Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

3390 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville
(770) 513-1552

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Kite Flying

Came during evening rush.... wings had little to no sauce, bought hot honey mustard and nuclear, I don't need them to be dripping wet or anything but they were more on the dry side like they just got a little dab.... the fries were luke warm and sorta stale and same with the tenders.... i just moved to the neighborhood and tried the zaxby, this one is a bit of a disappointment especially since it was during the evening rush.Service was great and quick but why the food seems suspicious??

Rehan Virani

Love the Zaxby's here. I just wish they had longer hours. Almost never had issues with my order. Staff is great as well!Food: 5/5

Kenneth Allen

It says a lot about the future of this location when the young lady training the new employee is checking her cellphone at the register with a lobby full of customers. It's a nice example for the young trainee on the Zaxbys standard of customer service.

Toshiko Uchimaki

I like Zaxby's overall and every time I order chicken fingers ( family pack) at any location. Sorry but I was disappointed at this location. Chicken fingers were over cooked ( so dry) and really salty.Food: 2/5

Ed D.

Great food The mobile app does not provide as much options as they actually have The place is nice, absolutely delicious food

Thomas Pham

Sitting down and have dinner with my kids. Chicken fingers were juicy. The place is not too crowded. Definitely we will be back more frequent.


Once upon a time we would visit Zaxby's 3 or 4 times a month. We loved their Zalads and snack options. But then they began removing our favorite menu items. It started with their homemade tater chips. I understood this move but oh how I hated to see them go. Then, recently they removed their Buffalo sauce along with, this one's hard folks, their spicy fried mushrooms! :( Which brings me to today. I stopped by for a zalad only to be told that they no longer have their Mediterranean dressing. Okay, that's it. All my favorites are gone. I'm done and will not be coming back to Zaxby's.

Stephen Hurd

The service was exceptional today.Chris, the manager, is standing out here in the rain because the storm came through and fried the system. He didn't want his workers to have to be out here taking orders, so he is.This is a man I'd want to work for. Give this man a great raise and a good recommendation.I come here all the time. The food is always fresh and tastes great. The employees are always kind and efficient.

Hilary R.

This location in particular gets it right everytime. I have to pass 2 other zaxbys to get to this one, but it is worth it. The food always tastes immaculate when i order from here and the wait times arent bad I always get the wings and thingz (tongue torch, traditional, mostly flats)

Keith H.

Love zaxbys. And this spot. Just twice I've drank my drink and have had a string of hair in them. Lol. Man . Gross. lol

Angie Orduno

I frequent this location because it’s 5 minutes from my house, but what a disappointment when I went in on a weekend at 9:40 pm and was told they were not selling any more traditional wings. Last time I checked they closed at 10 on Saturdays. Seemed like there was no manager on duty.


Came through drive through on 5/22/22. VERY polite and competent employees taking the orders and at the windows. Well done!

Tee Aquarium

Found long strain of weave hair in my wife food. The only reason we went to this location in the first place was because our Zaxb'ys on Pike Street system was down. Called to notify them of the hair in the food and they told my wife and I to come back. Mind you they are 5+ miles away. Get there and the manager tells me that he will refund just for the one plate. Really wasn't worth the gas to go back over there anyway. To me the whole receipt amount should have been refunded that would have been great customer service in my opinion but never again will we go to this location ever again

Jordan S

This is my primary Zaxby's location. Ordered a meal was WAY over salted. Was told to come back so that they can make it better I wasn't initially going to come back but I gave another chance and they even left out the fries and gave me a few drizzle of ranch. I will be giving this to my dogs and I will go to a different Zaxby's... What a shame. Here is a screenshot of them "Making it right". I hate making this review but it shall and needs to be known.

Don Julio

I had the wildest experience of my life encountering a very rude employee who got upset for me asking for condiments. We ask to speak to a manager after a confrontation with the employee. Then was shortly taunted by the employee afterwards. I’ll never go back to this location again. I wanna say thanks to the manager for being nice but that didn’t set to well with the employee and she started making gestures as if she had a gun. Which I take seriously as a threat. Please look into this scenario so this matter can be rectified soon thanks, corporate.

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Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

3390 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville, GA 30044
(770) 513-1552