of the place I expected at least the wings to be on point. If wings are your thing then give me unforgettable WINGS!


We used to love coming here! Today was a completely different story. The service was extremely slow and after we finally received our food it was undercooked and inedible. When I brought it to the servers attention he gave a lame excuse that the reason the chicken is RUBBERY is because whoever was cutting it is doing it wrong. Nothing was removed or comped on our bill. We paid over $60 for a meal we didn’t eat. I am very disappointed and WILL NOT be back.

Puzzled Traveler

The biggest issue with this place is the cloud of cigarette smoke you have to go through to walk in. No matter what time of day I have gone there is always at least one person outside the front door violating the Gwinnett smoking ordinance. It doesn’t help that they put benches with ashtrays right next to the front doors inviting people to sit and smoke there. In 2004 Gwinnett County banned smoking within 20’ of doors and seating areas. That makes the entire area around the front of this restaurant smoke-free due to the doors, benches, and the outdoor patio seating, yet they have no signage regarding this and do nothing to discourage it even when it’s pointed out to a manager.Once you make it in through the smoke you are greeted by an empty hostess stand. The dozen or so times I have been there the hostess stand has been vacant. Since they have a large wall behind the hostess stand you have to stand to the side of the wall and wait for someone to notice you there to be seated.If they have live music just leave. They keep the volume so loud that even in the seats furthest from the stage you can’t carry on a conversation with people at your table. There is also a good chance your order will be wrong as the server won’t hear it over the music.Aside from the noise and smoke, the food here used to be really good but in the past year, it’s obvious they have gotten different wing suppliers as the wings have gotten much smaller. I’ll probably give this place a year or so before I return if I return at all.

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